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  1. This is a very nice find share:

    is Harry’s part on the 1D “Who we Are” audiobook. I think’s he’s 20 at the time. Just so lovely listening to him talking about his experiences and how he was thinking about things. I adore his voice .. it’s so gentle and soothing. Interesting learning about his anxiety about performing and how began to overcome it. Harry is a glass half full personality i.e takes the positives from experiences. He’s very aware of and grateful for element of “luck” in how things had unfolded for the band and it being a 1 in a million opportunity and wanting to make the most of it. Love that he considers what he does to be a job and feel that persepctive it is significant in his abilibty to remain very grounded. Feel he was very blessed with his family who to have encourage and supported him to be himself.

  2. Another reason Harry is so right as Tom … they are both swimmers who love the water and the sea

    1. He looks so gorgeous and completely in his element (despite the cold). Those muscles 🥵

  3. Have anyone seen that Gigi post today. Ughhh it made me mad like you can see all those 4K pictures and than there’s fully blur black and white picture of them kissing. It feels like she’s throwing the *ZiGi* at us but had nothing better than that picture. I can believe how desperate she is ughhh…

  4. Been waited for some zigi content. She has been quiet for awhile even after Perrie baby announcement n all the Harry pictures. But I’m glad to see she was able to post MORE BIRTHDAY PHOTOS WITH Z. 🤢 Does Z not spend time with Gigi outside of “special” days? I think we saw more than enough of the bday Zigi, during that 10min photo shoot. I get it… u spent ur bday together. 🤨🤣

    1. You asked an excellent question! A lot of her pics seem to come from special occasions, meaning that must be the time he comes over for photo ops, and she always has to store pics up and save them to release later. God they’re so transparent

  5. Not sure if Zayn being at the Brits with Harry is true (🙏🏼🤞) BUT… with all the David “scenes” in MY POLICEMAN this might be JEALOUS ZAYN going from Twitter rants to not letting Harry out of his sight. LOL. TRUTH BE TOLD…NOTHING SURPRISES ME WITH ZARRY.

    1. OMG how beautiful is Harry in the sea swimming pics from MP … it’s freezing and he’s still completly committed to the moment and totally professional about getting it right.

  6. One thing I noticed is that ever since Zayn started dating Gigi he has been turned into a complete recluse and is high all the time. I mean we have seen more zigi pictures then Zayn’s solo pictures in the last 6yrs. He is only ever seen with Gigi. He is rarely even pictured out with fans in selfies. This zigi relationship has completely ruined him.

    1. Right? She’s clearly got no positive effect on him or his career, even if we are looking at them as a PR relationship only. Even the baby doesn’t seem to be helping. Usually, a human being when becomes a father finds a new sense in life and new horizons, fatherhood can be a great source of inspiration, especially for an artist. But no, he’s giving less and less content on his own, less promo, couldn’t even keep interacting with his fans for album promo.. Not to mention his public lashing outs which could only indicate him being unstable. Gigi also doesn’t look happy, it can be because of post-partum depression but still.
      I don’t like Justin B, but his and Hailey union can be a good example of positive influence of a woman on her man’s life/health/career and vice versa. Whatever it is they have, pr or no pr.

    2. This is something that his fans are afraid to admit or point out. Zigi doesn’t seem to be good for each other…no progress is made. Zayn seems to have gotten worse socially, and that’s probably because she forced him to do so much over the top PR and marketing campaigns early on

      1. I never took a moment to think about Gigi and Zayn as a couple. I just saw them and visually speaking they looked so unnatural that I stopped there. They didn’t appear to have the closeness even friends have bc u really know a person. They looked like two ppl that had to wrk together. Ya know?! But u guys are so right. Zayn left 1D with all these anxieties but still had some goals right. He did a really hard thing but quickly completed an album. His anxieties were still there and maybe more noticeable without the band and Harry. Gigi has never given Zayn that thing that happens when u r with the right person. U feel protected thru them almost. They push u to be better without even saying it. And u want to be better for them. They don’t let u give up or disappear from fear or anxiety. U feel stronger, like u can do anything bc they stand with u. The right person…Definitely doesnt sit back and watch such a tragic decline within a career and persona. The only thing that came out of Zigi was a baby and a vogue cover. I mean u had/have two ppl that have such a platform for what? There energy is off and has never been right. It shows physically that it’s taken a toll a them both. Wow, they really haven’t progressed only regressed. WTF Z!!!

