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Harry is set to star in a film adaptation of the 2012 critically acclaimed Bethan Roberts novel “My Policeman,” as Tom. He will star opposite of Emma Corrin (Marion) as a closeted gay man who gets married to a woman despite being in a passionate affair with another male (Patrick, who will be played by David Dawson.) He marries her despite not being in love with her, because gay love was still viewed as a social ill in the 1950s when the novel initially takes place.

All I have to say is, damn. I wasn’t expecting this all to come to fruition after we spotted Harry with a copy of this book upside down in his coat pocket in early 2020. (Before the pandemic became a huge deal.)

My only question: Is he starring in the movie because he read the book and felt passionate enough to see it brought to life? Or did he only read the book because he knew he would be starring in the movie and was already commissioned to play the role in 2020? Also, it sounds as though he may have been heavily involved with bringing the project together, since apparently he helped select Emma Corrin for her role as Marion (his onscreen wife.)

She’s stunning.

And as for Patrick, Harry’s onscreen lover…most of us were rooting for this guy…

But realistically that wasn’t going to happen. It would have turned into a porno. It would have incinerated our screens if we actually got to see them kiss. *sobs, backs away, and clutches a copy of this picture to my chest*

Instead, we got this guy. David Dawson. And while some people have said some ignorant things about him and his appearance, I think he’s a good fit, and he’s very handsome. Distinguished, gentlemanly, and mature, just my type.

I genuinely just can’t wait to see Harry kiss a man. Yup, I’m that ignorant. That’s all I took away from this movie announcement. Harry will be kissing a dude and we get to see it! Let the shameless objectification begin! No shirts shall be worn in this film! Get those lips out, Harry!

Ok sorry, I’m kidding. This is art. Let me stop behaving like an uncultured swine.

I purchased the book back in October 2020 when this was first being talked about, and I’m so slow I forgot about my purchase until today when Amazon warned me not to purchase it again. Smh, I was asking people for screenshots on Twitter like a crackhead. So, I will get to reading that book right away! The storyline is rather intriguing, especially when you begin to spot STRONG parallels to the Zarry story (although it seems like Harry is playing the wrong character here lmao.)

I am beyond proud of Harry and everything he’s accomplishing and venturing into right now. He’s a regular ol’ thespian now and I couldn’t be more proud. Let’s hope he doesn’t sleep with this director though like he did with what’s-her-face.

Michael Grandage (Director for My Policeman)

You know, I said this back when he landed the historical Vogue cover in December last year (which I knew about before it came out *grins smugly and nods my head*) Harry is so IT right now. And he’ll be performing at the Grammys as a 3x nominated artist?!?! What can’t this man do?? This man is on fire.

Please do share your thoughts on this book, this movie, and the casting choices!

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  1. Aren’t the set pictures from My Policeman awesome. I can place all the images so far into context in of the book which is really exciting. The kissing outside the pub is the night Tom asks Marion to be his wife … and tells he’s never been with a woman before which is such a loud message which she registers but ignores what it actually means. Tom and Patrick shaking hands is the first time they meet which in time is well before the kissing scene timing wise. I won’t spoiler any further. But it’s super seeing the story come to life.

  2. Also coming to mind – as the story of „My Policeman“ is set in the late 1950‘s – is the mysterious tweet of Harry‘s from March 7, 2018

    Harry Styles.

    I love it when we play 1950.

    1:07 AM · Mar 7, 2018

    Officially, it was linked to the queer band „King Princess“ going on tour with him. On the other hand, the message so clearly conveys the Zarry theme of hiding the true nature of their relationship.

    By the way, I find the role model of the libertarian teacher as Julia Harcourt in „My Policeman“ – and her confession of being lesbian herself (see page 277 of the paperbook) – also of great interest as a catalyst to the story.

