Does Zayn’s Family Know?

I have one question for you: Does the Malik Family know about Zayn’s relationship with Harry? If you think they know, please tell me why you think they know. If you think they don’t know, please tell me why they don’t know? (As usual I won’t be posting comments that try to make excuses for Zayn or justify the things he’s done in regards to Harry and his females.)

I’m making this post because I get asked this question often. For example, I got asked multiple times last week when looking for questions for a Q&A video on IG, I kid you not. So I figured I’d answer it here as well as in the upcoming video.




My answer is no. I personally do not believe the Malik family is aware of the nature of Zayn’s relationship with Harry. The extent of his willingness to beard and the extent of his unwillingness to be with Harry in a traditional sense (based on Harry’s pursuit and ‘waiting‘) has convinced me Zayn internalizes everything to a scary degree to protect himself, and therefore he doesn’t allow anyone into his confidence on that level.

I can’t envision a situation where he sits anyone down at any time to say he had a romantic relationship with Harry. For me, him doing that seems like a farfetched impossibility. Primarily I’m referring to his parents and sisters, but I also don’t believe his closest male cousins are aware either.

Zayn with his cousins Daniaal Malik and Jawaad Saeed

I believe this secrecy and perpetual tightrope walk leaves Zayn feeling alienated and full of angst and ambivalence. I believe he works hard to project a certain image onto the public with the help of people like Perrie and Gigi, and that ultimately it’s all for his family’s sake. No, I don’t believe he does it solely because he’s a former Muslim (since we know he left Islam by 2018 and is no longer a practicing Muslim) but I do believe traditional gender roles and cultural expectations play a role here, and that Islamic principals are the root of this.

In many ways, Zayn must still feel pressured to fulfill his gender roles and live up to certain expectations for the sake of his family at large, such as having a baby and being married to a woman. (Side note: I don’t believe any of this is noble if having a baby and being with a woman is not what is personally in his heart to do. Living a lie is not noble. Period. Unless of course you are being persecuted and your life is in danger, so you need to conceal your sexuality or religion etc, which Zayn is not.)

I won’t get into my thoughts on how I feel about Zayn succumbing to these expectations and gender roles and cravenly hiding Harry to the detriment of both their mental health, but I will get back to my original point.

“I’m well aware I write too many songs about you…”

“What am I now? What am I now? What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?”

Certainly Zayn appears family oriented (even though he left his entire family behind in the UK to adopt the Hadids in the US.) Despite being away from them and worlds removed from their opinions, pressures, and expectations, I still believe Zayn is consumed by trying to manipulate his own image in the eyes of the public and his family. (Which he has mentioned in the past: struggling with wanting to control how he is perceived by others and being overly concerned with his legacy.)

I highlighted the part in green because it’s alarmingly hypocritical. He is willing to do that for his career but not for his love life? I find that interesting.

For the simple fact that he is preoccupied with controlling how he is perceived by the world and obsessed with his own legacy, I believe he hides his truest self from his family (both the immediate and extended members) and tries to impress them with his lifestyle with Gigi.

LOL her preening for the cameras at having recaptured him, and his looking off resigned and emotionless into the distance is everything.
He looks like he just learned how to push a stroller.

As with Perrie, Zayn takes pains to ensure Gigi has a relationship with his mom and sisters, and has taken both his major female partners home to celebrate Eid with him and his family. That sends a stern message of adherence to convention, and it is a hint at the direction his life will take. In essence, he is letting his family know what to expect of him. He plans to continue playing this role with these women and all future women he dates.

Harry does this too with some of his public girlfriends (letting them meet his mom) but in a lot of ways I noticed his girlfriends can often pass as good friends (like Kendall), so I’m not convinced Harry ever introduced anyone to his family in the sense of them being a long-term girlfriend, more like a vague and fleeting female companion, and I still am sincerely convinced that Anne (and maybe even Gemma) knows about his relationship with Zayn on some level.

Zayn having his girlfriends spend time with his family (sometimes in his absence) reveals a desire he has for his family to get to know these partners on a serious level, and therefore he is letting them know (subliminally) they should expect to see this particular partner around for a while.

How do we know this? Well, you don’t take a fleeting hookup home to meet the family (no one does) therefore, this step shows Zayn is rather committed to the façade of being a hetero male in a monogamous relationship. Also of note, he is willing to sell this narrative to his own family hard enough to have them participate in it while they’re ignorant of what else may be going on behind the scenes. Like most closeted men, he sells the narrative even as far as engagements and babies to ensure it will never be questioned (except by a valiant few like us who poke holes in his botched narrative all the time, and aren’t afraid to voice it despite how wildly popular Zigi is online and in the media.)


