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  1. I’ve never seen this whole video, I know there might be one other person using this site who hasn’t seen this. This is Zarry sitting on a ramp onstage having a giggle fest and Harry is talking to the back middle of Zayn’s head and licking his ear and wiping it off. Niall is onstage talking and Liam and Louis are sitting to the side. Around 1:52 Liam throws a water bottle across the stage to get their attention and break them up.

    I haven’t seen their movie, was there a lot of Zarry in it? Maybe they went extra crazy in 2013 because the movie was done filming.

    1. Replying to myself again, I’ve seen this video a few times, but I’ve never seen the part where Liam throws a water bottle to break them up. I’d file this under Liam knows, but it looks like he has a discussion with Louis before tossing the bottle ( I’m watching on my phone, so I’m not sure about the Louis part).

  2. Has something happened with Harry? Leaked pictures? Jeff Azoff? Closed set? Apparently I’m analytical but clueless.

      1. I’m interested to know why people think Harry fired Jeff. I doubt he actually did it, since he is has been his friend long before he became a manager and ordained his wedding earlier this year. It’s a strange rumor.

        1. People think he fired Jeff because apparently Harry “unfollowed” him but he never even followed him in the first place lmao


    I just hung out on Twitter and what I see makes me a little bit disgusting. People think Harry is fucking every breathing creature they see next to him. Literally everyone from Nick to countless men and women. I know you have a post about it and I agree with everything you say there. But I am very uncomfortable that people still keep sharing stuff like this so I wanted to share it here.

    Thousands of people who are still making these rumors do not see Zayn. Isn’t that strange? As if they didn’t see it on purpose.

    1. I was either on Tumblr or Twitter today, they both start with a T so I get confused, and I was in this pit of Harry haters, where I learned things they know, but everyone else doesn’t because Harry’s been fooling everyone else, but them, for ten years and in addition to flucking everything that moves, he’s a big fake who hangs around with Hollywood types so he can make movies instead of music because he thinks he’s too good for his music fans, and the only reason he’s more successful than the rest of the One Direction members is because he’s a suck up (not because of his hard work or because the fans need to be more supportive of the other four).

      Speaking to people not seeing Zayn, I’ve also noticed that Zayn wrote that Larry isn’t real, he said in an interview that he didn’t make any friends in the band and he said the infamous Harry and I never talked, so Zayn’s own statements would cover Larry, Ziam and Zarry, but the only one that’s brought up all the time is the Harry and I never talked, I think that’s weird.

      Sorry, I seem to be on a run-on sentence spree.

      1. @Kate don’t know if you’ve come across this transcipt of Harry interviewing Timothée Chalamet in December of 2019:

        Really interesting to read his/their very balanced perspective on social media and that Harry’s learnt from experience it’s best for his well being to just dip in/out and to keep distance between his job and his private life.

        1. @idkwhy thanks for sharing that; I think those two lovely humans need to make a movie or record an album together.

    2. Lmao that’s suchhh a good point. People read so much into harry simply hanging out with someone, but will totally ignore his sunflower song and ignore him using Zayn’s track titles. Social media is hopeless.

  4. Hi AD! Idk but I just feel like Harry is over this zarry thing & also he has removed rings related to Zayn… He looks more refreshing nowadays and I’m really happy for him but my Zarry heart…💔🥺
    What do you think about this?🤞

    1. I’m not sure my dear. It does seem like he is worlds away from Zayn and Zarry. That would be good for him, but I wonder how long it will last?

  5. Does anyone remember a 1D video where Zayn talks about Harry ever being in love? He says something like when Harry falls in love, he will be in deep. I can’t find it, or am I crazy?

    1. I feel like I heard of a video like that before. And I think there is also a video where all the boys agree that Zayn would be the first to get married or something

  6. Hey I just wanted to tell you that I just noticed in Harry’s twitter account on Nov 10th 2014, he tweeted “Green and Gold”.
    Now I’m crying.
    Oh Zarry.

    1. Thanks for sharing love! Unfortunately I think he was referring to the green bay packers game, but that could have been an excuse to tweet Zarry’s colors lol

      1. That would be an interesting plot twist and might give his people who have my back comment a different vibe. But again where’s the evidence??

