Why Larry & Zarry Are Not The Same

******* TRIGGER WARNING: If you are a Zarrie who is also a Louis fan, please click away. You don’t want to read what I have to say. I don’t mean to upset anyone, but these are my personal opinions. I have been sharing them with you all for a while now, and there is no point of you reading this and getting triggered and yelling at me. It will not change the way I feel about this situation.

The other main reason Larries and Zarries are different:

We know for a fact we’re not being baited for profit. Why? Firstly because Zarry is a very small (almost inconsequentially small) group of people. We don’t make waves. Hardly anyone knows about us. (We are content with that fact.) So there is no profiting off of us, or baiting us, or activating us to achieve a certain end within the charts because we don’t have massive numbers like Larry.

Larry is a massive ship/sub-culture that is able to trend things on Twitter and make videos go viral with millions of views. That is called making waves or moving the needle. That is a highly valuable quality to have when it comes to marketing. When you make waves that big, there is incentive and opportunity to use that power to control the wave and profit off of it. Typically with big artists they move the needle by virtue of who they are and their talent, such as with Harry. Louis, however, needs this shipper base to do anything noteworthy, especially to survive in the music industry.

Zayn and Harry are the two most prominent/remarkable members of the band outside of the 1D fandom. Meaning mainstream media and the general public care more about them and their undertakings than Louis, Liam, and Niall. That dynamic is not the case on the inside of the 1D fandom. Inside of the 1D fandom, everyone knows all of the boys equally; but the 1D fandom tends to hate on Harry and Zayn because of their relevance and popularity outside of the band. Harry and Zayn don’t need the Directioners and they DO NOT play to them for attention or sales. They have mass appeal on their own outside of the Directioners. Louis Liam and Niall desperately need the 1D fanbase, which is why they were FACTUALLY the most reluctant to leave it behind.

(Note: Zayn would still be pulling the second biggest numbers in the band behind Harry if he didn’t stop preforming live in 2016 and stopped promoting his music altogether. No interviews, no tv shows, no tours, nothing. Yet the media are still obsessed with him and his life more than Louis Liam and Niall combined.)

Now, focusing on Louis, he admitted how irrelevant and forgettable he was himself in 2017. No joke.

So if I say it or other publications say it, you can’t get angry because he acknowledged that FACT himself. He even went so far as to let us know he was cognizant of his own irrelevance and weaker vocals in the band as early as 2010, because they wouldn’t give him any solos.

So if you put two and two together, his extremely aggressive clinginess to the youngest (16yrs vs 19yrs) most impressionable member of the band, who was noted as being the most popular at that time and who got tons of solos, makes perfect sense. Especially his subsequent maltreatment of Harry once Harry started to separate himself from him over time. He was jealous of him and despised that he needed Harry for relevance. He pretended to like Harry to gain popularity, but deep down he despised everything Harry was and criticized nearly every word that came out of Harry’s mouth and everything he did. He treated Harry like a pet and made Harry constantly look to him for approval. Watch in those clips that Harry constantly looks to Louis to make sure his answer is ok or in agreement with Louis.

And as Harry grew up and started befriending people like Nick Grimshaw and dating Caroline Flack and Taylor Swift (and Zayn) the crafty Louis (who is admittedly aware of his own forgettable place in the band) realized he was losing his hold on the band’s golden goose. Lots of big stars and people with raw star power who are young and naïve get taken advantage of and exploited in the music industry. That’s pretty common. Usually by agents and financial advisors etc. But it just so happens that Harry was used and is still being used by Louis.

In late 2012, he would continue to put Harry down and embarrass him in interviews until Harry detached himself (with some reluctance) from this toxic friendship for good in 2013. Harry literally distanced himself from this man in every way that was physically possible. First, while they were still friends, he moved out of their shared flat a few months after they had just moved in to live with Ben Winston. (Ben made a show about the time Harry lived with him, which Larries trashed relentlessly because it blew a hole through the Princess Park Paradise storyline they tried to peddle to prove Larry.) He chose to leave Princess Park IN EARLY 2012 when he could have stayed there with Louis instead of with Ben in a dark attic with just a mattress.