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  1. you put a picture of zayn with a man who is an actor and obviously not his father on this post how do you want people to take you seriously? also thinking his father and the actor look a like seems a bit racist to me and so it is making them the homophobic villains on something you have no clue about like his father barely appears in public

    1. I didn’t say that was his father you dumb piece of shit. Interesting that you have to fabricate and put words in my mouth to find a reason to criticize this post. I included that picture of Zayn and Shah Rukh Khan because it was from the Asian Awards and indicative of how much Zayn means to the Asian community and it was a proud moment for him as an Asian and for his family; which was a point I made in the fuller context of this post. I put plenty of pictures of Yaser up with Zayn and Harry and did not once confuse the two, because Yaser looks nothing like this actor. The fact that you made an issue out of this continues to prove my point about Zstans. You’re a bunch of low IQ, semi-literate, single-minded dipshits, obsessed with victim culture and the need to constantly fabricate ways to victimize Zayn.

      And I also said since his family are religious, that like most other religions who see homosexual relationships as sexual immorality, they would not approve of Zayn openly dating a man. That is a fact. To pretend otherwise is intellectually dishonest, and shows you’re so desperate to make Zayn and anyone attached to him look flawless that you’re willing to ignore good reasoning. I typically don’t answer you dumb MFs, but I wanted to show just how stupid you are. I wanted to prove I don’t make up any of the things I say about Zstans lmfao

  2. Oh my god…
    I will always be grateful that you decided to make this website to be our space to talk openly about them.
    And I do agree with everything that you said here,
    Especially about the one where some zarries just accept everything that zayn does towards Harry wellbeing and feeling.
    How could you decide that Harry is okay with zayn decisions to having a baby after he released the most honest and truest album.
    How could you say that Harry knows and give an okay for zayn to do it after he laid everything bare for us to see.
    No Harry is betrayed by it on a level we don’t even know.
    You might say we don’t know what’s going on behind the scene, but doesn’t Harry songs tells us enough of his struggles?
    But no,, some of you decided just because he’s a little ball of sunshine he will just go along with everything zayn pulled on him,
    The amount of how much he loves zayn that he start to neglect his own self is really saddened me because i know zayn does not feel the same.
    Zayn loves him (a lot) but i don’t think he’s willing to sacrifices ‘something’ for Harry, he’s even unwilling to open up his heart to him.
    And I’m not belittling zayn struggles and trauma, but just because Harry doesn’t experienced what zayn have doesn’t mean he struggles less.
    There will always be two kind of reaction of everything that we do.
    And I’m getting tired of it when people said ‘if only this was happen to the other boys,you will react diffirently’
    Because when you said the boys you only mean HARRY and not the other 3.
    When you feel that your fave doesn’t get much love or respect blame your own fandom, not to ‘other boys’.(yes this unrelated to this post but i just cant take this anymore i had to get it out of my chest). These people acted as if Harry have it easy just because he’s loved by many.
    No you can’t blame him or his fans defending him just because he’s so lovable.
    I will fight tooth and nail for him too if I have to.

  3. I think Harry’s family knows, but you’re spot on about Z and the men in his family. And if his ED was rooted in how that side of the family behaved, intentionally or not, then it’s no wonder he’s terrified. Not that it gives him a free pass to treat Harry like crap. It doesn’t. I think the only way to truly break things out of this Brokeback Mountain lunacy is for Harry to actually walk away. Z’s already messed up, and needs therapy and to stop smoking tbh because he’s self-medicating. It’s horrible to see, but if he ever does let go and live authentically the good will outweigh the bad. I mean he’ll have Harry. The family stuff never stops hurting but the alternative is worse, in my opinion.

    Btw, sorry if it was my comment that prompted the rule reminder. I thought my comment vanished when I went to edit it, sorry if it posted. Your place your rules 🙂

  4. salut AD ! basecally i think the same .. his mom might know something .. his dad maybe .. but noway the extended family .. i don’t see zayn outing himself anytime in the futur .. i think deep inside he doesn’t see himself as “gay” or even “bisexuel” harry was/is the only man who ever attracted him .. so he’s like .. i’m not making headline for one relationship that might end tomorrow and lost everything in the process .. tipycal zayn behavior ..sigh.. harry in the otherside see things differently .. yes he doesn’t want to be labled but he’s not hiding his truth either so we might see him in relationship with a man .. his feeling for zayn will take time to resolve but this will happen inevitably

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Zayn is a sad man in for a world of pain if he’s lying to himself that much lol. That’s sheer denial.

