Lights Up

WARNING: This is long. There is so much to touch on. (No pun intended.) You don’t understand the POWER that this song wields for me. You don’t understand. No one understands. The freaking “ooooo hooooo” at 1:45?? ugh I could cry writing about this tune. It owns my entire heart, much like Harry himself. IContinue reading “Lights Up”

Jamaica 2016

2017 is where we got the first strong inkling that Zayn and Harry may have been back in touch since 2015. However, this reconciliation somewhat began in late 2016, when both boys just happened to end up at the same Geejam Resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica, one behind the other. (Factual and confirmed by theContinue reading “Jamaica 2016”

Mitch vs Zayn

Disclaimer: I don’t know crap about Harry and his relationships. This is all my opinion on Hitch (which was requested for a long time) based on what we can observe as third parties. So…about Hitch. In case you didn’t know, Hitch is a portmanteau of Harry and Mitch. And Mitch is….well, Mitchell Rowland, Harry’s 32Continue reading “Mitch vs Zayn”

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