Lizzo Smirking About Zayn On IG Live

Thissssss is an interesting one!! I love when you all bring interesting topics to the website so thank you very very much because I am so in the dark lately.

So we all know Lizzo and Harry struck up an adorable industry relationship back when he covered her song “Juice” at the BBC Live Lounge in 2019. I don’t believe they were in contact or friends before that, but of course I could be VERY wrong.

Such a sexy cover. His versatility kills.

I love Lizzo! I think she’s stunning and bold and revolutionary and has personality for days. She feels very fresh, like something new age and full of innovation, yet her act also feels redolent of an older time, exactly like Harry. In that way, they mirror each other a lot.

I love “Juice” you just can’t not dance to that song, it’s such a phucking groove, so I understand why Harry felt moved enough to cover it. And she seemed quite receptive to the idea of Harry covering her song because she turned right around and covered Harry’s “Adore You” at the BBC Live Lounge which is too cute for words. I wish I was apart of this friendship! haha

Then they joined forces in January 2020 in Miami, FL where Harry joined her onstage to perform “Juice” for SiriusXM Radio.

Then we saw their adorable interactions at the Brit Awards in February 2020 before Covid literally ruined everything.

Here’s Lizzo talking about doing a collab with Harry in February 2021!

And finally we of course saw them supporting each other at the 2021 Grammy’s earlier this year!

Now on to the reason we’re all here. Apparently on April 8, 2021, Lizzo did an IG livestream where she named all the 1D boys and explained whether she had met them or not. She also made the distinction that she knows Harry and has met Niall and Louis, but when she got to Zayn’s name, she smirked very pointedly (some might even say KNOWINGLY) and then sipped her wine??

Uh, wtf did that mean?! And her friends sort of snickered too lmaooo.

Hmm…that intrigued the hell out of me! I’m not saying anything, but her smile struck me as saying “if you know, you know” especially because she kept drawing the distinction that she KNOWS Harry, which we already knew.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on this. I don’t think anyone is claiming it means anything in particular, but then again…if you know, you know.

A few people mentioned how this reminded them of how Stevie Nicks singled Zayn out in regards to Harry as well. And so did Clare Uchima, Harry’s former keyboardist who followed Zayn and none of the other 1D boys in December 2017.

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  1. This confirms my initial feeling about the Grammy dis not being about Harry at all. I think Zayn is a private person and shares his experiences through his lyrics and musical collaborations. A lot of those songs (collabs) have Zarry vibes to them. It’s like he is telling his story through his music (all of it). And if we are really listening (and we are) we know there love endures. Z’s always been fond of H and I don’t think anything a changed now. Again, this confirms my gut instinct that they have always been together after he left.

    PS. They thought the SNL thing was a dis but H was wearing the Zarry necklace during the skit and the Sara Lee (play on words 1D) skit screamed Zayn. AND when H was on the Ellen show he confirmed that the Sara Lee skit was his favorite skit. Just saying…

  2. Y’all there is something up with Zarry bc if u noticed Zayn follows a zarry account on insta. In their bio it says ‘not a ship account’ but why wouldn’t he follow an account with him and one of the other boys like Louis. But he chose one for him and harry. that can’t rlly be a coincidence.

  3. Something just hit me rn…what if she was thinking about the whole “and everyone associated” shit?
    I hope I’m wrong though-

    1. Personally it didn’t look like a negative smirk. I don’t think she’d keep her feelings to herself if she was thking something like that. Also, I don’t think his tweet wld have bothered her all. There is really only a few especially Harry that wld be offended by the tweet if at all. Her smirk was more sneaky/flirty ya know. I thought the same at first but it really doesn’t come off as a negative smirk.

  4. Lizzo Spill the Tea 🐸 Also I’m having second hand embarrasement because of Larries mentioning Larry everywhere.They just want to force everyone friends with Harry to confirm Larry is real like ewwwww.Please fellow Zarries never do that😂

  5. Omg AD thank you I totally missed it!
    I admit that i had a foreboding feeling that H will try to claim Z publicly in a veery subtle way, like he always did in the past. Right now, after that viral prank by Ingrid that Zigi are married which i’m sure was set up by G, Harry just had to make a move somehow, and he made it through his friend. I’m sure H was freaking livid after G tried to claim Z yet again in such a preposterous way. She is THAT desperate. To me, it always seemed like G and H had a sort of cold war going on behind the scene. Zarry def not over and a situation like this just proves it. H went on the d low for the sake of the baby and Z but he won’t tolerate such blatant lies. He’s still fighting for him.

  6. I just noticed that is not jus Lizzo making a big deal about Knowing Z. Is the people that is with her too. Like they all now that she is Lying about Z.
    They now Z. And not just meet him. She knows Z. !!!
    James knows too, every time he is doing something with H. He put on Shirts that has Something to do with Z. Or, dance with a yello wind custom. Or create the hole Golden video..
    I hope friends close to them get to help them.
    Specially H. Friends. Because they love him.
    Maybe I’m crazy. But like I said before. I have hope. ❤️
    Love you. Hope all our comments help you to unlock this Puzzle.

  7. Lizzo another friend of Harry, mentions all the band member’s but when it came to Zayn……..

  8. All I wanna know is what is the address where can I send Lizzo some more wine so she can spill ALL the tea 😄

  9. Lizzo also stirred chaos for Gaylor fans when she read sapphic fanfiction that she wrote about her and Taylor Swift HAHA this woman is on a mission to expose all the closeted celebrities

    I feel like if you weren’t a Zarrie though you would simply interpret that smirk as “I know something behind the scenes” in general, and given the media narrative that could easily be “I know there’s beef between the two”. I definitely think the wine sip was meant to be a “tea” sip though. Also her friend’s laugh kinda bothered me :/ like “haHA, something scandalous/juicy, and here we are laughing about it bc we know this special information” but couldn’t that be disrespectful to Zayn/Harry’s privacy? (Though I’m not one to criticize given my obsession with Zarry haha.)

    Also interesting note: she had to think about Niall (she had to match his name to the memory even though her memory of the interaction seemed super clear), Louis, and Liam (whose name she even forgot…), but for Zayn, she declaratively states “I have not met Zayn” without a second thought, like this was something she knew she was supposed to say, for whatever reason.

    1. This reminds me of Taylor Swift saying how straight up asking someone to just not tell anybody about something that happened can be waaay more effective than nda’s and stuff larries are more inclined to, so ya know… not touching on that

      And yes in that context of protecting someone after they maybe spilled info after lets say a drunken night, I think she just had to automatically pass Z here (you haven’t met him and that’s that; which would make sense for the guy the media makes out to be your friends enemy) but she still spills kinda which makes it sus but honest too cuz like that’s just her outright personality I believe

      p.s. I do believe the smirk and wine sip were about not having met Z and not about her fancying him bc it’s right after her friends kinda rehash what she said and bring her back to the subject ‘so you’ve met Niall and Harry then’ (stating it and nudging her to go on talking about having met the 1D boys; after which she does state right away that she didn’t meet Z before being sus about that) and if it was the case of fancying hun then she would’ve probably just said something funny/flirty like ‘but I’d like to cuz 🥵’ (you get me) like when Niall complimented her and she goes ‘I’d smash you’ (😂), she’s just outright in that and flirty too so why not now? She’s being sus about having met him and that’s that ☕️👀

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