Harry also distanced himself as far as body language is concerned; to the point where he acted revolted or repelled by Louis onstage some days, and Larries were so shocked by this they had to make up the conspiracy theory that they are still madly in love, but being separated by the evil management. (They can’t admit Harry simply disliked the way he was being treated by Louis, so he factually started riding on a separate bus in 2013, and a separate plane in 2014, and acted repelled by him onstage, which didn’t ease up until like a month before the band ended and he decided to play nice and sit by him for a few interviews for the fans’ sake. Realistically, Harry knew he was never coming back to that uncomfortable setup ever again after the hiatus. Not without Zayn, who is the reason he pushed for the hiatus in the first place.)

Back to late 2012, after the death of the Larry bromance, the only way Louis (who is an invariable attention-seeker, always trying take over every interview by being “funny” and doing stupid antics) the only way he could hold onto his relevance was to be the most obnoxious person in any interview and to get tattoos directly behind Harry. He also had to be mouthy to make himself seem needed behind the scenes (overcompensating with the label to make up for his lack of vocal ability) which consequently led to him trashing Zayn for being critical of the band when he left because Louis’ pride was wrapped up in the image of the band. That’s why he was so PISSED when Harry wanted the hiatus. He knew it was his end of exploiting Harry’s image and talent for his own gain. The idea that he was getting equal pay to Harry Effing Styles at any point is ludicrous.

Sure, Harry was so in love with Louis in 2015 that he pushed for a hiatus Louis was vehemently and vocally against. Harry chose to leave an environment where he was with the love of his life Louis (and in an environment where he continues to say he enjoyed being in for the fans) for no reason other than Zayn had left the band. By August 2015 the hiatus was approved, which means Harry had been pushing right after Zayn left. He literally couldn’t stand it there without him. Look at how morose he got in 2015. Look at how he wouldn’t utter one word in those 2015 OTRA video diaries of the tour. Some people pretend they only had a 5 year contract and would’ve ended in 2015 anyway. That is patently false. If that were true why on earth were Louis and Niall surprised by and fighting against the hiatus at the end of 2015 if it was already planned and agreed to??

Some Larries try to reverse the logic (laughably) onto Zarry and say if they were in love why did Zayn leave?

1.) Zayn admitted in his Beats One interview that he always wanted to leave the band from the first year. Based on the way Harry behaved after he left and the way he was changing Zayn’s lyrics in “Strong” to “You used to keep me from falling apart…” it’s easy to reason Zayn only stayed as long as he did for the fans and for HARRY.

2.) Zayn left because he was under stress, barely recovering from an eating disorder, his songs were all rejected from the FOUR album, he had had a fallout with Harry in Bangkok, and he was being hated on for cheating rumors.

So he left to preserve his mental health (which Louis attacked him for in 2019, calling him a hypocrite and flipping him off in an interview with Dan Wooton). And Zayn still expressed his love for Harry despite them going their separate ways in Golden, which Harry later responded to with his own Golden.

One more note on the One Direction Lies and Myths: Larries/Louies like to credit Louis with doing the most songwriting in 1D, and it’s like, uh, no. He contributed lyrics with a team of industry writers and producers more often than the other boys to overcompensate for his shortcomings, because he wasn’t doing any of the heavy lifting onstage (like Zayn for instance.) Louis did not define 1D’s sound. The producers did. The same producers who had the power to reject Zayn’s songs because they didn’t fit the ideal sound.

Desperate times call for desperate measures:

I thought Larry was “bullshit” Louis? Wow, he and his team are mad desperate. Especially using “Princess Park” in the lyrics.

After 2012, tattoos (which he was originally against) were the only tools he had left by which to attach himself to Harry. So he began infringing on Zarry’s tattoo bond despite the fact that he could not care less about Harry as a person. You don’t embarrass and continuously insult people you genuinely care about. His “affection” for Harry was completely conditional and situational, so in some cases he would pretend to defend Harry but in the next moment he would antagonize him and embarrass him. That is psychological abuse and gaslighting. But ya’ll aren’t ready for that conversation.

Larries can rest assured they’re being baited by Louis because 99% of their BS proof is Louis-driven. Also because he and his team factually use Larries for views and streams. Case and point: Them using #Larry and #Harry Styles in a video about his deceased mother.

Larries can’t use the excuse that he did it because the song is about Harry. The fact that it was on a video for his deceased mother lets you know two things:

1) Louis and his team don’t actually care about Larry or Larries, they care about the traffic Larries create because they are a massive sub-fandom that can help move the needle for his music. Louis has always baited and gaslighted them so he can create buzz for his otherwise forgettable career.

