King Of The Grammys

Page One: Grammy’s Recap: Diversity & Girl Power

Page Two: I Give You: King Of The Grammys, Harry Styles

First of all, let’s dispel the false idea that the 2021 Grammy Award Ceremony was anything but well-executed (by the amazing Ben Winston, among others) during a very difficult time (Covid-19) and hella diverse. The show was full of diversity, celebrating beautiful artists of every color (many of whom I had never even heard of until last night) and highlighting music of a wide variety of genres: from Hip-hop, to R&B, to Country, to Rock, to Jazz, to Indie, and of course Pop.

Executive Producer: Ben Winston
The Host: Trevor Noah

See A Full List Of Grammy Winners & Nominees

Historical Milestones:

All four top categories went to women. Girl power? Right?
Her majesty, the Queen.
Imagine being her. Blue Ivy. Born into wealth and prestige, with a sick name like that, and a Grammy award winner at age 9. Wow. Can’t relate. I’m a peasant.

Taylor Wins Her 3rd Album Of The Year, making history herself.

I get that people were upset about this win (and I was too low-key because I wanted Harry to win for Fine Line) but when you look at the numbers and the things Taylor accomplished with that album, it was quite literally the album of the year.

Whether people like her music or not, it makes WAVES.

She is thee American Pop Princess, and I didn’t realize she hadn’t won an award since like 2016 when I was shading her a few days ago lol. She was actually snubbed for top category nominations in 2018 with Reputation.

She took it like a champ though, and a consummate professional.

(Harry and Taylor interacting *my heart*)

In like 60 Years they will be such legends. Imagine if they collab??

Now, on to the man of the hour. Harold Effing Styles. 3x Nominated, Grammy Award WINNER!!! You hear that haters?? Grammy W.I.N.N.E.R.

Page Two: I Give You: King Of The Grammys, Harry Styles

92 thoughts on “King Of The Grammys

  1. Wonder if Harry will do more performances or collaboration with Dev Hynes/Blood Orange. Dev’s very talented musician. Thought it was interesting H’s own insta and tweet Grammys’ post picture was him with Mitch and Dev. Also very here for collab with Lizzo, she and H are sweet as together.

  2. Hi A.D, normally I rarely to never comment on websites, but I wanted to thank you for your site and incredible work!

    Short review of how I became a Zarry:
    Early February 2021, depressed by/through/with COVID, Lockdown, weather (quite grey and cold in Austria in February) –> let me watch some Carpool Karaoke videos on YouTube, they should be funny –> constantly a video with “One Direction” (?? never heard of it) is suggested –> so ok, let’s try it…–> music sounds good, James Corden is funny – but, WHO is the guy in the middle (BACK middle 😉 !?? –> ok, let me google 1D –> aha: X-Factor 2010 –> formation of the band –> worldwide success –> band doesn’t exist anymore (oops, sorry I missed it…), but what’s this guy’s name back middle??? –> finally: HS! –> end of my usual Lockdown-life – from this moment on I really watched every video I could find by/with/about HS + 1D and became a fan. (Side note: the last pop star that got me so carried away was Michael Jackson – and I was 15 then!, now 47 and married). –> discovered Larry (ok, maybe in 2010) –> ended up with Zarry and your videos… OMG!!! What a tragic love story – sniff – totally convinced!

    Sorry for this long introduction, what I actually wanted to comment on: What I learned in my therapy (Oh God and I had many years of it…). Someone who doesn’t love themselves enough can’t love anyone else. That means to me, Z doesn’t love H because he is not able to love himself enough at all. I suppose because of his childhood, sexuality, religion or whatever. This is not to say that he doesn’t try or think he does! He just can’t do it mentally. Typical of people with self-hatred are, for example, eating disorders, like the one Z had or has. These people are of course sad and they suffer, but unfortunately they are also poison for anyone who wants to enter into a relationship with them in whatever form.

    This sad Grammy post also speaks volumes – this is not love that is being shown towards H here. It’s emotion, of course, but not positive emotion. It shows envy, fear, possessiveness, loss of power and control, but not love. So unfortunately (even though I dearly wish it were otherwise) I have to follow Joe C’s hashtag… zarryisdead.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone. It’s just my/one opinion.

    Nevertheless, I am very grateful for stars like H whose appearance and music have enriched my life over the last 2 months and sent me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions I thought I no longer had.

    PS: I ended up buying overpriced tickets for a sold-out HS concert in Vienna, which has already been postponed 2 times due to COVID and will probably never take place… but better safe than sorry ;-). How crazy is that please!??

    Send you love and happiness.
    PPS: sorry for my english – used deepl to translate.. hope it worked..

  3. Harry, my boy, man… I AM SO PROUD OF YOU~

    Hey.. so I’ve been religiously (lol) following your Zarry Theories and I was 101% convinced by the solid proofs you laid.