    1. Did that come from Larryland? I know they hate Harry’s manager. I’m not on Tumblr, but I look at an anti-Larry blog on there and she didn’t have the question, but she posted an anonymous answer that she had not heard anything bad about Jeff, she did hear some kind of shady sort of things about his Dad, but he’s been around for a long time, the dad, and considering that, she didn’t think it was a big deal.

  7. I have a question about your website. Can you see who read your post or anything like that? You mentioned before that 60000 people visited your website. İt’s quite a lot congratulations love. You deserve great great things ❤️🥰

  8. Out of the subject but;
    Just curios is @Rodger Malik another Zayn Twitter account
    I mean is he the one twitting 🤨🤔

  9. Theres a new pic of Harry today on stylesinfo Ig where everyone has their back to the camera but harry is looking directly at whoever is taking the pic. He looks sexy and crazy at the same time. Its such an intimidating shot. Its the one where the stylist has her hand up fixing his hair. Tried to link but couldn’t.

    1. yes very intense real smoldering look …. he has the most amazing personal chemistry on film still or moving …

  10. extremly late out of world rn but the grammy diss was such a 1950 thing idk what you guys have to say but throughout the course of time playing 1950 is such a zarry thing idk like whatever i just wanted to let this out

    1. Very 1950 … it’s easily read as a diss by those who view them as having been close.

    2. For me it’s such a step beyond that. It was completely unnecessary if he tweeted it for that reason of trying to protect their relationship. He was just being hurtful for no reason.

      1. @AD agree. There’s nothing noble going on with those tweets. I will even give him a pass on the ones a week before and chalk it up to poor impulse control, but the night of the Grammys, that tweet was cruel coming from someone who used to help Harry with live TV appearance nerves.

        I’ll even give that Zayn may be, in general, doing things to separate himself from Harry. It’s hard to move on from a crazy chemistry relationship, but he is still being unnecessarily cruel. IMO.

  11. runner/chaser dynamic = Zarry. It comes from an immediate unexplained connection with 2 people.

    As someone who has personally experienced this type of dynamic, I’ve always been able to sympathize with both Harry and Zayn even after the “ringo” joke and “never talked to him” comment.
    It’s not easy or fun. When a person becomes the “chaser” it’s hard to get out of that place and often times this dynamic can be a never ending cycle of turning tables. One person runs the other chases, vice versa.

    The main thing that started to shift my ability to sympathize with Z was the Grammy diss.

    In this dynamic there are times of separation= confusion and denial of feelings, heartache and pining. Then times of reunion= Bursts of passion and unconditional love that never goes away.

    Even in the worst times of confusion/miscommunication/etc, the one thing I can always trust in is the mutual respect that comes from the dynamic. I can rest knowing my person would never seek to hurt me in petty ways. “Seeing other people” doesn’t always affect this type of dynamic like it would “normal” couples. But what WILL affect it is when one of the parties goes out of their way to cause pain.

    Pain is caused unintentionally all the time but when Z tweeted about the Grammys….. idk it just really didn’t sit well with me. It was blatantly disrespectful and spiteful.
    I worried about Harry UNTIL seeing him recently in photos and his interactions. He is changing and even someone like me, an outsider looking in, noticed it.
    I’m happy for him. He is stepping into his power👑

    1. Definitely can hear woman’s voice say “Zayn Malik” but I’d be unwilling to go any futher than that.

  12. I don’t know if you’ve seen this already but I saw a post on Twitter how in Adore you at 0:40 H sings “You don’t have to say you love me” and in Better at 0:40 Z sings “..Cause I love you”.
    I hadn’t realized that before. Ugh. How I wish they could sort things out between them, though it seems kind of hopeless atm.

    1. Deep down I do too but I think H shd see Z fighting for him after all he has had to put up with Zigi and the baby. I’d love to see their smiles when they were looking or being silly with each other but openly in love.

  13. Harry Styles world domination and I’m here for it. I’ve watched him grow from that little 16 year old boy to the man he is now and he just grows and grows more successful as the years go on, what a year it has been for him, so proud of him. I read a comment on Twitter today that says he looks happier than he’s been for a while and I agree. When you compare him at the Brit’s this year to him last year you can see he looks a lot happier. I’m not sure if that is down to Olivia but personally I think it’s because he’s at peace with himself and his identity and he’s not afraid of showing the world.