2) There are no bounds to the lengths he and his team will go to in order to get views and streams. He used Larry and Harry Styles on a video about his late mom. I cannot begin to express to you how reprehensible and exploitative and PATHETIC that is.

And the tags are the only things we can prove at this moment, but it is only a minor indication of how his team thinks and how they operate. They are laughing at Larries. They don’t respect them or care about them. Louis drags Larries all the time because he despises them, yet will also bait them and use them to get what he wants.

It’s the same behavior he used towards Harry. He hated that he needed him, so he would bait him with this great fake friendship and pretend to care for him, but on the other hand would control him and insult him repeatedly try to embarrass him. It’s the same duplicitous two-faced behavior he does with Larries, baiting them in secret by using Harry’s tattoos and releasing his music near Harry’s b-day and using Harry’s tattoos on his Spotify to get streams, but then telling them their theories are “the biggest load of bullshit” and that they’re crazy public-facing. Like it’s all in their heads. Larries are just too dense and blind to realize how vicious he is.

Zarry is different. We know we’re not being exploited or baited for profit because Zayn and Harry simply do not need us. We are one of the most inconsequential sub-fandoms. We don’t make waves. We can’t trend anything. We don’t make dents in their streaming numbers if they bait us like Larries; which was proven recently with the streaming campaign for Louis’ song “Defenceless.” He baited them with Harry’s tattoos and they pissed themselves and streamed until their ears bled.

That is PROOF POSITIVE that Larries affect Louis’ career, and he KNOWS THAT THEY DO AND USES IT TO HIS ADVANTAGE, hence the tags of Larry and Harry Styles on a video about his deceased mother. No other 1D member uses the others members’ names for their videos. NONE. They’d rather not get views than to stoop that low.

Imagine being this desperate.

At this point, Larries are all just Louies who hate Harry and try to ruin everything he’s apart of that is contrary to their delusion soup narrative. Such as how they hated on Harry’s sitcom Happily Together, and how they are embarrassing him on the Wiki page of his upcoming movies Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman. Ugh so effing pathetic and shameless. But Louis’ behavior empowers them and encourages them to be this way. He is their cult leader and always has been, and he profited off of baiting them with Harry’s tattoos last week.

This is scary and sad and so humiliating for Harry. But they’re plugging Louis’ music like he wanted.

More on this topic later. I just wanted to answer this question because Larries love to ask it to me: How can you say this or that about Larry when you do the same thing with Zarry?

Ugh, no the eff we don’t. Larry and Zarry are NOT the same things. Not by any stretch of the imagination. We aren’t even the same species. We are not comparable intellectually, and certainly not comparable in matters of integrity. Larries have proven that most of them are both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

For example: This guy just reuploaded his video debunking Larry because he had to take it down due to death threats from Larries. They abuse and harass people all the time, including ME. It’s normal for them.

Most Zarries are quiet, rational, confident, calm, don’t hate Gigi (although some of us are critical of her) we don’t think Khai is a fake baby, we don’t hate Jeff (I love him) and we don’t harass people who try to debunk our theories. Because at the end of the day, whether people agree with our theories or not, the FACTS that prove Zarry was/is real cannot be refuted, and we are content with knowing that (not desperate to prove something to every passing stranger; and not so insecure about a ship that we harass innocent people into agreeing with us or shutting up completely.)

Watch a detailed Larry vs Zarry series here!

Watch a debunk of the Larry Two Ghosts Theory here!

Watch the difference in the way Louis spoke of Harry’s mother vs the way Zayn did here!

Again, more on this topic later, loves. Thanks for listening!

I’m exhausted.

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AD (formerly Zarry Documentaries) from YouTube and Wattpad!

94 thoughts on “Why Larry & Zarry Are Not The Same

  1. Can we actually call them Larry fans?
    I feel the term Larries should be given to people who are fans of Harry and Louis romantically, although these people just strike me as Louis fans who have no concern for Harry. Yeah they won’t Larry to get together but only because they want what Louis wants and don’t care about Harry.