    I wanted to comment on the “Why I Stop analyzing nobody’s listening” but I couldn’t (?)
    So basically I read that post after I watched your analysis vid about “Nobody’s listening” and let me tell you, you had me hoping right there.

    So I went to your website, hoping I’d find more and surprise, surprise… It was not what I expected.

    But despite it all I agree with most of the things you said, like how hurt it was to see Z dissing Grammy when it should be a celebration for H. In this I believed it came from his pettiness towards H, because u know H seemed to be moving on well, while Z actually on the verge of falling himself, so when he saw H doing well his first reflect was to hurt because of his fear (of H actually capable of moving on from him).

    And I also agree with how you kinda gave up in believing Z’s love (at least this lately) to H because his words really dont match his actions. And I could definitely say that Z’s acting exactly how someone with internalized homophobia acts up. I believe it came from his anxiety of losing it all because you know he’s already the odd one out with his race and religion add sexuality on top of that it’ll be like nails on the coffin.
    I think that’s what keep pulling him inside the closet.

    I’m thriving with the fact that H is finally, finally showing signs of actually trying to move on. I think Light Up it’s basically his way of saying to Z ‘I’m done, come meet me when ur ready” kind of way? Like before I feel like H was willing to went through anything for Z, but now he was like “I’ve proved myself now it’s your turn” kinda way? Idk it’s 2am my country now hehe..

    And I do feel like Z is actually on that line when either he goes spiralingly up or down. Because his career is not that well (despite his amazingly music) but he’s also losing so much of him because of the double lives he leads. But there’s a saying that when you got nothing lose, you got nothing to be afraid of, so I’m still holding on that tiny little hope of him actually finally, finally prove his worth to H.

    And lastly (actually there so much more I wanted to say) I’m so glad I found your channel on YT. I was a ziam shipper hence why my email is mayne 😂 but ever since Z left the band (I was a directioner since 2013) I felt like the boys aside from H showed too much indeference while H actually look really affected by it.

    Idk what leads me but suddenly on 2021 I searched Zarry and stumbled upon your amazing analysis. So i just wanna thank you, for sharing your amazing thoughts and indulge me in this beautiful love story between these two boys, men now, that I love very dearly.

    Best of wishes for you and for Zarry hopefully they found their happy ending, hopefully together but if not, then with their own fates.

    Love you~

  4. I too hope that H is moving on. Also question, My posts are not posting and I am so confused as to why? One of them is up here but I have sent multiple in…Is there a guideline that I am missing? I don’t understand what I did or what I am not doing correctly in order for them to show up. Thank you!

  5. I wanted to respond to the original post mentioning that Joe Cumming shaded Zayn but I can’t find it (we have been so active these few days. Man! Zarry has given us a lot of content) so I’ll comment here.
    I find it interesting that he didn’t tweet to congratulate H after his win but tweeted about Z’s shade. He is as invested in Zarry as we are! I know it is obvious to us but I would love to tweet Joe and sneakily ask (as if I had no clue about Zarry)

    “Joe, why are you surprised that Zayn would shade Harry? They had a massive falling out & then Zayn left the band. Wasn’t the hatred/envy already there? Wouldn’t this shade be expected given the blow-up Harry told you about?”

    I would love to see his answer and if it brings out anymore specific details on the incident. This is one of the very rare days that I regret not having Twitter but if anyone else wants to run with this and tweet Joe with something similar, they will have to let us know if he responds!!!!

  6. First congrats to Harry you deserve it, truly and more. Now I read the article and you spoke of him removing rings. I looked at which actual rings were missing, the rings always linked to Zarry gone. Cool, but the one ring he always wore on his middle finger the “peace” spinner is missing as well he ALWAYS wore it. This I believe is the first time it disappeared as well. I wonder if that means anything.

  7. And to those zarrys that are angry coz some of us want H to move on jus ask yoself if u can wait for some1 who is living with some1else and even have a baby??like lets b serious guys 10yrs is not a joke.Its easy to say G this G that but at the end of the day she is not holding him hostage.To see Olivia celebrating his win jus melts my heart coz he deserves it..My tired is even tired of wanting them to live their truth lol so m jus gonna love them separately and wait fo This thing Upon me sequel.I dont want wahala(trouble) so dont come fo me

  8. Hey AD….l have noticed that people are unfollowing u coz they feel like u trashing Z..l dont agree with u all the tym but most of us became zarrys coz yo workis amazing with no manips and funny funny theories.l dont knoe how some zarrys are not seeing anything wrong with Z’s grammy tweets….2yrs ago Jayz bashed the grammys when they snubbed him but this time he ddnt say anything coz his wife was nominated,he even attended jus to support his wife…Kanye attended the last metgala even if he ddnt like wat Kim was wearing he attended jus to show he even said afterall the nyt is not about me but my wife.Thats wat a supportive partive do not to bash the show the same nyt yo partner if perfoming

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