  5. Harry’s family definitely knows about his relationship with Zayn .His family has been to concerts where he has sang medicine

  6. Thank you so much AD! You have a true gift for presenting interesting topics, offering informed opinions and getting great feedback! I have yet to read an opinion on this site that was not interesting and informative.

    Just a thought…given that it is almost a certainty that Gigi knows. What would stop her from leaking the truth about Zarry? We all know that she is an expert at playing the press to reflect her narrative. At some point I think Zayn is going to become a liability to her if he continues along this path. If she were to let the Zarry story get out…she could come out looking as a devoted partner and mother who tried selflessly to save Zayn. If there were a custody battle….of course she looks better. She would still have claim on his depleting millions via the baby. Plus if he got w/ Harry…possible access to unlimited funds and still look like a saintly victim.

    Even now with Zayn’s disinterested persona in public….she appears the better parent, hardest worker and more devoted partner. While he has chosen to appear a lazy, hermit who has little interest in anything in his life except weed and cigarettes.

  7. You make valid points. z faced disappointing his family on 2 fronts, one for leaving the band and the fame and fortune his family gained by association and im sure they didnt want to lose that. probably a lot of heated discussion. z has supported some if not all of them at some point and maybe still does. the bigger disappointment would come from revealing he was in a relationship with and had fallen in love with his male bandmate. Other than his mom I doubt his family knows but may suspect. so he gets in a relationship with perrie to hide his relationship with h which wasnt too successful because well just watch the this is us premier the day the engagement went public. Perrie was suspicious or maybe she only thought it was the women he kept getting caught with and not H. they were both on the road separately and likely never spent much time together. z uses drugs to avoid issues with the band and h which leads to anxiety, depression, weight loss, seclusion. then z and h cant come to terms or H wanted to go public forcing Z to give up the band and leave h behind with promises of getting together when the timing is right and then dumps perrie maybe because she outlived her usefulness. I dont think H and Z ever strayed far apart and then H releases 2 albums that clearly point to z being the love of his life which puts z back to finding a beard. im sure G knows and the pregnancy was planned to add more cover. but now z looks like he doesn’t want to play anymore and lives in a drug induced haze in seclusion on a farm to avoid dealing. then i suspect H gave him an ultimatum and now hes f*cked. H has repeatedly shown his undying love for z i just wish z would trust it.

  8. Harry’s family know and the song outside confirms what happened when Harry invited Zayn home just the two of them .Anne’s house has a lovely garden which she posts on Instagram with views over countryside .They were photographed leaving in the same car .Anne also made a beeline for Zayn to hug him in later footage at an event. Someone was phographed leaving the set on both films recently , the first getting in to a car wearing a beanie which Larries swore was Louis. The second getting in the car surrounded by security with Harry’s coat on .Security banged on the car roof and it sped off .Harry has waved every night to fans as He got in the car and also wound the window down when leaving and shouted to people doing keep fit to squat lol.Harry has no need to hide you can see photos of him everyday on set anyway. Zayns family don’t post about him much.I think they must realise and will have read numerous Zarry accounts etc and Zayn even followed one himself .They socialise in the Muslim community mostly and His youngest sister has a baby that is one year old.So you can imagine the heat would be on Zayn who is much older to have kids.Zayn’s Dad has only appeared on one post with Saffaa’s daughter and never with Khai which is strange. Don’t think He went to visit Zayn with Trish Zayn,s Mum and I doubt if He lives with Her because Zayn only mentioned buying his Mum a house all those years ago no mention of Dad.

  9. This is an interesting topic. On the one hand, I feel like it’s hard to believe that so many of us (total strangers) could “know”, but not his family.

    On the other hand… I’ve had a similar experience. I’m non-binary and I didn’t know that word when I was young, but I would repeatedly tell my family to please stop buying me jewelry or anything in the color pink because I really didn’t like it. However, they persisted for years buying me overtly feminine things. It was like my mom especially had some sort of mental block regarding who she wanted me to be, despite what I told her.

    I eventually ended up moving away and becoming really distant because that was just causing me anxiety if I felt like I couldn’t be myself around my own family. So I could relate to Zayn a lot if this was the case for him. And I could also see how it could be true.

