Fools & Frauds

DISCLAIMER: This post is full of inconvenient facts and hurtful realities. Don’t read if you’re sensitive. Trigger warning ⚠ or whatever. Ya’ll keep trying to shut my accounts down, so I’m gonna keep talking about your faves. People don’t realize that despite all my unpopular opinions voiced in the past, I’ve still been heavily censoring myself all along, and never really shared my full thoughts on anything. I’m done with that now.

During my fairly regrettable time in the Zarry community (or on the outskirts of it) I’ve noticed a lot about its key players which I’ve often voiced. To the effect of: “The vast majority of Zarry stans are just Zstans masquerading as shippers because they have nothing better to do since Zayn is a boring ghost.”

Basically they pretend to be into Zarry in order to control the narrative surrounding Zayn’s role in it, because they are insecure and desperately want to hide his shortcomings from the world. They attack me 24/7 because I am his most vocal critic. So I want to take a closer look at the main reasons I have criticized Zayn, and you can all decide for yourself whether my sentiments are valid.

I truly wonder if Ziams experience the same phenomenon with Zstans? Probably not, since they too are usually blind in their devotion to Zayn. I also noticed a lot of Ziams tend to be anti-Zigi (I’m certain Ziams make up the most vocal part of the anti-Zigi community.) But what I don’t like about Ziams is how they all ride Zayn’s di*k so hard, and put all the blame on Gigi. That’s bullspit. I can’t stand Gigi Hadid these days, but I would never (and have never) placed the full blame of Zigi on her. Not when Zayn’s efforts (albeit impotent) to push Zigi onto the public are staring us right in the face as well.

They’re literally performing for the paps who magically know on specific days (not everyday) when they will be leaving their apartment.

They are both to blame for that travesty of a PR relationship, and Zayn in particular because he is well aware of what he has done to Harry, while pushing the Zigi crap, and the fact that he just so happened to have a baby with Gigi (who just before had been in a highly publicized relationship with a major reality TV star) after Fine Line dropped. Tbh, he really did it after Harry released Lights Up in October 2019 on National Coming Out Day.

I will never stop talking about the bogus timing and sequence of events that took place in late 2019 between Harry and Zigi and Tyler Cameron (I have a post about that coming soon!) So when I say Zigi is a joke and has been from Day One and that they both are to blame, I mean that, and not just because of Zarry, it’s because of the relentless performances for the media since 2015 that started with the Pillowtalk music video and multiple magazines and brand deals done together since the second they met. All the BS and media propaganda will be exposed one day, because reality will always reassert itself over lies.

They sadly think a baby and tons of fake articles about their idyllic lifestyle will legitimize their PR driven union and overshadow the Zarry factor, and hide their arrogance (which they have both displayed by treating people poorly in the past and never being held accountable) but it won’t. It’s just a matter of time before everything hits the fan.

Anywhoozers, this post is not about Zigi. It’s about the Zarry Community. Sorry for the tangent.

Zarries (except for a select few like me) tend to mostly be Zstans dipping into the Zarry world for the hell of it, maybe even because they find some of the material and proof compelling. But at their core they are Zstans. I know this to be true because even the people I phuck with the most in this community also tend to lean towards Zayn. I hardly have anyone to truly vent to because I have to constantly worry about offending my friends who have a soft spot for Zayn. I interact with maybe a dozen or so people on a personal level in DMs, and about 9 of them tend to be Zstans at their core. And I love them, but it is what it is.

The remainder of my friends don’t necessarily lean towards Harry, they just aren’t afraid to call Zayn out on his crap. They are mostly neutral. I was mostly neutral in the past, but I tend to lean more towards Harry now for the simple fact that hardly anyone leans towards Harry in this community. The same is true for the Larry community. The vast majority of those creeps are Louis stans who despise Harry but use his name and his projects for clout to promote Louis’ music (kind of like Louis himself.)

Let’s not forget him and his pathetic team using “Harry” and “Larry” for his video tags and Larry fanart to promote his single to get him streams. (*gags*) Ya’ll may not like the things I have to say because they are critical of your faves and rather hurtful, but I always backup my claims with PROOF.

So you can tell a real Zarry from a fake Zarry because the fake Zarries celebrate Zigi like morons and tend to support Zayn uncritically and turn a blind eye to all the bullspit Zayn has done both inside and outside of Zarry. Zayn is not an angel. Face the music. Whatever. And no one EVER holds him accountable for ANY of the shit he’s done (both in his romantic and professional relationships) so he continues to get away with it. Mainly because he’s quiet and really handsome, so from the outside looking in, people think he does no wrong. Ha!

I, on the other hand, am someone who came into the Zarry community from the perspective that Harry really loved Zayn, so I set out to prove that in my earliest videos. I noticed that most prominent Zarries always took Zayn’s side and often falsely painted him as a victim while turning a blind eye to all the proof that he was a major part of the problem in all of his public relationships, including Zerrie and Zarry.

There is also much proof that he has been an issue in his professional relationships as well, but his fans spread disinformation and pretend he’s the victim of sabotage by his own record label. Oh, you know, the people who invested LOADS of money into him upfront before he sold a single record and who have a vested interest in Zayn’s chart success to earn a return on their initial freaking investment!!!

Zayn voluntarily signing a new record deal in 2015 with the assistance of Simon Cowell:

Literally the first tweet under this is someone calling Zayn out because he kept dissing the band who he left without saying goodbye lol

Of course his fans weren’t saying a peep back then. But now that his career isn’t going so well they want to blame it on the record label. I say this because it just shows how Zstans twist reality to victimize him again and again and again and again, and how they attack and attempt to silence anyone who points out the truth of the matter. This is the mentality they bring into the Zarry world while trying to pretend they support Zarry, when in fact they’re only there to control the conversation and paint Zayn in the best possible light.

