Lights Up

WARNING: This is long. There is so much to touch on. (No pun intended.)

You don’t understand the POWER that this song wields for me. You don’t understand. No one understands.

The freaking “ooooo hooooo” at 1:45?? ugh

I could cry writing about this tune. It owns my entire heart, much like Harry himself. I tend to forget about it when I’m screaming about “Sunflower Vol 6” and “Golden” and “Adore You.” But it’s important to celebrate this song, because it’s the one song on the album that is Harr- centric. It’s him falling in love with himself, and I find that equally if not more compelling than hearing about him falling in love with Zayn.

Revisiting “Lights Up” this week has made me nostalgic, to say the least. It carries with it my feelings of pride for co-existing with the absolute legend that is Harry Styles. (The man who crafted this wildly experimental, funky, R&B-esque, genre-less sensation!) But it also reminds me of the euphoria Harry seemed to experience after liberating himself in 2019 and being “open.” And finally, it gives me strong pre-baby news memories, and that’s just too much for me to handle.

This song will always signify a great deal for all of those reasons above, not to mention it being a masterpiece melodically. I can’t—-the instruments, the intro, the opening guitar, the falsettos, the playfully defiant “la da da da da.” Harry’s ingenuity continues to shock me, and I was so glad to see him be rewarded with such a positive global response to Fine Line, making it a chapter of immeasurable success in his life far beyond the charts. He deserves every bit of the recognition, no matter what anyone says, and no matter how badly people want to diminish him for all the idiotic reasons they pull out of their rank a**holes on stan Twitter. Apart from being an all-around good-natured human, Harry has proven himself a fastidious, enterprising artist hard-at-work at all times, and I cannot begin to imagine what he’ll bring to the table on HS3!

When I think of Harry’s “Lights Up” I think of roughly five things. (I could really list 10 but I can’t count that high.)

  1. DO + Zayn’s Response Selfie (This is the only LONG part I promise)
  2. Sexy, oily, shirtless, tattooed body, and well…orgy! (Sorry)
  3. National Coming Out Day
  4. The theater term “Lights Up”
  5. And of course Zayn (In more ways than one!)

Page Two: DO + Zayn’s Response Selfie (This is the only LONG part I promise)

57 thoughts on “Lights Up

  1. WOW!! honestly, just WOW!!! Thank you. Love ALL your incites and examinations.

    I “found” Zarry during the height of the Covid Pandemic here in Australia (well Western Australia) in April last year and have been scrolling/searching/reading ever since – I may have even told a few people of my obsession!!!

    This video clip and others off this album have A LOT of similarity to what went on in the 2015 Aussie movie Holding the Man – have you seen it??

    Have you looked at MMITH lyrics – gotta bet better – and Zayn’s Better??

    But I mainly want you to know that I just LOVE what you give us xoxo

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