Zayn + Ingrid’s Music Video

Zayn and Ingrid dropped a new inspirational music video for their dreamy collab “To Begin Again.” Zayn’s appearance in the video basically consisted of shots of him in Hopetown Sound, his favorite recording studio in Pennsylvania (where he lives.) He has actually been recording there since 2017.

Happy Boi

And it looks like he filmed the clips for the music video around March 25th, back when we saw him by himself in PA—the day before the dreaded Zigi pap walks began. He was looking genuinely happy at that time, oh ya know, before he was shipped back to NYC to perform on the streets.

Watch the music video here!

I supposes now we know why Zayn ramped up the pap walks of late. I wonder if he will be dropping another single for NIL soon? Let’s up he does interviews for that song too, whichever it may be.

Zayn is wearing all green in the music video. I can’t take it. What is even happening anymore?? At this point they’re just trying to break us. They want to see us broken.

Reminds me of this:

And this:

They hate us.

I would like to point out we got an up-close shot of Zayn’s pearl bracelet, and even non-zarries are pointing out the blatant connection to Harry, sort of like their Bode obsession. But of course these are all cOiNcIdEnCeS because: ZIGI BABY!!

The end. Thanks for stopping by!

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86 thoughts on “Zayn + Ingrid’s Music Video

  1. This year Z & H seem to have been having a few of these dressing and accessory coincides ayy🤔🤔🤔.
    PS* I wanted to add a pic of another coincidence but I don’t see the attachment 📎or pic icon here. Seems like Harry wore the jacket for the Grammys and Zayn wore the pants for his gq India shoot

  2. Sounds to me like Zayn and Harry are together and Gigi had the baby for them. Might sound crazy…but Nothing is impossible..

    1. maybe on the together … if not now but perhaps in the future … but it’s definitely Gigi’s “my baby”

  3. Just wanted to inform, there have been a few instances priorly where Zayn has worn just the ring he wore in TBA mv on his right ring finger, although it wasn’t clear enough to determine if it’s a silver or gold band, but the ring is not new.

    1. do you mean before the pap walk on the 25th of march? I noticed it there, at the time, and vaguely remember seeing it on the museum day too but can’t remember an instance before the pap walks… also, I saw a close up and think it’s silver even though yes in the tba mv it might come across as golden

      1. @incognitocommenting yeah, he’s worn the ring years back.If you want, I can send you the picture., this is a recent discord server I made for if you want to talk to me.Discord is safe, you can log in through a fake email as well.I’d appreciate if you join.

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