  2. Thank You A.D for this one. I have so much to say. 1st off I’m so happy some people see Louis the way I have. And it’s not just me 😶. After watching some 1D interviews, I noticed louis say mean stuff sometimes. And he said to Harry , “you do talk alot of sh*t in interviews” to Harry so many times during the interviews and it always got on my nerves. How embarrassing for Harry. And Liam always made fun of Harry’s tone of voice 😒😒. Uuurgh I have seen many earlier interviews were Larries are all googoo gaagaa Larry moments alert 💃💃but if you listened to what was said, how it was said by Louis and Harry’s real time reactions after to them and not that slowed down edited stuff they peddle, it’s all cringe worthy annoying frustrating stuff. Without blue Larry tinted glasses you can truly see that bromance what it was. Even the Zouis bromance. It felt to me like killing 2 birds with one. Gaining popularity by being the bestest of buds with Z & H and c**kblocking them. My opinion (Sorry if anyone is offended).

    1. Sorry so long! But also I’m glad you pointed out Harry was morose after Zayn left. For me he looked like he almost always had a frown on his face since Zayn’s ED, smiled a little bit after Z got better but lost his smile again just before Zayn left. Then he was constantly frowning and detached himself from the rest of the band and seemed almost impatient with the things around him. I saw as if he only became a bit lighter a bit later maybe after the hiatus was approved🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. Not a lot, just a little bit. Almost like he could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. (but maybe it was because he & Z had made contact? who knows 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️). Smiled more, laughed some, joking around. But yes when Z left H was different despite Louis’ presence. How this doesn’t register to Larries is beyond ridiculous.

      1. You’ve made many excellent points my dear. Larries are just downright illogical. I’ve given up on imagining the majority of them are capable of making sense or being reasonable

  3. Personally I could never make through any fetus Larry moments cuz they are just so cringe-worthy. Also I kind of like some of Louis’s song (my opinion you don’t have to agree) but to know that he uses Larries to bait them is just unsettling and also a disgrace to his own music. Also that E tattoo on his hand that debuted a few weeks ago I think , I personally haven’t seen the larries talking about it at all ormaybe I haven’t even tried hard to look for it cuz I know it would be utter shit
    Zarry is a far more strong and logical ship than Larry. period !

    1. The Larries say the E tattoo is drawn on and that’s why it comes and goes in photos, instead of it actually being there, but not showing at certain angles.

      There’s something about Louis’ voice that I don’t like, so I can’t get into his music, but he was in a famous band, he had a wildly successful online concert, I would have too much pride to use the larries and Harry to enhance my career if I were him, he’s not without talent and fans.

    2. Personal opinion, Larry have way more logical proof and on this you bringed up the most stupid ones… Like, what about the video diaries? The fact that they are the only ones that can’t interact with each other in 1d? When they said “Love you” to each other? That thing that happened after the Paris interview? The “My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson” clip? Tho, even the 2021 Larry proof are huge.. This is not even the 5% of all the Larry proof, which says a lot since you guys can put all the Zarry’s proof in one single website. Okay, just gonna leave this here, think whatever you want guys lol

      1. I tried to leave it alone bc like AD mentioned the low IQ is ur problem. Therefore I’m only going to mention the fact the ur man Louis has called ur points and this cult “fandom” ridiculous, not true, and a conspiracy. I love how u tried to use percentages….Not the brightest but funny! Good luck w ur “theories” 😂hilarious😂 and next time be a better person by staying w ur fandom/bullies bc we cld careless about ur obnoxious opinions.

      2. I agree AD. Why are you even here. Go back where you came from because we deal with the truth over here and obviously you are delusional.

      3. the “proofs” that you have from back in 1D days – especially after 2012 till TODAY – are all bs and cropped out and photoshopped … But you lots believe whatever they feed you… that’s not how it goes… search concerts, interviews, awards ceremonies etc and see what it’s real or not… even yesterday at Harry’s concert in Colorado there are a lot of tweets from Larris saying that Louis was in a VIP box there lol while Louis is in UK .. but you are blindly believe whatever bs rumor spread around … it’s 2018 MSG all over again… anyway… you and the rest of your fandom believe whatever you want, we just don’t a flying f@ck about your opinion and all manip proofs you have.. Stay with those who are praise you for being a Larry and don’t come here again…

  4. I remember watching that relationship expert video when it first came out. I looked back and couldn’t find it and now I know why. It’s utterly ridiculous how Larries ask for his opinion and when he sees it differently (the correct way) they get rude and insult his opinion. They need to leave the world alone and stay in their own at this point. I also took a quick look at the comments, boy these Larries are nuts. When a person says anything questioning Larry being romantic they go off. They make no sense but say there so much proof, and if they r not romantic then they are soulmate friends WTF!!! It’s absolutely crazy and scary. I never realized how terrible they get with ppl. They don’t take Harry or Louis saying it’s not true. Instead they say did u see his face thou!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 it’s 💯 a lost cause.

