Zayn’s “Hurt” + Harry’s “Lies”

Before I begin, this is my disclaimer: I am actually really really tired of being negative about Zayn. I do not enjoy it for one second, no matter how much people like to believe I do. I don’t like feeling bitter towards him or disillusioned or feeling a sense of despair whenever I think of him, or even pity when I see his body language and expressions on these blatantly staged PR pap walks with Gigi. I don’t like it. It doesn’t make me feel good to criticize him, mainly because I’m still very fond of him. Unlike Louis or Gigi or anyone else who I regularly criticize because I am not fond of them.

I miss when I used to adore Zayn and fawn over him and his beauty and music everyday on my IG stories on my old accounts. I miss when I used to think he loved Harry deeply and would do anything for him. I genuinely used to believe that (as any of my old followers could attest to.) It feels awful realizing how wrong I was about Zayn’s perspective on Zarry, and it hurts coming to the conclusion that his affection for Harry was not strong enough to inspire him to be brave. Or at the very least, his love for Harry wasn’t strong enough to dissuade him from engaging in these over-the-top PR circuses since 2013.

But alas, I was wrong about Zayn and I admit that. And I’m tired of talking about it, but people keep asking me to address certain aspects of this relationship, like this song “Hurt” and the notion that Zayn is really the victim based on a few of his other songs (eyeroll.) Sorry, but I’m allergic to bullspit.

Why I’m not overly concerned about Zayn feeling “hurt” in this relationship:

1. I believe Zarry BOTH hurt each other. I have always said that from day one. End of story. But the things Zayn has PUBLICLY done that hurt Harry far outweigh any theoretical, unproven, unsubstantiated things Harry may or may not have done to hurt Zayn behind the scenes.

2. Harry never cheated on Zayn, because they were never a monogamous, conventional couple. Hence JALBOYH and hence why you never hear me saying Zayn cheated on Harry with Perrie or Gigi or any of the other SUBSTANTIATED random hookups he has had over the years. He and Harry are not a normal couple and they aren’t married.

3. Harry is not a liar or a selfish, deceitful person (as some of Zayn’s lyrics may seem to suggest to the anti-Harry folk.)

1 – Zarry Hurt Each Other.

Sure we don’t know the whole story or all the nuanced details of what happened between them over the years (duh) but no one ever claimed we did. Everything that I discuss and criticize has always been what was publicly known. In the same way I refuse to listen to people who say “Harry lied and Harry cheated” (with zero proof) I also refuse to say “Zayn lied or cheated on Harry.” But hardly anyone acknowledges that. Most people are just mad that Zayn has done more openly hurtful things, and so they get pissed whenever I point them out.

I have always believed on some level Zarry both hurt each other over time, mainly through the lack of healthy communication and not being straightforward about their feelings early on. And I also feel like Harry can be a little petty shit at times when he’s hurt, and that Zayn knows how to handle him when he’s that way.

However, because I’m not blind, I also noticed the things Zayn did that hurt Harry (which we could publicly observe) began to far outweigh any perceived or imagined wrongs people like to pretend Harry has done behind the scenes to hurt Zayn. Mainly as a Zarry account, I began to take issue with the female tattoos, the engagement, the baby immediately after Fine Line, and the Grammy diss. I began to question whether I could keep rooting for them or not.

Now, the main way I believe Harry hurt Zayn was through a lack of communication, which he hints at in “If I Could Fly” when he finally shows Zayn what’s really in his heart. I believe for a long time, at least up until 2013 (because in 2014 Harry made it clear how much he loved Zayn to his face) Zayn may not have realized how strongly Harry felt for him, and so this may have caused him some confusion and some hurt. Particularly because Harry is flirty by nature, they are constantly surrounded by thousands of people eager to jump Harry’s bones, and Harry is shipped with every other human on the planet.

Zayn may have indeed been affected by fooling around with Harry behind closed doors, and then not knowing how Harry felt about him afterwards. Zayn has also undoubtedly experienced a lot of doubt and confusion about his identity and sexuality because of Harry. But the thing is, this exact same logic can be applied in the reverse.

Zayn has clearly caused Harry similar emotional and mental confusion (“Lights Up”) and Zayn too is shipped in a serious way with both Louis and Liam, and was flirty at times with all the other boys, and has actually been caught out with girls outside of Perrie. Also, Zayn only recently openly said “I love you” in a 2020 song (only after Harry sang “You don’t have to say you love me in 2019.)