      2. I also think that, for someone who had an eating disorder in the past, being around models who micromanage their food intake can’t be very healthy…

  7. Random tidbit. Watched Brokeback mountain again. There is a scene in the beginning where Ennis (zayns would be part) is whittling wood and I remembered zayn saying in an interview that he started whittling wood and he really enjoyed it. Thought it was interesting when I saw that.

  8. AD I’ve re-watched the beauty papers video with “yellow” “yellow” … and I’m at sea about the insta post.

    1. That video kills me. He just wants to say it. You can tell he’s finding every way to say it without saying it 🙁

    2. I noticed that two of his answers are “honesty” and “selfishness” I think he’s probably been asked what he likes and dislikes about people, interesting

  9. This is an interesting review of my policeman as a book and the film adaption

    Even if you haven’t read the book I don’t think review is a spoiler. But below are last 3 paragraphs which set high hopes for the resulting film in part based on Harry’s “perfect casting” as Tom:

    “The film adaptation of My Policeman has only recently started filming, but it’s clear that it will incorporate the dual timeline of the novel. Gina McKee, Linus Roache and Rupert Everett have all been cast as older versions of Marion, Tom and Patrick, respectively. According to a report in The Sun, the film also won’t shy away from the more intimate aspects of Patrick and Tom’s relationship. Tapped to direct the film is former artistic director of the Donmar Warehouse, Michael Grandage, with the Oscar-nominated scriptwriter of Philadelphia, Ron Nyswaner, writing the script.

    Styles, meanwhile, seems like the perfect casting for Tom. While he might not be blonde nor as broad as Tom is described as in Roberts’ novel, he undoubtedly exudes the enigmatic allure and good looks that the policeman seems to exert over both Marion and Patrick. There’s also a stoic quality to Styles, his reservedness in interviews similar to Tom’s quiet reticent shyness.

    These, surely, are all good signs that the film adaptation of My Policeman will be able to trace the nuances of Roberts’s book in the same way that the adaptations of Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Michael Cunningham’s The Hours did. Until then, reading Bethany Roberts’s book is highly recommended.”

    1. Note The Hours (2003) or Atonement (2008) as film adaptions seem to get 75% ranking in terms of reviews. I’ve not seen either. But The Hours scored 9 Oscar nominations with win for Best Actress and Atonement had 6 nominations with win for music.

      Love this part of the Penguin review “The adaptation of My Policeman is particularly intriguing. Not only is the film a fairly low-key indie, the source material is a complex and rich novel about the fraught realities of human desire and the lasting repercussions that our actions can have.”

    2. That’s a wonderfully accurate description of Harry! I’m happy to see that so many people feel he is fitting for the role.

  10. Idk why but there was a google error pop up when I tried to post on your website but here was what I was trying to say about Brokeback Mountain on your story earlier: Hey AD! So continuing from my comment on your Instagram story on the connection of the movie Brokeback Mountain (2005) and H & Z’s music, these are the parallels that I have seen and heard of so far:
    FTDT slowed down is exactly the same as the theme song for this movie, there is a YT channel that has a video on this, the channel is called womanwiththeredrose.
    The movies production company is called River Road Production.
    When I first watched the movie last Friday there was a lyrical parallel from one of the male characters to the lyrics of River Road:
    Ennis Del Mar: “For as long as we can ride it. There ain’t no reins on this one” 1:01:31
    Zayn (River Road): “Let go of the reins, ride the rhythm”
    Another connection is that the movie poster, that you can find on google, says “Love is a force of nature” just like Z’s song Natural. In the US the movie is available on Netflix if you or anyone wants to watch it, its about two cowboys (Ennis Del Mar & Jack Twist) that fall in love and the movie follows them throughout their love affair of I think 20 years. It is so beautifully tragic and has become one of my favorite movies of all time. On Instagram golden_connexion has an amazing post on this and on YT sweetprofanity talks a bit on this topic on their most recent video. I would love to hear your thoughts on this through a comment or if this IDK drives you to make a quick video on it that would be amazing to watch as well, thank you!

    1. Great post! Just to add on what Daniela said, I’ve also read that the instrumental to the song ‘Snow’ from Brokeback Mountain is similar to the guitar part in ‘Sweet creature’, I can hear it a little. Definitely worth having a look seeing as how many connections there seem to be.

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