  5. I remember when I became a Zarry….I started off bc my husband put on a clip of a 1D audition for XFactor (boy does he regret that now LOL). I didn’t realize they auditioned separately, I was so surprised. When we saw Harry audition, I was so impressed. Even my husband said he seemed so confident at 16. It was love from that point on… LOL. So, I was hooked on 1D and Harry and started looking up videos of them. This is when I saw Larry stuff. I watch a few videos, but not for one second did it look like anything but a friendship. I tried to see something, but it was so forced to look romantic felt disturbing to continue watching. It made me uncomfortable. Honestly!!! Then I saw a Zarry clip, and the rest is history. My life changed, and all my free time was full of AD and Zarry! And I don’t regret it!!!! In my opinion all the Larries are Louis fans trying to keep him relevant by using Harry and this “romance”. They know Harry’s got everything; talent, personality and a magnetic appeal. As Zayn said “he’s born for it”. Louis has had much more positive results bc of Larry than on his own and the fans know it. They also have to know it’s such BS… Harry’s face when he saw that photoshopped picture says it all and how it’s completely untrue. Louis himself has called BS. So if Larries still exist and push this narrative, it’s bc they are too young to know real from fake and/or bc unfortunately don’t have faith in Louis’s talent/music and need Harry.

  6. I never have seen first hand that ANY Zarry related video/account/post (even just as a bromance) will without a doubt have multiple Larries posting hateful comments or just wanting to argue over it. IMO if a person is 100% convinced of something and KNOW it to be true they aren’t gonna go out of their way to hate on others or engage in other ships. Like…..why? Lol.
    Anyways for me Louis has always been an enigma. As a fan of both Zayn and Harry as well as a Zarry shipper I could see before watching your Larry debunk videos that Louis liked to “act out.” Previously I’d thought maybe he was hyperactive but as I watched more 1D content it became clear it’s less about being unable to sit still and more on wanting attention. What better way to get attention than to attach yourself to the most beloved band member? PLUS when Harry becomes distant, who does Louis seem to get close with? Zayn. The other popular member of the band who stands out bc of his talent alone. So honestly this post just made it all click for me. I want to like Louis and I do to an extent but as a die hard Harry and Zayn fan it is hard to do. Louis continuously picked fights with Z when he was already struggling with hateful fans who began picking sides once Zayn left. And now Harry who is making a way for himself and becoming a true role model that will be remembered outside of the band, yet Louis can’t seem to let it go and him using the outdated Larry ship is just sad. Sad for Louis but sad for Harry who is making real strides towards his legacy yet it’s as if Louis is consciously trying to undermine that legacy so that in decades to come people will remember Louis as well ONLY bc of his ties to Harry.

    Get your own legacy Louis. No free rides allowed. Thanks for the post AD!

    1. It makes me not like Louis a lot. I would think anyone who gets to the level that One Direction did would have people in it with ambition and drive, good things to have in the music business. Harry and Niall seem to have treated it as One D university and got better at playing instruments, singing and songwriting and made contacts and good impressions with people in music, they both realized what an opportunity they had. I just can’t imagine Louis being okay with his fans feeling sorry for him and thinking he’s a loser, but he is.

  7. If larries want to know if they are in a cult, tell the others you don’t believe anymore and see what happens to you, actually don’t do this, I would feel terrible to think it would make someone’s life more difficult.

    Also, I’ve noticed larries go on Zarry YouTube videos to argue, do Zarries go on larries YouTube videos to argue? Do they come on this website to argue, of course they do, maybe there should be a discussion thread of their comments that don’t get posted because they are abusive.

