Staged Zigi Pap Walk (3/25/21)

Yeah, I’m going to withhold comment on this one. But I noticed people were commenting on the pap walk in other posts, so I thought I’d make a separate post for anyone who wanted to discuss it. That way it’ll all be in one place. Sound off if you’d like!

I’m sorry, I’ll just say one thing. Don’t you find their behavior and body language to be odd? Awkward? Suspicious? Maybe because they know it’s glaringly obvious they setup this comical walk for the paps? Idek.

Zayn is wearing a ton of new rings, and some people pointed out they think he might be wearing a pearl bracelet. Idk if they are pearls, but they certainly look like it.

Uhhh…remind you of anyone?

So let me guess, just like the new Bode obsession Zayn acquired, and the new senior cords jacket he acquired shortly after Harry debuted his custom Bode senior cords pants in his December 2020 Vogue shoot, we’re supposed to believe this pearl connection is just another silly coincidence? Hmm…

Oh Hazza…

Zayn was also spotted out in Pennsylvania on March 24th, where on a rare occasion he took pics with a few fans.

All of this sudden exposure for Zigi (and especially Zayn) seems odd and calculated. It’s also out-of-character for him of late. I wonder what’s up? I guess we’ll seen in the ensuing days.

Oh and here’s Harry being cute.


200 thoughts on “Staged Zigi Pap Walk (3/25/21)

  1. he clearly can’t even be bothered anymore to keep up the pretences. Lol. I take that as a good sign! <3

  2. Last thought on this: it kills me that Z lives so far away from his family when we know how close he was to them. The time away from home was one of the contributing factors to his stress in 1D. I see his mum posting tons of pics of her other grandkids and it makes me sad that Khai wont have the same sort of relationship with her paternal grandparents.

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