Hello! Just wanted to make a few announcements!

1. For those asking, I am working on The Sequel. I hope to have a few chapters out by the first week of June. However, after that, I can’t promise weekly updates just yet. Probably every few weeks I’ll be able to put new chapters out, because unlike the last book, nothing has been written in advance. I’ll be writing it all as we move along. So it is coming. Thank you!

2. The website will host The Sequel whenever it gets here next month. However, I will still be uploading excerpts (portions) of every chapter onto Wattpad like usual with a link to the full chapter that leads here.

3. We have a new Homepage for the website. Instead of the homepage leading to the Posts Archive page, it will now take you straight to the Discussions Post, since that is always the most viewed post on the website. Please drop questions, new proof, and content requests there, as I will be checking it everyday and it is the homepage now. The old discussion posts will still have all the old comments, but will now link to the new homepage.

4. The website has a new comment section! Finally I found something with much better functionality. It should allow you to upvote comments if you want, and hit “read more” for longer comments, so that the website and comment threads will be easier to navigate. I believe you can also attach images. And you now have a window of about 15min to edit comments if you need to! Check it out here!

5. I would love to hear suggestions/feedback about my potential book title for The Sequel. I was thinking about naming it “Tightrope” lol. I’ve got nothing else in mind. Please leave thought on this tentative title here.


This is the post archive which contains all the proof and theory posts. Going forward these may appear in a different area. I’m still figuring that out lol.


Thanks for all your time, comments, and support while I figure this website out. You’ve been amazing and I’m so appreciative of you!


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