Harry + Olivia CCTV Footage

Harry and Olivia caught in 4k! (lol not really)

Alright, cut the crap. Is this Holivia or not? It sure looks like them! And if it is, then oof. That body language is all lopsided and bent out of shape. Harry is the king of hating public PDA (cough except with Zayn cough) but this takes it to a whole different extreme. He didn’t even give her a little pat on the hand like: “There there, love, daddy’s gotcha.”

Hands in his pockets, looking for a quick diversion with his phone, physically moving away, almost like he’s subconsciously looking for an escape or something to relieve the awkwardness he was feeling. It’s not necessarily that he doesn’t want her to touch him, it’s more that he is uncomfortable with this level of touching in public. And we know that from the past.

Meanwhile, here’s Harry with David (who is a relative stranger.)

I mean, I would be PISSED if I was being this touchy and affectionate with my man in public and he left me hanging like Harry did. That’s awful. He couldn’t even bring himself to “pretend” to reciprocate her energy. Damn Harold, it’s like that?? (And this is technically candid footage. Meaning it’s theoretically them when they feel no one is watching.)

Here’s another link to the video in case it gets deleted from YouTube. (I’m sorry I can’t post it myself.)

Of course this is only a 30 second clip and it’s difficult to determine anything from 30 seconds, but because we have observed Harry over a long period of time and roughly understand his baseline as far as body language is concerned, some things are discernable in this clip if you are the sort of person who can read this stuff. I sure can (on a general level.)

In fact, his energy with Olivia puts me in mind of the way he was with Kendall on the yacht in late 2015. She’s all over him and laying on his chest, but he’s checking his phone.

Kendall smothering Harry while Harry checks his phone. (December 2015)

Harry: *has a super model in a bikini laying on top of him* “Oh gee, guys, I wonder what the weather’s like?” *checks phone*

Kendall: “But Harry…H-harry? You’re already outside.”

The Holivia clip has such strong ‘this dude isn’t really into females’ vibes that it seems too easy to detect. Like?? That can’t be right? There must be a catch, right? Even I’m more into females than that, and I strictly love dudes!!

Honestly, I still believe there must be something we’re missing here lmao. Harry must be a DOG in the bedroom and behaves very very into females behind closed doors, right? Hmmm…except, that’s not how body language works. Body language reveals (more like BETRAYS) a subconscious story about you that cannot be contrived, manipulated, or concealed.

Look at how Zayn is with Gigi normally. Rather aloof, uncomfortable, hostage-y, and wooden. Of course that was until too many people noticed and commented on how distant he is with her (after those countless pap walks) and then he suddenly tried to amp up the PDA on her birthday (which resulted in that awkward, try-hard performance at the food truck.)

Now old Harold here…well, this dude never even tries to look remotely interested in his girlfriends. NONE of them. The most Harry has ever “appeared” intrigued by Olivia was in this pic:

Harry’s like: “Hey there, O. Yeah, babe, um… I don’t know how to tell you this, but you have a MASSIVE eye booger. It’s huge. The biggest I’ve ever seen really…”

And he only appears interested in her here because he was simply “looking” at her. Harry is known for maintaining strong eye contact with everyone (even interviewers.) He makes sure to display deep interest and lends his undivided attention to anyone speaking to him. It’s often mistaken for “flirting” (even with some interviewers) and this is the entire core of the Larry Stylinson conspiracy theories (where Harry is concerned.) Larries squeal over the way Harry “looks” at Louis on occasion (while Louis was LITERALLY constantly talking, moving, and doing something attention-seeking to upstage everyone) lmfao.

Meanwhile, look at the way he is with Zayn. Someone who is quiet and never seeks attention. In this clip Harry is turned in the opposite direction from the speaker onstage (Louis) and marveling at Zayn like it was the first time he has ever seen him:

Brit Awards 2013

Tbh, this all makes the handhold at Jeff’s wedding make a bit more sense. We knew it was out-of-character for Harry to put on such a show unless he was encouraged to do so for PR purposes or by a demanding lover.

It was most likely an Olivia-driven public handhold (based on how relentlessly clingy she is in the video above) and Harry just doesn’t get down like that. It’s the exact same way he was with Camille, super standoffish and closed off body language. However, the difference between Hendall, Hamille, and Holivia is that Camille seemed to respect Harry’s boundaries in public.

I’m not saying Holivia is fake (because she clearly thinks it’s real on some level, like Gigi) but this video does deepen my consternation about them in general. It also furthers my impression that they feel a bit “gimmicky” (something I’ve said since Day One) but maybe it just feels gimmicky on Harry’s end?

I’m sure he likes her and probably even adores her…(*cough just not enough to look remotely interested in her cough* But that’s the price you pay when you want to date Mr. Harry Styles. His heart was stolen long ago.)

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  1. So pierre is pregnant. Everyone who is pregnant has her man next to her. And then I watch Zayn and Gigi … Gigi leaked the pregnancy to the median so sad. Everything they do is always problematic. And believe me when I say they do not even live together. So toxic are they

  2. Hello, have you read the latest story in OK Magazine? On the cover – “Harry & Olivia – On the rocks already?”
    I’m trying to post the link here, but unfortunately I can’t access it in Austria. If it doesn’t work, please google it.


