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Page Two: Olivia & Jason (Forever?)

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Page Four: Olivia & Harry (Forever?)

Oh Holivia. Sadly, all I can think about when I hear their names smushed together is that you can’t really say “HOLIVIA” without first saying the word “HOE” lmao. Amiright? (I’m a child, I apologize.)

I first learned of Olivia Wilde (who is a successful and adored film actress) back when I watched “Tron: Legacy” in 2010 because my baby daddy Garrett Hedlund was in that movie.

Before that (and since then) she starred in a number of movies and tv shows and remains a Hollywood A-Lister. Now she’s apparently a director. Enter: Harry Styles (no pun intended.)

I did a little reading about her recently, and honestly she seems to be a nice lady. She’s certainly a good fit for Harold in terms of their visions being aligned. She looks to be a liberal activist and feminist, and seems to stand for a lot of the same principles Harry does; mainly in the political sphere. Notably, she was one of his fiercest defenders back in November 2020 when Candace Owens (conservative political commentator and co-founder of Blexit) criticized Harry’s attire on his December Vogue cover.

Believe it or not, Olivia is 10 years Harry’s senior, which is not surprising since we know he tends to go for older partners like Camille Rowe, Taylor Swift, & Caroline Flack (among others.) Olivia actually just celebrated a birthday two days ago, and was papped receiving a large bouquet of flowers that people suspect may have been from Harry.

Page Two: Olivia & Jason (Forever?)

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  1. Interesting the fan with Harry in recent pink beanie photo taken in London says apparently Olivia was with Harry in the park and apparently Olivia took the pictures for the fans. There were no pictures of Olivia or her and Harry together. The fan’s friend apparently recognized Harry by his jumper because it matched what he wore in the early January Holivia being casual with friends pictures. I’d wonder if it was really Olivia given the press have been papping her a bit casually. Hard to imagine they’d miss a re-union in London. Also although Harry does re-wear things, seems kinda odd to choose something so visually linked to first Holivia sighting images to apparently be with Olivia again in a different country. Maybe it was to kill off the “are they still together rumors”. Didn’t really work given Olivia was only mentioned in the tweet and not in the picture.

  2. Saw the first tabloid “are Holivia still an item?” article. I think the right question is “were they ever actually together in that way”??? Friends yes. More than that???

  3. Ok, I admit his is totally me being a jealous Harry stan
    and that if he is happy with O I should be happy for him
    and that regardless of whether he is with O or not, or anyone makes no real difference to my appreciation of his music
    and that I will never meet and certainly not date H, even if he is single,
    yadda yadda yadda… so, I know I am being completely irrational but will say it here because I like the community that has been created with your page A.D. and I think we are all ok to even be silly with each other sometimes.
    So, having said all that, just saw photos of H at dinner in Malibu yesterday and am not going to lie, I thought hmmm…. not in a big rush to get back to the love of his life/current gf in London.

  4. In light of Harry’s performance in the Grammy’s there’s only one thing that comes to mind: personally for me it’s too sweaty. Leather jacket. Sigh

  5. I am so very respectful of Olivia, her accomplishments and all that she stands for as a woman but y don’t know how I feel about her with Harry. BUT, if he’s genuinely happy and they’re not simply trying to put on a show for the public then I hope for the best for them both and I honestly think Harry deserves some form of happiness after all the shit Z put him through. I love Zayn and I love Harry but as long as Zayn continues to act like Harry’s the worst thing to have ever happened to him, then whoever makes Harry’s life more bearable is welcomed.

  6. I keep coming back to this one especially, A.D., and nodding in gratitude and agreement, as always. Thank you. It would suck to ponder and care so much about H and all this alone. Love all the commenters and their thoughts too. The only thing I keep thinking – and I’m sure no one’s forgetting it – is that we are witnessing H during what could very well be a long period of deep, private grief. Maybe not, of course I don’t know, and I hope somehow not. But through this whole O period, whatever it is or isn’t, he’s been seeing randomly released at least partial pictures of a baby and a father that aren’t his. I hope he somehow doesn’t care anymore. God knows I hope he’s happy whatever he’s doing. But I don’t think his heart is the type to bounce back from that quickly. Beyond holding the looong secret of who he’s loved or loves, he’s also now found himself, without any of his own doing, in the rare circumstance of being someone who is very possibly grieving the birth of a baby, while the rest of the world celebrates. Another painful secret he has to carry, one not everyone would understand let alone sympathize with, not seeing what he’s been through. When I look at H’s face in the glorious pleated skirt (that photo Vogue cruelly buried over the “gutter” in the print copy), pink shoelace and all, that’s all I see: beauty, sure, but beauty in rare pain. My point in all this projection is that, over this time, I think H has to stay close to the people who care about him, because on some level we can’t know, they may well be holding him up, literally and figuratively, every day. Maybe he’s onto a new romance and really had time to heal, process and make new choices. Maybe everything I’ve said here has already been said – you never do write anything I don’t synch up with. Whatever’s true, God bless and keep our beautiful, glorious, gifted boy and his battered, caring heart.

  7. Not relate to anything , but i’ve seen that you deasable your account on Twitter , i hope i’m not block? And i also understand why and hope you find the @#$% that screenshot your tweets and kick them out of your private account .

    Also my first tought was same as your , i tought he’s jealous about the casting , but then the new info today about all the categories like R&B and other not being on air, i think maybe he have an insight ? That being said it doesn’t change his wording so idk?

  8. Also, Olivia seems like a super level headed person. Even if her and Harry have a relationship, I thk she’s going to take it slow. She has two children that are at an age well to aware to have a fling right in front of them. I honestly hope this is all PR that the tabloids are carrying out and Jason and Olivia are good. And Harry and Olivia are just friends. Let’s go Zarry… my heart can’t take it anymore

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