Harry openly (and rather desperately) professed how much he loved Zayn in every song he wrote during 1D, but did so literally in “Olivia.” Also, remember back in mid-2014 how Harry would openly turn to Zayn and sing “It’s you they add up to, I’m in love with you”? Yah, sometimes Harry was very clear about his feelings and no one can pretend otherwise. Zayn was aware of it because he would often turn and wait for Harry to sing it to him, and then touch his earpiece to let him know he had heard.

See the proof here:

Zayn pushed Harry away during his eating disorder in 2014 and wouldn’t speak to him about it. So all the fools who try to say Harry never helped Zayn are full of spit. Not only can we document Harry’s love and concern for Zayn regarding his eating disorder all the way back to freaking 2012, but we can also see his inclination to always always always feed Zayn (and only Zayn) some of whatever he had been eating onstage, and we can also track him giving Zayn (AND ONLY ZAYN) water everyday, and letting Zayn (and only Zayn) drink from his own bottle. He literally infantilized Zayn sometimes and treated him like a china doll who was too fragile to take the cap off of his own water!

See the proof here:

And none of this is to discount the super loving and attentive things Zayn did for Harry as well! See the proof here:

We’ve seen Harry ‘hurt” (more like “tormented”) in real time during the band, and somehow people pretend what Zayn did with Perrie and now what he is doing with Gigi is justifiable on any level. I mean, just look at Harry’s reaction to the Perrie tattoo. He went and got a cross which he kisses for Zayn, and he wears the cross around his neck for Zayn, and wore green/gold crosses together to represent he and Zayn during his Fine Line promo 🙁 and he replaced the rose ring with a golden cross ring. But because these Zstans/fake Zarries can’t stand for any of this to be true since it makes Zayn’s offerings of love seem inadequate, they just want to level the playing field so that Harry isn’t winning, so they say things like:

“Harry isn’t kissing his heart, Harry isn’t kissing his cross, Harry isn’t wearing all that green and gold for Zayn, Harry didn’t use Zayn’s identical track titles for Zayn, Harry wasn’t dropping “weigh” for Zayn in Little Things, Harry is not obsessed with Zayn, Harry had real relationships with all his winter girlfriends and bedwarmers.”

Yah, righhttt.

Another moment where Harry was visibly hurt was following MSG in 2018. He removed his rose ring for one day. We still don’t know why, but he did. Zstans masquerading as Zarries jumped on this because he was clearly hurt, so they pretended he was the one who hurt Zayn because he went out with friends after the show??? Their thinking is so sick and twisted it’s shocking.

So Harry (who had just performed an entire set of emotional songs for Zayn in front of tens of thousands of people) is the bad guy for trying to spend a few hours with the tons of friends and family who came to both MSG shows to support him (which is only socially appropriate) as opposed to being somewhere with Zayn (which he could have been with him overnight.) They just want to paint Harry as the bad guy that night because it was clear Harry was hurt following the show and removed his rose ring for one day, and looked super upset at the Washington DC show the next day.

But all of this stuff aside, my point has always been: some of the things Zayn put Harry through publicly are simply inexcusable and UNNECESSARY TO PROTECT HIS SEXUALITY. Like the tattoos of the female’s likenesses, or the engagement, or the baby. They were not necessary, he could have easily protected himself without doing these things, but he CHOSE to do them, fully aware of how much they would hurt Harry. What’s upsetting about this stuff is the degree to which we know these things damaged Harry psychologically, but Zayn doesn’t seem to care. Or at least he doesn’t care enough to not do them. Zayn wanted to do them for whatever reason—-which means whenever he weighs his options, Harry has seemingly always come dead last in any serious assessment of his priorities (or life planning.)

That really phucking sucks because we see evidence of Harry putting Zayn above EVERYONE time and time again. Just look at the Zayn vs Camille treatment in Fine Line. Or even consider the evidence in Zayn vs Anyone Ever. Also we saw Harry putting Zayn first when he asked for the hiatus in late 2014 when Zayn was visibly ill and Harry physically couldn’t sing the lyric “you weigh” in “Little Things” at this time. Or how he disbanded 1D the moment Zayn left and went on to write two solo albums dedicated to Zayn.