    1. Lol you’re wonderful and very right about everything. They are a genuine cult, and have scary levels of influence on social media. Also, you’re right, they’re so insecure they stay on my youtube channel commenting, not realizing not a single larry comment has ever seen the light of day. Not a single one of their idiotic blue/green hearts or “why am I here, I’m a larrie” or “Larry forever” comments has ever been seen by the public. It’s so hilarious to watch them try. They don’t realize I wait for them to self-identify as a larrie in any way, and it’s an insta-block. Keeps my comment section clean and a safe space for zarries only and curious people learning about Zarry. 🙂

      1. When you talk about their scary levels of influence, like hacking Wikipedia pages recently to trend Louis music or embarrass his imaginary husband Harry or whatever that was about, there’s a YouTube channel that got copies of secret communication between big Larry blogs May of 2015 and One Direction was going to an awards show and going to be on James Corden and the people running the Larry blogs thought management might try to pull a stunt, so they had a distraction planned to have the fans (larries) request ” No Control” from radio stations demanding it be a single, the other song they discussed doing this with was “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, but since Harry wrote that one, they went with Louis’ song. They also discussed not posting pictures or talking on their blogs about Louis being in bars with women and they didn’t want to post anymore sad and lonely Harry pictures, that was in May of 2015, poor Harry.

        1. That’s so unbelievable 😳 the lengths they will go to in order to prove a total lie smh. Thanks for sharing that info ❤️

          1. The lady who posted the stuff about 2015 was given the stuff in 2018 by a big Larry blogger who’d come to their senses and she said on her YouTube videos that she had more, but I think people would rather live in Larryland than reality. They also talked about reposting cute fetus Larry stuff whenever they felt a stunt coming on, if you ever wonder why 2021 larries are still posting the 2011 picture of Harry holding Zayn’s pinky finger, in close up, and claiming it’s Larry. I would be so angry to find out I’d been lied to.

      2. A.D You are a Queen!!! Thank You for saving us from such misery 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💚

  8. I’m a larrie personally but I read this and I think some of your point are extremely valid and I think marries are too quick to judge zarries and you guys are are so much more respectful than some(most) larries and even if I don’t agree with some of this I really do think you made some valid points:)

  9. Hey A.D.

    Is there a way that we could just like people’s comments in support of what there saying if we don’t have anything to say?

    Love the website.

    Hugs XO

  10. Actually when I become a zarry and I came to your Instagram I tried to talk to you and I was pretty upset that you have turned off your comments and your msg request.. But now I have my own zarry page and now I know why you did that. I mean they can harass you and abuse you on simple memes.. They aren’t even proof or debunk videos.. All I post are memes mostly. I am sorry for judging you.

  11. What I don’t understand is, if the Larries believe that L & H are together then WHY would they go out of their way to hate on, embarrass & humiliate the love of L’s life? WHY?? These people make no sense.

  12. I’ve always wondered… What really drew larries to believe in Larry. I know I just felt without a doubt the affection and genuine attraction between Zayn and Harry on like the first interaction of them I saw, but there is nothing about Harry and louis’ interaction that shows any romantic feelings. Literally nothing.

  13. Hey AD, a massive thank you for arranging your thoughts on this matter. As you have mentioned i tried to watch all those moments between harry and louis and all i could see was a bully and a boy who was fed up with the harassment. (Larries use it as sexual tension.. ???) I thought as a “celebrity” Louis would behave accordingly not as some clout chasing child. Moreover some of his family members are using larries for their gain (have you seen Lottie’s post about cherries ?)
    I was so disappointed in the way larries are behaving in various platforms. I think you have seen all the lies they are spreading through (specially) tiktok. The other thing is out of all the members they’ve chosen to attack Zayn all of the sudden( may be because of his third album) i have seen many more carziest stories about his supposed drug abuse and his rudeness to the people. It’s getting crazier and crazier when you search through the bulls**t. I feel so sorry for him. The shittiest part is the way they are sexualising Harry.. it is disgusting.. i wish i could see an end for this drama happening.. but the way Larries and Louis behaving I don’t think we ever will.

    Btw I would love to hear your thoughts on harry’s merch too ( blue and green hearted socks? Is it really true? Or just a coincidence?)

    1. The socks have random colours on them. One single sock has two different colours on either side. In short the blue and green sock have a different colour on the other side. Which of course no Larry will show so that it fits their narrative. And then they say that Harry is Larry baiting.

    2. The blue and green were only for Attention. .. whuch was done by Harry’s management …. It was never in the stores … I think his management did it to grab attention … Harry is busy with shooting and stuffs

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