Yeah, they claim THE LABEL is sabotaging Zayn’s career and not promoting his work etc, even though he was dumped by his own management (who are not apart of his record label) for his refusal to promote his own work in 2018. They saw his career was at a self-inflicted dead end and that Icarus Falls was going to flop, so they understandably hopped off that sinking ship and dropped him in 2018.

Zayn himself admitted in 2017 how he had zero plans to promote his work in any capacity (an ill-conceived and ruinous idea for a music artist of his caliber) which is something he should have figured out long before he signed onto a new 7/8 figure record deal in 2015, wasting the industry’s time and resources.

Funny how he is so adverse to appearing on a freaking talk show for a brief interview to promote his work, calling it reality TV (again throwing most other artists and reality TV stars under the bus) but then ADMITTED to engaging the paparazzi to promote himself (wbk: Exhibit A.) He often goes out of his way to perform for the paps, with a girl he has FACTUALLY performed with for major PR since 2015.

Zayn With GQ In 2018:

Another unlikely topic that will break Zayn out of his default conversational mode and get him talking in jolting, paragraphs-long monologues: the paparazzi. The paparazzi who have been trailing him for years and, recently, every time he sets foot near Gigi’s NoHo apartment, feeding the endless tabloid speculation about the state of their relationship. The paps used to piss Zayn off, until he realized their utility.

“That’s my promo,” he says. “I come outside, they take photos.”

I would be remiss to ignore that at the same time in 2018, there were reports of Zayn being verbally abusive to his former management team (which allegedly contributed to their decision to disengage him) and I genuinely refused to believe it at the time in 2018, but after that hotel hiccup in 2020 and a few of his 2019 Twitter rants, I must admit this notion no longer sounds entirely far-fetched.

After being dropped by his management in the middle of an album rollout, he returned to Gigi and upped the PR with that weird pap walk and forced kiss.

I’ll be making another post later about how the only thing Zayn can think to do to promote himself these days is to be caught with Gigi on the streets by the paps. It happened this year when he released the “To Begin Again” video. Sad times. For now, back to the Zarry community, which is a joke!

He also has a long-storied reputation of ditching good people and never taking accountability for it, in both professional and romantic relationships: Perrie Edwards, One Direction, Reporter for GQ, reporter for Billboard, Tyler The Creator— to name a few.

“And then, in probably the most Zayn-like move of the night, he never comes back.” (Billboard, 2017)

“It’s self-absorbed, immature, and unprofessional.” (GQ, 2018)

“I think with Zayn’s particular exit and the way he chose to go, we haven’t really heard from him since he left. He didn’t even say goodbye, if I am being honest. It was a really sordid scenario, from our side certainly. A bit strange. It’s difficult.” (Liam Payne, British GQ, 2019)

“Fun fact: i wrote ‘see you again’ for zayn but that bitch flaked on studio time twice, so i kept the ref for myself, worked out actually” (Tyler, The Creator 2017)

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75 thoughts on “Fools & Frauds

  1. I kept hearing this song on the radio, Story of My Life. I loved it and wondered who sang it. Found out it was a group called One Direction. I began looking at their old interviews, music videos and their movie, This Is Us. I loved their typical teenage boy enthusiasm and silliness. Found out they were from XFactor and watched those shows. To make a long story short, I suffered a loss in 2016 and they brought a smile back to my face. My son thinks I am too old for 1D and I am, but what makes you happy, makes you happy, unapologetically.

    I had not heard of ships until I read AD’s. You peaked my interest so I created a timeline (I have too much time on my hands and like to keep my skill sets up) from multiple sources to see how things stacked up. Everything you said made sense AD. I read how Zayn and Harry had houses nearby each other in both LA and NY and that Zayn and Harry both recorded in Jamaica. Those facts, among many, were maybe the key to my realizing that this was the real deal, not just a friendship.

    Fast forward to today, the problem I see now is that Zayn and Harry are not the same people they were in the band. Looking back, with some wisdom I hope, your teens are the years where you feel everything so passionately and deeply, even at 20-21. But through your 20s is when you make the biggest changes in becoming the people that you become. That’s why a lot of young marriages don’t make it, you diverge into two different paths. It’s a real heartbreaker. If either of them is holding onto something, it most likely is their past. At this point, they are too different, in my opinion, to make it work. There would have to be a lot of concession and I don’t think either is up for it, at this point, anyway. I mean, sexual preference aside, I can’t see Zayn following Harry around as he continues on with his career. And I believe that Harry would find it hard to balance his ambitions with those of Zayn’s. I’d like to think I’m wrong and maybe it’s the long game that will see them move together again. If they do, I’m happy for them. If they don’t, I’m happy for them as well. Life is too damn short to not find your happiness and you never know if tomorrow will be your last.

  2. I love you AD. From the first time I follow you untill now, I love you. (Your mind specifically)
    And to be honest I have zero concern for zayn right now.
    He dig himself in a hole he can’t get out but he refused the hand that will ALWAYS reach out to help him.
    So yes he can go bankrupt, be a puppet for his baby mama, be a mannequin for the paps whenever he feels the need to.
    I give zero f#ck anymore.
    Ztans and Larry and ziams are pretty much sharing the same braincell.

    I love ive you girl 😉😉😉

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