Harry is also big enough to admit when he feels he was wrong (like in “Falling”) and does not point fingers (except in “Woman”) despite us seeing with our own eyes what he has been through and how badly he has been publicly slighted in this relationship. And he was never really given a chance to be with Zayn or take care of him because his gender was an inconvenience to Zayn’s image. He was pushed aside at every turn, told that they were not in love but in lust, and had to watch Zayn be openly with other people while he himself settled for bedwarmers who couldn’t keep his interest beyond a month or so.

So don’t talk to me about Zayn feeling “hurt” when he was always the one doing the hurting on a more profound and damaging level, by treating Harry like he was unworthy of the honor of being with him like Perrie or Gigi. Need a reminder? Here: “Girl Crush”

PAGE THREE: Harry Never Cheated On Zayn

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33 thoughts on “Zayn’s “Hurt” + Harry’s “Lies”

  1. i think it is worth mentioning that zayn is also having a very alarming drug problem. I remember watch a video by Shallon Lester on this matter 2 years ago where she talked about this his twisted dynamic with gigi , and his team threatened to sue her if she didnt take it down. then just yesterday i found an article on a *gossip* website ( ) about zayn that really stuck with me because it explained THE SAME exact issues that shallon lester had cited. It is all alleged though so i’m just telling you out of curiousity although i know how much you care about the validity of facts. anyways allegedly zayn has been having multiple od scares throughout especially the last 2 years, sources cited that nobody basically has known the real him because he has been on drugs pretty much 100% of the time for the last ten years. apparently gigi has had a huuge problem with drugs (c*ke) too and only with the baby she’s finally found a ‘new purpose’ for her life. the source clearly stated that the relationship between g and z is almost compulsive, they go from periods of time completely obsessed with each other and high all the time to spending even longer periods where they dont even talk. right now the source claims that he still hasnt stopped taking drugs and like the source said , ‘everyone is shocked that he’s still going’. the hadids don’t give a fuck about him, apparently yolanda is not pleased with him still being in gigi’s life because she wants her to bag a billionaire like she did. she thinks zayn is a b list sell out . anyways.. 🙁

    1. @anonymous…I’ve read the same re. Zayn and drugs. Also mentioned was that he had overdosed several times…10/2019 was the last time noted. I hope this is not true…I will say that he looks healthy and drug-free. However, his excessive use of weed is a problem alone. It is obvious that he has processing difficulties which could be related to his ADHD..while not serious, any chemical that alters the thought process can result in erratic and impulsive behavior. He exhibits both. Also having an impact on his creative endeavors (writing).

      In my opinion, if Zayn had someone in this life that he trusted and cared enough about him to help him tackle and overcome his “demons” there would be no limit to his happiness and success. Harry could be that person, if Zayn would quit pushing him away.

      1. I had no idea Zayn has ADHD and really feel for him if he’s dealing with it particularly if he’s unsupported. I found brief comment in his book about being diagnosed but no mention of management or medication. His crippling anxiety may be a symptom of the ADHD. Could the weed be attempt at self medicating / managing???

        1. When ADHD is managed properly, via medicine or therapy, it most often enhances creativity. According to research, weed tends to increase feelings of anxiety and paranoia. In addition, processing disorders are very common with ADHD. In my opinion, this is one of the major reasons that Zayn is so hard to understand both in his actions and music. When listening to his music, I get confused at times because he tends to contradict himself….this is evidence of difficulty in processing and communicating effectively.

          1. Agreed correct diagnosis and treatment can be completely life changing for better. Person I know very closely with ADHD wasn’t particularly hyper (though definite constant fidget) so went under the radar until mid teens. His primary symptom was extensive visual focusing / processing issues that were misdiagnosed as being eye function related. By early teens with extra hormone load of puberty the symptoms worsened significantly and his ability to intuitively “manage around” them hit it’s limit resulting in absolutely crippling anxiety. Very fortunate to finally to get a correct diagnosis with visual/other ADHD symptoms have been very well managed via medication. Difference is incredible and he’s able to be his best himself.