  10. I think his mother knows for sure, but maybe she is waiting for her son himself to realize this and come to her to talk to him about it. I don’t think she’ll confront him so as not to rush him. Regarding zarry’s hope I still have it but I think Zayn will be open and affirm his love for H the day there will be a real threat of H being in love with another man coz if there is something that Zayn cannot hide is his jealousy and his possessiveness towards H. They hate seeing H too close to another man especially if he himself is not friends with this last (or does not know him) we l ‘saw in 1D he was jealous even when it came to the other members of the group. so yes it’s jealousy that will get Zayn out I’m sure. Thank you AD for this site which allows us to discuss freely without having to fight with the larries, it feels good. love you 😘😘😘💚💛

  11. Hi Ad queen….and am totally agree with you luv…and you know i saw some proofs recently that after gigi’s romantic birthday celebration with zaynie *eye roll* she was quite loud about zarry….she shared some unnecessary videos or things in her insta story but it was important for zarries…one of the story was harry and zayn and another one where harry’s sticker was there….and i think waliyah and safaa knows about zayn and harry….i saw something that’s why am saying…i have to check this things again…btw take care love❤️

  12. I saw some people bring is up and I think it is interesting how he used to be so much more open about Harry (candy thong, the nude pic, calling him sexy) and then almost the complete opposite. I agree it’s partly with him getting older and more aware of things (plus internalized homophobia) and their relationship becoming more serious but I also wonder if there was an incident with his family members or someone else that caused him to be more low-key about it

  13. I dont knoe much abt Z’s culture but as an African l knoe its not easy going against yo family…..its very rare…its a taboo.If a man comes to my house and ask for my hand in marriage n my parents say NO for watever reason believe me that man wil leave me and l wont marry him.Same sex relationship aaa u don’t even Dare open yo mouth so if thats the situation Zayn is in he should jus let H go coz l dont think Harry has it in him to let go of him1st.About the Maliks…l don think they knoe,l don think he has given them a reason to doubt that he isn’t straight

    1. Completely agree.

      I am from muslim family. Eventthough Zayn is an indpendnt adult. Its quite difficult to loss family relationships or being socially isolated.
      And more importantly internalized homophobia.

      I think he has long and difficult road to walk.

      Harry will have move on. I don’t think its fair to wait on someone else on your expanse.

      Anyhow your page is awesome


  14. Hey AD, I totally agree with you and did you see how she posted new zigi photos right after Harry’s photos from my policeman set came out??😏🤦‍♀️Also….hell, the man is BUILT!!😍🤤

    1. Hi love! 🙂 I haven’t seen the actual pictures because I don’t want to gag, but I have heard a lot of people talking about them! Typical attention craving Gigi. I can’t wait to see what she does when the clout runs out. Zayn’s music isn’t going anywhere and the baby hype is dying. Her only choice is to get married or have another baby because zayn will not change or do anything significant any time soon.

      1. If they get married they will only get attention for a few days. And people will forget it again. The reason she got so much attention from the pregnancy is because people did not expect it and she hid her stomach in the beginning which made people speculate. Honestly I do not see myself gigi and zayn be together until they are 40 … or you never know gigi is obsessed with zayn so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I think his mum knows. I don’t think they’ve ever spoken about it, but she would have seen it. Also the cousin that he’s closest to. He’s never seemed close to his sisters.

    2013 was a huge Zarry year – it was so obvious that something was going on. I get the feeling that someone in his family, (his dad? his uncles?) may have confronted him about it – mentioned how “gay” he was behaving on stage (crotch bumps, candy thongs) – and as a result of that confrontation, he responded with the engagement.

    It’s obvious that Zayn craves his dad’s approval. He is the eldest and the only son and that comes with a lot of weight in terms of responsibility and expectations about carrying on the family name. Zayn is also a huge fan of hip hip culture and R&B. Appearance means a lot to him. Being “the man” surrounded by a bevy of females is a big deal in that context. He is also cognizant of his fame and standing in his community and to his fans and a lot of that is based on this image he has so carefully crafted.

    I find it ironic that missing his family while he was on the road was one of the reasons he left 1D, yet here he is, living on a completely different continent from them. It almost feels like he doesn’t want to be close to them in case they discover his farce. It’s easier to project this aspirational lifestyle (look at me! I’m a moody famous musician living my best life with my supermodel girlfriend) from a distance. On his farm, he doesn’t have to pretend. If he lived in the UK, he’d have to pretend all the time.