    As far as Zarry is concerned I do think something has happened between them which has resulted in Harry saying enough is enough and that may be a part of why he is looking a lot more at peace now. He has removed the rings/necklaces and anything associated with Zayn and I definitely think that the part of his speech where he mentioned people that had his back, was a dig at Zayn. I don’t see them ever resolving whatever has happened that resulted in the fall out as they both look happier now, Zayn with his little family (cough, cough) and Harry taking over the world. Manifesting Harry will fall in love with a man who is his world and steals his heart 🙏

    1. Great points my dear. Something about Harry looks refreshing, mature, and levels above this zarry game. I wonder if he’s over it? I sure hope he’s doing well and having a good time filming with new friends 😊 I think acting is his second calling. ❤️

    2. i don’t know about “the hapiness” in zayn’s case .. maybe he’s just relieved it’s over so he can go back pretending freely ..anyone can see that ..but he’s making wrong decision afer wrong decision (professionally).. zayn definitely isn’t in a good place right now ..

  14. AD dont you think it is strange that zayn has not said anything about the conflict between Palestine and Israel? He’s not the type to be afraid of hate either, so I dont understand why he didn’t say anything

      1. Does Zayn read what is written here??? He posted on both Twitter and Instagram. 🧐

    1. I find it strange that he didn’t comment on the Covid humanitarian catastrophe in India recently, all celebs are suspiciously silent, but Indians are Z’s fellow people and he has a huge fanbase there. I was sure he was going to acknowledge that situation at the very least or set up a fundraizer to help..
      Seems like his comment on Palestine is more like a nod to the Hadids. Though it is still much appreciated. Just doesn’t seem genuine.

  15. AD, have you decided not to write That Thing Upon Us from Zayn’s viewpoint after all? I feel like it would be very difficult knowing what you know and your current feelings about Zayn.

    1. Hi dear ❤️ I’m still working on how to navigate that whole thing. It’s gonna be difficult. Lol. Pray for me!

      1. A D. It is fiction.

        Spoiler alert for TTUM

        One of my favorite parts was Zayn having a shrine to Harry in which he saved everything including old Chap-stix because they had touched Harry’s lips. Write about that Zayn.

  16. I loved it when H thanked the people in his life that has his back. Did anyone else feel like he didnt mean Zayn? Lol

    1. I wish this was on the Brit post. Sorry I’m late making it. This is such a good comment!

  17. Hazza won at the Brits, I’m so proud of him ❤️ But the part of the speech when he said thanks to all the people in my life who have my back…

  18. Harry won at the Brits this year. I’m sure A.D. is putting something lovely together, but I just wanted to share

    Also, he won for single, but it’s the same album for which he was nominated, but didn’t win last year. Same album, the only thing that changed is he broke the boy band glass ceiling for BTS and the solo members of One Direction by winning the Grammy. I know Zayn doesn’t care about the Grammys, that’s why he wrote three tweets about them and one about his daughter, but the other people previously tainted by being in a boy band might care. I know One Direction won awards, but this really feels like something has changed based on the same album now winning, maybe the competition was less, I doubt it.

    1. « Zayn doesn’t care about the Grammys, that’s why he wrote 3 tweets about it and 1 about his daughter » 🤣🙌🏼

  19. Just saw Harry live at Brits accepting his statues for Watermelon Sugar as British Single. Yes I got up super early to watch but so worth it. He’s such a gem, genuine unicorn. Totally love that he remains baffled by receiving awards 🙂 And what a suit … omg!!!!!!!!!! Harry wears things I feel no-one else could pull off. It’s never “here’s my outfit” and then him. It’s almost as if everything he chooses to wear becomes a part of him and he’s so comfortable in himself that’s why the “looks” look amazing.

    1. Wow just saw Harry’s post award picture – gucci top to toe avec handbag 🙂

  20. The promise ring seems to be gone for good. H isn’t wearing it ate the BRITs. He is so gorgeous I can’t…

    1. I noticed that too, Begi. The peace ring, the dancing bears ring, and Zarry appear to all have been put away in a tiny box in the back of a drawer as a fond memory. It makes me a little melancholy but…HARRY WON A FREAKIN BRIT AWARD!! Just fantastic and so proud.

  21. Yay Harry just won a Brit award, so proud of him, he looks good as always. He still doesn’t have the peace ring on though 🥺

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