    2. Yup, I find it weird that we never talk about the high probability that he has multiple addictions, and not only to weed but to hard, life-endangering drugs. Many blind items report on it, and the fact that he OD’d several times (the latest reported one being in sept./oct. 2019). Sigh 😔

  2. I have always know one to be more outgoing socially and the other not. But either way, relationships are never perfect. I don’t kno if that was their issue thou bc I remember hearing that Zayn normally was pretty loud and silly when he wasn’t being filmed. I just don’t think that warrants Harry being cast as the unloyal, drunk party guy and Zayn the victim. The both probably have their share of wrongs but I just think Harry has dealt with visible more.

  3. I honestly do not know how anyone can point the finger at Harry. Outside of Zarry, Harry is super unproblematic. His loyalty shows how he continues to wrk with ppl way back from 1d. So It makes no sense how ppl cld be so quick to make Harry the bad guy ONLY when it comes to Zayn. NEWSFLASH: NOBODY LOVED/LOVES ZAYN MORE THAN HARRY. ALL HE EVER WANTS FROM ZAYN IS TO LOVE, ADORE, AND TAKE CARE OF HIM. It amazes me that anyone can see it any differently. And Zayn being a victim…really?!?! Yeah Zayn is a victim, of being in love with a man that would walk thru fire for him. Poor Zayn.
    I’m not saying any bad about Zayn or Harry bc I have no clue what goes on. I’m only saying that when it comes to Zarry, Harry has been the one that’s been given the short end of the stick. I don’t thk H is a victim either bc he is not being forced to put up with the baggage Z comes with but he is definitely not the bad guy. I don’t want to paint Z in any bad light either bc I thk he is truly special and kind but has some shat that he isn’t ready to face, accept, and be proud of. Hiding and running from ur truth, and living by the view of others is a ticking time bomb. So many unhealthy things will come from that.
    I love Zarry and do hope they find their way and start over without this BS. I believe, together is where their hearts will be the happiest. And I do believe, without all this hiding etc…. they would be an amazing, beautiful, loving, powerful couple.

    1. @Rang I can’t remember where I was online, Twitter maybe, but someone actually wrote that Zayn has to put up with Harry being a “hyper-social extravert” and people were agreeing with it and saying what a burden it was for Z, so I didn’t feel comfortable posting a reply, so I will do it here:
      There’s nothing wrong with being an extravert, just as there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. I’m an introvert and I have only had relationships with extraverts, I know I can only speak for myself and I can’t assume this is the case for all introverts, but I don’t think H’s personality has changed since he and Z met.

      1. My understanding of introversion and extraversion is that it describes to what energizes, balances and drains you as a person. Introverts have a very real need for quiet time and alone time to recharge. Lack of these essentials is really destructive. Extraverts need noise, activity, energy and engagement with others to recharge. Neither is a constant state of being and most of us exist somewhere along the scale between the extremes and where we sit may vary situational. Kinda wonder if that’s why being alone is such a strong issue for Harry. He sings about it and people talk about him staying with friends and why he keeps so busy. Zayn on the other hand appears to needs alone time in a big way. I can see how those contrasting need coulds be a problem in a hidden relationship that’s not secure/acknowledged for what it is and lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication despite deep attraction and love between the parties.

        1. @idkwhy I was brought up to believe my introversion was a defect and the things I did to recharge my battery were weird and made me different. I am weird and different, but in a cool way. Ha-ha

          I think H and Z are so young and still figuring themselves out and they’ve probably alternated between spending a lot of time together to spending a little time together. My extrovert and I have been dating a long time and he knows if I have to be away from him, it’s to recharge my batteries and not because I don’t like his company. I get why Z smiles on the farm and looks miserable in the city on a pap walk, I don’t understand why someone would want him to be miserable.

          I saw a video of One Direction in the early days and I think they were in Australia and Zayn was saying they were by some large, unpredictable birds, so he was hanging back away from them, but Harry was chasing them. I always thought that summed up their dynamic. BTW, I would totally be Z in that situation.

  4. Great post. Harry is definitely the one who has showed willingness to compromise and accept whatever little is given. Problem with that approach is you can get taken for granted and it’s assume you’ll cope with whatever happens and keep showing up. But it’s very powerful when a person like that says enough and quits the field of play.
    It’s so unexpected and “out of character” that others don’t know how to react.