  3. In „My Policeman“ on Page 298 (in the paperbook Vintage Books version) – towards the end of chapter IV – regarding their stay in Venice – it states the following phrase:

    Tom‘s answer was, ‚We should fly to the moon.‘

    I wonder if, at the time in early 2015, Harry and Zayn have read the novel – first published in 2012 – but the quote from the book reminds me of the Zayn tweet shortly before he left 1D for good:

    — zaynmalik1D (@zaynmalik) February 20, 2015

    Zayn’s most recent tweet, written three hours before the band went on stage in Perth, read: “Fly me to the moon … Please”.

    @AD: What do you think?

    1. This is a really great observation love I appreciate you sharing it with us! I wonder if they’ve both been aware of this story long before 2020? 🤔

  4. Found this lovely trailer for My Policeman – I think it is Bethan Roberts reading/speaking about the novel with views of Brighton in-dispersed. It was based on a real life relationship that had happier ending.
    My Policemen is going to be an amazing movie. The cast has been chosen with great sensitivity starting with Harry as Tom then building around him.

      1. My pleasure @Rang. It’s sweet and it’s sad. Can totally see why Harry would take the role of Tom. Story is very close to his heart.

  5. Am I the only one who is not happy about the article regarding Harry being naked for my policeman? Harry is beautiful, and guess what, we have already seen him naked in the FL booklet. Harry was so sexualized in 1d and here we go again about it being Harry being naked,. The could’ve have made it about how they were going to try to make it realistic and not shy away from nakedness & I am sure that both actors will have to be naked. Why not focus on that. I think that focusing on Harry and his looks and body all the time above and beyond his music and/or acting, will definitely make him a big celebrity but it is going to work against being taken seriously in the industry. With regard to Zarry, it will be interesting to see if Z does anything publicly to show his displeasure/jealousy. I think it will be a good indication if they have moved beyond or if everything is still raw.

  6. THE!SHOOTING!STARTED!!!YAYYY🥳🥳🥳So happy for Harry👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 (even though I’m crying at possibly when we’d get to hear from him as a musician again😭)

  7. Hi AD. Great write up as always! Whats her face😂😂Like seriously. We Zarries are mad people. But on a more serious note hopefully this movie turns out to be as good as the book, even better maybe and it gets us Zarries the end result of our lives that is ofcourse H and Z being together forever. Wishful thinking hmmmm.


      16/03/21 ZAYN x Ingrid Michaelson – To Begin Again | New Song 2021 – YouTube

      I love a coincidence xx

  8. Can we just imagine Z’s reaction after this 😂😂 but still there must be something ‘intriguing’ for Harry to took up the role of Tom instead of Patrick , and I’m so sad for Z he did and what he tweeted for the Grammys, he deserves it man, and for NIL people billboards are saying it’s a flop I mean are you crazy? NIL is sick!!

  9. Harry seems like a very intelligent and dedicated person when it comes to his craft (music or acting). He is probably not taking major starring roles yet (both in Dunkirk & DWD he is not the lead) because he wants to grow as an actor before biting off a major part. He seems like someone who wants to learn things as opposed to just “striking while the iron is hot” . If Tom is seen through the other protagonists eyes, and is not the main lead, Harry probably thought that it was better for him right now so that he could study the craft of acting without being thrown center stage.

  10. I don’t know any of the other actors for this movie… I haven’t read the book and I will not read it until i see the movie… Every time I saw a film or a series after reading the books I regretted it…
    It’s good for Harry to keep himself occupied until this pandemic s…t ends… And it’s an interesting role for him to play… And I think that if he is still with Z in some way, Z knew it… if they have never talked after their “break-up” in 2018 then I think that Z must kinda flipped when he saw the announcement… Also Z is not gonna do anything about it cause it’s just a film, not real life. Now if Harry starts dating openly a guy then most probably Z will blow a gasket …
    As far as Olivia sth, , that was like Fine Line “fiasco” with Z being with G all over the internet… H with O after Z dropped the album or Vibez mv with pictures from November??? Really???

      Is gunna be so much fun to watch😂😂😂

  11. I want Zayn to watch this movie so bad and I hope he will be jealous af. Maybe that will change something. I hope so. I want a Zarry Happy end. I need it.

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