First Look: Harry As Tom (My Policeman)

It seems so long ago when we were discussing the casting choices for this film, and debating how it would all play out. Now look how far we’ve come!

Prepare to swoon!

Emma and Harry! 😍 Marion and Tom! 😍
David and Harry! 😍 Patrick and Tom! 😍

Are they meeting for the first time in the story? Is it love at first sight? I sense a good chemistry between Harry and David already. I can’t imagine how intense the more romantic scenes will be! Wait until we see them hold each other or kiss! πŸ™ Don’t forget there is the potential for Harry to have the first nude scenes of his acting career in this film!

Oh my God it’s happening!

These images are all dated May 3, 2021- May 4, 2021 where My Policeman was being filmed in Brighton, England. Apparently the setup resulted in a major traffic jam, which is to be expected once fans heard word of THEE Harry Styles being in the general vicinity! I know I would’ve been present too!

Can you hear me screaming?? I didn’t think I would be so affected by seeing him in this role, yet here we are. For some reason it just feels pivotal for his career and for him as a person. Perhaps it’s, idk, authentic?? Maybe it hits home for him on a profound level, which would explain why it’s making me sort of emotional about the whole thing?

My gosh, look at him. What a stud! *drools*

Also, side note, I forgot the book is called “My Policeman” so duh he is playing the policeman. (My oh my, how I love a man in uniform! 😍😍😍)

As always, I’m just too proud of him. He’s such a babe in his uniform and he’s killing so many industries right now. I hope this film lands him an Oscars’ nod, or at least the respect of other high level professionals in the industry. I think he’s well on his way to achieving that!

Look at them!

All credit goes to @hscandids!

Thoughts on seeing Harry actively entrenched into his new role? I can’t believe it! We finally get to see Harry kissing someone again in public (I don’t mean that in a pervy way) and it’s more adorable than I anticipated!

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  1. Pictures from the beach … Harry is looking amazing – fresh faced and glorious – and he smile is wonderful. Shots look so natural. Great shots of David and Emma too looking right in the vibe. Really, really excited for the movie .. going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. .

  2. Has anyone seen the pictures of Harry on the steps on set ?The man to his right wearing a black mask and beanie looks like Zayn.There is another photo that shows He has neck tattoos and earring.

      1. Thank you, Jan, for posting where to find both photos. And thank you, A.D., for putting up with my multiple posts. I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time analyzing those two photos and here I go:

        -The person is wearing an identical beanie to one Zayn has been photographed wearing.
        -The person’s eyes are uncannily similar to Zayn’s, especially the undereye area.
        -The person appears to have a slit in the right eyebrow, like Zayn.
        -The person is wearing an earring in the left ear like Zayn generally wears (ok I realize lots of folks wear earrings).
        -The person appears to have a beard.
        -The person appears to have a dark area behind and below the left ear that looks like a tattoo. It looks like a tattoo on the right side of the neck but it’s harder to see.
        -The person appears to have the general build of Zayn and is hanging back from others as though he isn’t part of the crew. I’ve looked at other photos of the crew and I don’t see this person.

        And while I find it hard to believe that Harry and Zayn would be out where they could easily be photographed together, I’m going out on a limb and say that the person in both pics IS Zayn Malik. Now I desperately need someone on this thread to tell me I’m delusional and it can’t possibly be Zayn!! Please…anyone…

        1. It’s very interesting that Harry supposedly left the set with a coat over his head a couple of days ago. Every night since He’s been filmed leaving and waving and doing the peace sign to fans.Why would He need to put a coat over his head ? Everyone knows He’s filming and you could see him on the beach or on the streets. How did the posters of this footage know it was Harry under there ? Was this someone wearing his coat ? Interesting that Gigi has stopped posting Zayn but Leah McCarthy has posted that Gigi has done her nails.