    The article seems strange to me – in her recent Instagram story she is wearing his pink beanie while playing with her kids and also Harry’s green parka….
    Can’t manage to draw the line under this story… sigh ;-).

  3. Well, as far as Harry’s happiness concerned I’m all up for his romances getting public recognition because the guy deserves to be claimed by his love interest as a normal human being, sigh.. But not this, well, …crap! I mean, come on, H is a professional actor and must be quite good at it, otherwise he wouldn’t land those huge roles in movies. So why suddenly he can’t apply his brilliant acting skills here, to attempt to make this stunt at least remotely believable? I mean if Holivia is for PR purposes, then it’s his job to willingly participate in it and make it good, no? We all saw how he can be (genuinely, perhaps?) friendly with all the crew and co-stars on set, both male and female. So it leaves me with one guess only – he’s clearly annoyed with the whole arrangement. Either it’s some contractual PR obligations to fulfill or they have a real relationship and he doesn’t want his personal matters to be candid in public (and to be seen by a certain someone). Either way, it’s obviously Olivia-driven as almost every time it’s her who initiates all contact (‘leaked’ pics, twitter protectiveness etc etc). And from her point of view it’s understandable – she’s got a movie to promote, where she’s both the director AND a producer. Which means she has business interest in revenue etc. She’s got to attract more general public to watch the movie, because it’s not some big budget blockbuster by Marvel. Which doesn’t make any Holivia antics less cringy.
    But I guess it works for new audiences unfortunately. Back in 2016 I myself was introduced to Zayn through Zigi (double yuck). As a general public I vaguely had an idea who 1D were, but mainly associated them with Harry’s face as he was constantly on the talk (again, linked to Taylor and later Kendall). I was genuinely surprised when I found out that Z was a part of 1D lol.

  4. They just don’t seem to be on the same page idk… he’s not returning the same energy that she’s giving at all. It’s just weird. Tbh I don’t think this will last long but who knows??
    I was kinda hoping for holivia to be “real” for Harry’s sake but ya…it doesn’t look like he’s that into her😬 Anyway I hope Harry’s doing okay and I’m really really excited for his movies!!

  5. I think it’s so unprofessional. All the attention goes away from the film. I’m more looking forward to my policeman than this.

    1. Also I feel it would impact the way you watched the film having this “background uncertainty” in mind i.e. it’s a distracting detraction from what might be a very good film. Whereas with My Policeman everything we are seeing posted is genuinely peaking interest in the film and it’s story … even when the media haven’t done their homework on what the story is and character relationships actually are.

    2. Yes something feels just slightly off key with it … would be far from the on first set romance and particularly understandable how it might happen in a COVID bubble situation especially if one or other or both parties was in a vulnerable state in a relationship sense. She’s an interesting person, etc. But kinda wonder if it’s “real” or equally “real” on both sided. Also wonder what he understood her situation to be. Very painful to see him tared with womaniser brush again with daub of home wrecker added. He does seem to tend to want to trust and hope. I guess for me if you’ve got a good relationship you don’t need to push out any image to anyone. That constant push push push about it is feels off … though a lot of it is probably made up rather than based on anything. The video looks weird because the energies are so out of sink. But maybe that’s how it is. Maybe it’s case of “If you can’t be with the one you love than love the one you’re with”??? Glad to see him upbeat/at ease/engaged on the MP set and surround be good people and feeling at home. Happy he is also close to his own family again after a long time away. Hope whatever it is works out for him and he finds his heart’s desire.

  6. Other than the quick grab Olivia did in the beginning, maybe she was trying to cheer him up. Like a super aggressively touchy friend. Or like a mom getting silly lovey with her son. If it was romantic, I’m sry it looked too forced and unbalanced to be cute. I don’t think Olivia wld force it, if this was a bf/gf relationship. Look at how she was with Jason. She again was very affectionate but she was softer with him. I saw two separate occasions where she was hugging him etc and it was different. Olivias touch with Jason was more intimate. I myself was never a touchy person. I wld take me a minute to get there but I’m was still more reserved than most, until I met my husband. He was sooooo affectionate and never cared who saw it. At first, I didn’t know how to react BUT I DIDNT ACT LIKE HARRY. As much as I was overwhelmed by my husbands affection, I wanted it and u cld see that. For example, if I was Harry at that moment I wld have touch my husband arm or turn my head a bit to let him know I see u/ I feel u. And prob than turn around for a hug and release bc it might of been too much. I was shy about that and bc he wasn’t we met in the middle.
    Of course I cld be wrong, but whatever they have, it doesn’t look like this deep chemistry connection romance the press is pushing.
    Also, SRY SO LONG, I want Harry to be happy and my Zarry heart will always be rooting for them but I’m definitely not feeling Holivia right now. There’s so much baggage. Like he still doesn’t look crazy happy. I hope 🤞 that is comes out their friends bc her leaving her fiancé, having 2 young children looks so bad for Harry and his rumored womanizing ways, especially since it’s said that Jason is heartbroken. And after this video, I don’t know. And why now, this was almost 4 months ago.

  7. AD thank you again for your great observations! This is the most awkward video of two people who are supposed to love each other! It is really hard to watch. H seems so detached or uninterested. Saying that, it is a very short clip so who knows. I agree with you so much!

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