    I recently watched a movie on Netflix called Happiest Season with Kirsten Stewart whose character is dating MacKenzie Davis. They both go to Mackenzie’s family’s home for Christmas where Kirsten discovers her girlfriend has not come out to her family and she has to pretend to be her room mate. There’s this line at the end where she says “I didn’t know you were going to hide me” and her girlfriend replies “I’m not hiding you, I’m hiding me.”

    Zayn is hiding in Pennsylvania, that’s obvious. Not just from the media, but from his family and from himself. I don’t think he’ll ever admit what he had with H. In the most hypocritical fashion, for someone who is so obsessed with “being authentic” he has sold his soul to be anything but.

    1. Incredibly astute comment, Anon. Thanks for sharing! You’re right that line from the movie is poignant and very fitting for this situation. Terribly heartbreaking.

  16. *sighs* I just hope there won’t be some angry songs in Harry’s new album I mean he has all the right to be angry but like we all know anger just doesn’t mak you feel any better. Anyhoo yes I do believe Zayn’s family do not know about Harry and treats him like a “huge ass secret” which is quite painful like imagine if the love of your life doesn’t want anyone to know about you and wants you “hidden”.
    And as times goes by we’ll wait for anything, is it wrong that I still hope for them to be together despite how toxic they are now?
    Love you AD!!!

    1. Love you too. And no it’s not wrong that you still have hope for them. How can you not? We’ve all hoped for so long, it’s very difficult to suddenly get rid of that hope altogether no matter how toxic things feel lately. And I’m with you; while Harry has a right to express his anger, I kind of hope he doesn’t give Zayn that honor again. He did not respect Fine Line and he did what he did directly after and Harry shouldn’t put himself through that again. Zayn has a dangerous level of cowardice around his relationship, so I fear to think what he may do if Harry becomes more direct in his next album. I just wish Harry would get swept away by a handsome stranger.

      1. XDDD as much as the last line made me sad but I really agree with you 100%. Harry needs someone who can show him off not his fault that the one he wishes for doesn’t have the courage to do it :D.

  17. Thank you for this post AD. I’ve wondered for awhile about this topic but never really sure which way I leaned. Coming from Zarryland I wonder how could they not know but then also remind myself that’s because we are intentionally looking for their hints (in more recent years). I don’t think that Z willingly opened up and told any of his family but also it seems hard to imagine they know nothing of the sort. Harry aside, lyrics such as Calamity have to be a sign that things are not well in his world. Same with the pap pics. I agree that he may not be as close with his family as portrayed but its also hard to imagine they don’t see those pictures and see someone that does not look happy (not saying that just because he isn’t happy in his current situation draws a direct line to Harry for them). I know social media only gives a glimpse into a full picture but I have found it odd over the last few years in Trisha’s and the sisters ig posts I never see their dad in family pictures / events.

    1. Hey! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! you’re right I’ve always found it strange too that his dad is never pictured with the family and you just never get wind of him. I suspect Zayn will end up the same. I often wonder if Yaser is well. At one point I asked my friend if she thought he died back when Zayn got the Yaser tattoo and posted those poems about him, but I suppose he is still alive. I hope he’s well.

      1. I saw a video of Yaser playing with Safaa’s daughter (or at least I thought it was her child) a while ago and he was smiling. I also saw a photo of him with some family members from either 2019 or 2020, but we never see photos of him with Trisha or his daughters which is very strange especially since they take photos all the time and apparently he also didn’t attend Waliyah’s wedding a few months ago. I always thought he just didn’t want to be in the limelight and was therefore so “absent” during the 1D days but it seems like he’s the same with the rest of his children too. Very odd.

        1. I don’t have any social media. And when my friends and family that do have social media take photos of me or my family they ask before posting if it’s ok…. I always say thank u for asking but I’d like no pictures posted. Now they know and they just don’t post pictures with me or my family. Zayn’s dad might be like me and just not like showing so much especially when u r a Malik and everyone fan or hater spends time looking for “info”. Or maybe something happened back during 1D days that keeps him out of the public eye.

  18. Insightful as always, A.D. I believe his entire family knows. I’m a simple spectator and it only took a few video clicks to see what was obvious. I find it hard to believe that his family hasn’t watched the same videos and figured it out. Doubtful they will ever say or do anything, even if he goes public, for fear of losing the gravy train. And if there is anyone who knows for sure it’s his mom as she likely watched him struggle with his identity as a child and as a teenager.

