Proof Index

DISCLAIMER: This index is a work-in-progress. Much more to be added! TATTOOS: Matching Tattoo Guide Harry’s Mysterious Leg Tattoos Harry’s Heart Kisses Zarry Tattooing One Another Zayn Friday Tattoo 2021: Tightrope Outside Harry’s Blue = Zayn To Begin Again 2020: Harry’s Pink Shoelace The Fish, The Gap Year, & The Wait The JMB Connection 2019:Continue reading “Proof Index”

Fools & Frauds

DISCLAIMER: This post is full of inconvenient facts and hurtful realities. Don’t read if you’re sensitive. Trigger warning ⚠ or whatever. Ya’ll keep trying to shut my accounts down, so I’m gonna keep talking about your faves. People don’t realize that despite all my unpopular opinions voiced in the past, I’ve still been heavily censoringContinue reading “Fools & Frauds”

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

In honor of the desperate people trying to shut down Zarry accounts on IG, I thought I’d make a post celebrating my top 10 most viewed posts! Questions, Requests, Random Discussion (Over 45K Views) 1 – Staged Zigi Pap Walk (3/25/21) 2 – Zigi Being Pathetic 3 – Harry + Olivia 4 – Zayn’s GrammyContinue reading “Top 10 Most Viewed Posts”

I Won’t Mind

Listen here! Zayn unfiltered. That is what I have always wanted, and that is what this song provides. No subterfuge. No PR or marketing ploys. Just a conflicted boy singing from his soul in 2014 when he was stuck in the middle of this weird hot/cold and romantic/unromantic dynamic with his bandmate (while secretly contemplatingContinue reading “I Won’t Mind”

Harry + Olivia

Page One: Meet Olivia Wilde Page Two: Olivia & Jason (Forever?) Page Three: Harry Being Cast In DWD Page Four: Olivia & Harry (Forever?) Oh Holivia. Sadly, all I can think about when I hear their names smushed together is that you can’t really say “HOLIVIA” without first saying the word “HOE” lmao. Amiright? (I’mContinue reading “Harry + Olivia”

My Policeman

Harry is set to star in a film adaptation of the 2012 critically acclaimed Bethan Roberts novel “My Policeman,” as Tom. He will star opposite of Emma Corrin (Marion) as a closeted gay man who gets married to a woman despite being in a passionate affair with another male (Patrick, who will be played byContinue reading “My Policeman”

Lights Up

WARNING: This is long. There is so much to touch on. (No pun intended.) You don’t understand the POWER that this song wields for me. You don’t understand. No one understands. The freaking “ooooo hooooo” at 1:45?? ugh I could cry writing about this tune. It owns my entire heart, much like Harry himself. IContinue reading “Lights Up”

Jamaica 2016

2017 is where we got the first strong inkling that Zayn and Harry may have been back in touch since 2015. However, this reconciliation somewhat began in late 2016, when both boys just happened to end up at the same Geejam Resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica, one behind the other. (Factual and confirmed by theContinue reading “Jamaica 2016”


From my Instagram post on January 15th: Outside seems to be referencing a breakup. There’s a lyric about a dog thrown in to make it sound like it’s about Gigi, but if you dig deeper, it’s debunked by the lyric immediately preceding it about sneaking out of the parents house and being up on theContinue reading “Outside”

Mitch vs Zayn

Disclaimer: I don’t know crap about Harry and his relationships. This is all my opinion on Hitch (which was requested for a long time) based on what we can observe as third parties. So…about Hitch. In case you didn’t know, Hitch is a portmanteau of Harry and Mitch. And Mitch is….well, Mitchell Rowland, Harry’s 32Continue reading “Mitch vs Zayn”

Debunk: Sweet Creature Is Not About Louis (Video)

Harry was so disturbed by Larries using Two Ghosts and Sweet Creature from HS1 to pretend his album was about Louis, that he got painstakingly direct in Fine Line, proving that his music is for Zayn, up to and including: copying Zayn’s identical track titles, referencing his brown skin in multiple songs, responding to hisContinue reading “Debunk: Sweet Creature Is Not About Louis (Video)”

Are Zarry Together Now? (2021)

This is another question I get asked a million times, especially by newer Zarries. They’re curious and they’re passionate about what they’ve discovered, and I don’t blame them one bit. Zarry has that all-consuming effect on most people, especially upon first discovery. Therefore, wondering if they’re presently together is perfectly natural. Unfortunately, loves, I simplyContinue reading “Are Zarry Together Now? (2021)”

The Sheffield Whispers

Ah, the syrupy sweet, uncontrollably giddy, and deeply intimate Sheffield Whispers. So adorable. Perrie was actually in the crowd during this show in April 2013, and this is around the time that the “Peace Ring” showed up. Enjoy! For more of Zarry being madly in love in 2013, click here!

Jealous Harry Was Anti-Zerrie (Video)

My Old Man Spray-painted Metal Box “So Kiss Him Again…” Rose Tattoo Anti-Engagement Video Jealous Harry Video Harry has admitted to being an unabashedly jealous man in many songs. Examples include: “Happily”, “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart”, “Woman”, “From The Dining Table”, “To Be So Lonely”, and “Cherry”. We have seen him exhibitContinue reading “Jealous Harry Was Anti-Zerrie (Video)”

My Old Man | “We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall…” (Video)

Shortly after Zayn and Perrie announced their engagement in late August of 2013, Harry took several notable actions, many of which seemed to express he was upset over the news. Harry was extremely anti-Zerrie by this point. From interrupting questions about the engagement to saying “Niall is pregnant” to getting the large rose tattoo (whichContinue reading “My Old Man | “We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall…” (Video)”

Beachwood Cafe

Harry has a lyric in Falling referencing the Beachwood Cafe: “And the coffee’s out, at the Beachwood Cafe, and it kills me cause I know we’ve run out of things we can say.” People take this to be some kind of direct reference to Camille Rowe (Harry’s public ex-girlfriend) however, what they fail to realizeContinue reading “Beachwood Cafe”

The Rose Ring

The glorious rose ring is a classic silver piece from the Great Frog of London. It became notable in the Zarry fandom when first Zayn was seen wearing it in his Evening Star photoshoot in late 2016.

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