  5. I’m a die hard Zarry and can’t seem to stop watching videos of them. I love them both but I really am tired of Zayn and his BS. Harry deserves someone who’s going to live him the way he loves. Every time I see the PaP walk, Zayn looks smaller and smaller. This last one she walked behind him and seemed to be the MAN in the relationship. He seemed to just be trudging along. Sad! But he deserves all the misery hes getting because he chooses to be there. Like she’s got something over him. He seemed more confident during 1 D days and even when he and Harry seem to be mad at each other he didn’t look weak like he does now. Hell, he put out a whole album and only gave the fans 2 nights live while he got high. I honestly think he has ruined any chance of coming back from two albums that have flopped back to back. Like he don’t care. Sad. He better wake up before he’s a has been in a loveless relationship and we all know the effects that can have on the people involved. My thoughts are on Harry and this new movie. He may be acting but this may be the catalyst that pushes him to move on. Can you imagine what could happen after he plays this role? We going to be saying “Zarry who” lol

  6. H. Put his life in risk for Z. “Literally”. On Valentine’s Day when he was Robbed. He did not give them his phone. Even when they show him a Knife.
    He probably had things that compromise Z. So he did not going to give them his phone no matter what was about to happen to him.
    Imagine that. Even when they no longer in a relationship right now.

  7. I believe in Harry Styles only
    When it comes to zarry I will only takes his words.
    If zayn really want to makes this relationship works he needs to solves his issue (and I’m not saying Harry doesn’t have one) and sometimes I feel like zayn purposefully write himself as a victim of his life. And I think they both did ‘break up’ after the baby announcement because I have a strong feeling they still together up untill February at least.
    And I don’t think with the kind of man Harry is, he would make himself be with zayn right now, because wether zayn love Gg or not, there will always be a child between them now. And I don’t think Harry want to be that man who takes a father from the child mother. And I don’t want him to, I want him to value himself above everything but I don’t think that applied to zayn because he will always be the one to surrender and put himself down, be it apologize, concede defeat when he realize zayn might never love himself as much as he love zayn, he’s always the one who compromise. And for zayn continuation about to be with a woman I don’t think Harry willing to take it anymore he’s a grown up adult now and he will not play this games anymore with him,
    And about his golden song I don’t think he wants zayn to open up about his sexuality because he will never put that pressure on zayn, he just want to love and be loved zayn alone without any side pairing include even though they haven’t(?) come out but at least he will have zayn to himself, and now I think zayn finally put on some effort in winning Harry back and I still waiting of Harry new album to determine where their relationship stand right now. You might got a headaches reading this and I apologise in advance because English is not my First language and I have so many thoughts that I want to share it’s a mess in head right now.
    Have a good day love 😘😘😘

  8. Gigi is Zayn’s handler. He is in the sunken plece and has been for a very long time.

  9. I completely agree with ‘it’s you’. I feel like that’s why Zayn made the distinction between ‘she’ (perrie) and ‘you’ (Harry). I also think that if he mentions lying in some context he may be refering to not believing how much H actually cares for him because he has problems loving himself therefore arguing H can’t possibly be telling the truth. Kinda like “If I can’t love myself, how could he?!”

    One of the writers of ‘Entertainer’ said she had written the concept of the song and that Z really liked it and even kept some of her vocals in the chorus I believe (I may be wrong about that). So this could have just been a conceptual idea that he liked or if anything, this only kinda fits perrie if you actually think about it.
    Why wouldn’t he occasionally write stuff inspired by their toxic/fake relationship.

    He has so many songs, how can we say they’re all about Harry when he could reference some aspects of his PR relationships to alleviate his mind as well?! I think while some songs are definitely very personal, he also plays with different concepts which is very intriguing for a writer and may sometimes feel safer to express certain emotions instead of doing it directly.

    For me the lyrics in ‘outside’ sound like he feels he is being replaced in that person’s life. “someone else being in your bed” doesn’t sound like a one time thing/hookup to me but rather his lover maybe seeing someone new and then he says he can’t feel too bitter about it because “he’s not that innocent” in how things went down, “TWO wrongs make no right” etc.

    Who knows really?

    1. Anon,I don’t think he’d write/sing about a toxic,overly fabricated relationship while he’s making a series of story through his MV’S DTD-LM-Entertainer-SD-Better-Vibez.
      Also,there wouldn’t be a reason why H would respond to Entertainer’s mv with LU’s mv,and use it’s beats for the opening of his sophomore album or where the same colour & cloth quality of the magenta jacket Sophia wore,for FL’s cover.
      They’re a part of Hollywood,there’s lot more than what meets our eyes.