    Harry’s mom and sister definitely know. Perrie knew – she did a very respectable job of woman scorned. They were more PR than anything else. And Gigi absolutely knows. She’s calling the shots and she relishes every opportunity to rub Harry’s face in it. Zayn is doing the absolute minimum and is becoming more and more reclusive. They haven’t been seen together in weeks. Zayn is probably in the UK. (And will be rushed right back for photo ops at any moment.)

    Zayn and Harry aren’t going to make it if Zayn continues playing this game. He can’t spend all of his allotted time referencing Harry in a MV about beginning again and then willingly participate being papped with his pearl bracelet covered wrist and hand on Gigi’s a$$.

  19. Hi A.D. I love this website so much, and I love the way you mind works. I mostly agree with everything you said, but I keep having these doubts regarding the PR thing with Gigi. If Zayn is willing to go to these extremes of a PR relationship for so long, why not do it properly in a sense of fully synchronizing with Gigi in her posts and public appearances because everyone can pick up on how weird and one sided their relationship is. I guess I keep thinking…why not make things easier for them and fully play along with the PR thing if that’s really the case? Thank you for always providing us with the best contents, you are awesome! 💜

    1. I appreciate your kind words and you sharing your thoughts, thanks dear. Zayn finds it difficult to participate in the PR ever since Harry came back on the scene imo. He suddenly stopped posting her on all his social media two days before Girl Crush aired in 2017, which tells me he was still willing and ready to post her until that performance literally hurt him so much he couldn’t post her anymore. And of course he can’t control Gigi posting him, since the whole point of them being together is mutually beneficial PR and he has to uphold his side of the bargain in someway, so he does the bare minimum at all times, trying to please both Gigi and Harry.

      To me, it’s easy to tell Zayn doesn’t feel comfortable participating in the PR because of Harry, but he occasionally does break down and do it to promote his music and to help her sell the story, since that’s the entire point of their relationship. Like you said it’s very clear how one sided and weird their relationship is, which shows there are deep-seated issues between them that no one knows about, and which I suspect have to do with the Harry factor and Zayn’s closeted sexuality.

      A solution to this would be for Zayn to simply stop the charade altogether, but he has crippled himself in a way with the severe alienation and burning so many bridges. The Hadids are literally all he has if he doesn’t want to go home and live alone near his family. But the problem is, I suspect he is hiding from his family as much as anyone, which is why he moved to the US imo. To keep them at a distance. Gigi has put up with his crap for so long because she came in at a time he was doing well and they established something together in the media that has completely changed her career, so of course she’s sticking around. And Zayn has no hope for finding another PR relationship with another woman since he doesn’t go anywhere or do anything ever. It’s very sad. We suspected for while they didn’t even live together in PA and we were right. It was a façade she was putting up until people pointed out the differences in the houses. Then shortly after the pics leaked of the different farm houses, she suddenly tells Vogue they’re moving in together. So their relationship has major inherent issues because Zayn is factually and undeniably closeted, and has carried on a fucked up relationship with Harry for years, so they are hiding this with media smokescreens.

      1. Zayn needs to make a move to power up his self worth and and gain some control of his life. He gives all this power to Gigi to make sure his life stays as it is and that she stays quiet about Harry (bc we know she knows). I wish Harry wld realize he has that power too, even more than Gigi. Gigi or/and Harry cld out Zayn. Harry is becoming more comfortable being him openly. It’s just a matter of time that all the pieces to Fine Line are even obvious to non Zarries. And Gigi will milk the Zayn train as long as he is weak. Zayn’s needs to get out and stop giving Gigi the power and move on. Sry I hope I’m making sense….

  20. trisha most definitely knows the way she post zarry items. especially when zarry are ‘the outs’ with one another (last one wishing g a happy b-day on ig & in the next cell a past 1d clip of zarry singing next to eachother). i think she just wants what is best for him. she seems like a good soul. the ‘normal looking’ family unit is probley something she thinks will smooth him instead it caused havoc. even harry, i think it was always unsaid but anne want the same. the fact that its happening w/olivia’s baggage must be killing her. as far as the rest of zayn’s family i don’t think they care. they believe whats infront of them. right now whats infront of them is gigi.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Trisha could very well know but thinks it’s best for him to live normally, probably unaware of how this could be affecting his mental health. Great point.

    2. i have to add on to why i think trisha is more excepting of zarry. we know she’s a devout muslim but she wasn’t born into it, she converted. we do not know the makeup of her own family. there could be lgbtq relatives in her immediate family & friends. no matter what life you live your main family is always your touchstone. that may be her touchstone.

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