        2. A friend texted me today and told me I AM delusional! (I hate her as she loves correcting me.) She saw a photo posted today of the same person standing next to Harry and he appears to be a crew member. She also told me that I missed the headset that the man is wearing in one of the earlier pics. She couldn’t find the link again so if anyone finds the pic let me know. That Zarry hope didn’t last long.

    1. I guarantee a Zigi pap walk is coming if anyone makes a comment on social media that it looks like Zayn. I haven’t seen the pic, but I doubt it’s him as Harry and Zayn seem to go to great lengths not to be seen together.

    2. @Jan the larries have a photo of Louis on the set standing next to Harry, but wearing a brown police hat, so if Zayn’s there, too, that’s three fifths of One Direction.

          1. The larries had photos from the behind the scenes part of the “Golden” video, at the end when Harry is waving to the crowd and getting into the car and they made up a photo with Louis standing next to him and they aren’t good photoshopping efforts either, so it’s not like you’re thinking it might be real. I also noticed they seem to make Louis bigger when they Photoshop him, because they also view Harry as an accessory, so he shouldn’t be taller than Louis. Even if they were better at photoshopping, the larries stalk Harry and Louis, how could they be places together with lots of cameras and crowds and stalkers and not be noticed? If Zayn wore sunglasses to cover his beautiful eyes and a mask for covid and a hat, he might go unnoticed, but the larries stalk Harry and Louis.

            I did notice both Harry and Louis are both on planet Earth at exactly the same time, so that’s suspicious.

      1. That is so weird. I’ve seen photo shop images of “Larry going to the Oscars” for MP. I find the forced narrative so invasive and kind of creepy actually. I concede there was clearly a friendship early on. Maybe it was more than that .
        But mostly the idea of it being more than that seems to be a product of fan fics that got out of control and became an alternate reality.

        1. I agree. I think at first it was and only was a friendship. Harry seemed to enjoy Louis craziness, being the oldest maybe he took a leader role and Harry I think at first looked for his approval almost. Louis liked the attention from Harry and that leader position. Once things took a turn toward like a possession type of relationship, Harry I think tried to distance himself and that pissed Louis off. I believe it was never romantic but more attention seeking,controlling, and a chess move bc he knew Harry was a star. Personally, I think those Larries aka Louis fans are a little delusion. Even their best edit cldnt compare to Zarry and they kno that which is why they make it their job to push Larry in everything.

    3. Jan, I posted a previous comment that hasn’t been moderated, but I’ve changed my opinion. I have now seen the pic you described (sorry, A.D., I didn’t get the link) and it does look a lot like Zayn. I haven’t seen the second pic that shows the earring or tats, but Zayn has been photographed before wearing the same exact beanie.

  3. I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE, even more than don’t worry darling I don’t why. maybe it is because in the my policeman BTS shots he looks like an adorable cupcake but for dwd he straight up looks like he is plotting murder haha. I can sense that this going to be my new comfort movie because I don’t know it feels like it. I mean the location is beautiful, the actors and actresses have a chilled and cool vibe and my comfort person in acting in it, harryyyy, and I don’t know I can feel the chemistry between all of them especially harry and David and I know Emma and Harry were friends already. also I just got the book in the mail!! and now I am debating whether or not I should read it yet. but anyhow I don’t know and the past few days have been terrible for me and I am just excited to get harry content and I just like Harry being in London. I don’t want him to lose his pretty little accent haha
    thanks for fangirling about this online I needed somebody to fangirl with lol

  4. I looked at a video on youtube showing these photos, or similar, from the movie and the larries are already in the comments, since they have to make Harry share everything with his imaginary husband, but his imaginary husband doesn’t have to share anything with Harry. I guess if Harry wins an Oscar, he will have to thank his imaginary husband. I’ve thought of going into the comments for one of the cute Narry videos and writing about all of Harry’s secret looks at Louis, but it would probably just end up as poorly photoshopped proofs somewhere.

  5. I just read that Amazon bought the rights to My Policeman so there is a good possibility that the movie goes straight to streaming. That wld be crazy!!!

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