      But again,that’s just my derivation.You can believe whatever you want and have your opinions.

  10. I only ever ask you questions which can be looked into and be talked about later with actual “proof”.
    And people are all here asking you about “Who or what do you think this or that song is about?”…and I’m like???
    Sis she’s not ZARRY WIKIPEDIA you know!?
    Leave her alone please for a sec she needs her mental health just as much as we do

    I get that they’re cool people who respect your perspective on things but so do I–
    The thing that these people need to pay attention to a little bit more is that maybe sometimes they’re going too far and hurting you in some ways they don’t even understand

  11. One thing that’s about Zayn is how irrationally jealous he used to get over Harry sometimes. I mean we all love jealous Zayn and I think it can be kind of funny, but some things he got jealous over were literally nothing. Unfortunately, with a new perspective on the Zarry dynamic after all this time, I now find it to be a little controlling. For example, let’s say Harry broke some kind of hypothetical agreement they had, like maybe they were not supposed to hook up with other men, and Harry did it. Zayn is a human being, so he’s entitled to whatever emotions that brings like anger or hurt, but logically, he was no real right to punish Harry for it. And we can see that Zayn has gotten angry with Harry for literally paying NIALL (the most inconspicuous straight man of them all) more attention than him. All of this is just to say that Zayn does not exactly have a clear head when it comes to what he expects out of Harry. You can’t push someone away sometimes and then get mad when they’re not paying attention to you/giving you want other times. You can’t keep someone out of your bed and then get mad when they go to someone else’s. But Mr. Unfuckwitable seems to think he can do whatever he want and if Harry really loves him, he would always be there. And like you said, Harry gets the short end of the stick of all this confusion every single time.

    What’s sad is that Harry will punish HIMSELF for hurting Zayn more than anyone, whereas Zayn hurts Harry over and over again and expects him to understand it. They need to be over and I kind of hope they have been for a while. Whatever “coincidences” Zayn comes out with after all this time, it raises the eyebrow, but it’s hardly enough to continue to root for them. Thanks for taking the time to write about this.

    1. 🙌🏼 So well said. I totally agree, so many « jealous Zayn » moments from the 1D days always seemed so irrational to me, especially since he was in a public relationship at the time (and hooking up with several girls as well). And his jealousy over Harry’s affection for Niall is just so over the top and ridiculous. Sometimes jealousy is « cute » and all, but in this case I agree that it seems controlling and manipulative. Why feel aggressively territorial when you’re not willing to give anything tangible to the other, or at the very least spare their feelings from unnecessary bearding 🤦🏽‍♀️
      Regarding the recent « proofs » in his MVs, I’m in the same boat. I see them, but I’m also like…Why? Why now? Why do it while you’re going deeper and deeper into the circus of your hetero/public relationship? It doesn’t bring me any hope at this point, because their entire dynamic seems so unhealthy to me. I just hope that Harry stands his ground and refuses to compromise on anything anymore, and especially not his self-worth, self-perception, and his luminous soul and heart.

      1. Exactly! It’s just kinda like… same shit, different day. But it’s nice that Zayn seems to want to honor Harry in his art. I’ll always enjoy that. But until he can commit all the way to H, I’m hoping Zarry stays dead.

    2. I so agree with everything you said here ,I just hope harry have the will and strength to move on.its time to do harry and be really happy honestly most time he doesn’t seems happy to me and I pray the day he finally is completely.

    3. I completely wholeheartedly agree with you. We already know Harry will do anything for him, from the day one we already can see that, but will zayn do the same for Harry? fuck no he won’t.

  12. The situation at this point is absurd and there are too many contradiction, so I don’t understand anything about those two anymore.
    zayn really irritates me with these behaviors, he is with gigi but meanwhile does things for harry…I just don’t understand how he can go on like this. Harry also still seems involved in zayn, and he irritates me too because he should think more of himself and understand what kind of person he wants by his side in his life.
    thank you for your work, keep it up!

  13. Dear ad zarry is over finally over😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔 what u think Ad?????

  14. How I wish iT’s YoU was about P,it fits her,but have you read Zayn’s book?
    Also,who do you thing wRoNg is about?

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