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As promised, the long-awaited sequel to This Thing Upon Me is here! Neon Red is a fictitious memoir told solely from the perspective of Zayn. Thanks for all of your support in this writing journey! Read now: CHAPTERS

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  1. Holy crap lol. Wow I had no idea. Why do ex-bandmates always shade each other??? Despite all the history they…

  2. Silvia Regina on Home

    This meme was made in my country!!!!kkkkkkkk Brazilian’s fans of Harry and 1D hate Holivia! 🤣

  3. Robin on Home

    Jesy left Little Mix last year and a few weeks ago she released her debut single called Boyz with Nicki…

  4. I heard about this very very vaguely but I have no idea what happened. Do you mind explaining?

  5. I’ll be including most major Zarry events/moments in the years of 2013-2018 love 🙂

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  1. idk but the lyrics of this leaked rap is way too much to handle the refrences to haz,his style, zayn’s own mini refrences in terms of clothing like he literally mentioned all his own family,new beginnings,calling out on haddids, his past it’s dark deep shit nd kinda scary 😐

    1. It is scary how deep and esoteric it feels. I really, really want to know what prompted it all of a sudden? He clearly asked Daniaal to upload it and we can date a lot of these lyrics based on him discussing the Palestine issue.

  2. Have you heard Zayn’s rap that his cousin uploaded on sound cloud I think there is a few zarry things in it but take a listen and tell us what you think please

    1. Thanks for bringing this info here dear. I appreciate the news, and I’m sorry I’m so late responding 🙂

  3. Did anyone listen to the new rap song of Zayn that Daniaal Malik just shared via his Instagram? I would love to hear what AD has to say about it. Also, if anyone find the lyrics, please do share!

  4. Just wanted to tell you that in India ‘6’ means gay. What do you think that is why harry put song name as sunflower vol. 6. And Zayn had this 6 Tattoo because of that..what do you think.

    1. I believe the #6 tattoo Zayn has is apart of a long number that was his xfactor ID Number. However, all the rest of the numbers are small, and for some reason his made that one 6 really big. So I’m not sure what it means to him. And I think if Harry was looking for an arbitrary number to use for his title, 6 makes sense because it is a prominent Zayn tattoo, since he was (imo) writing about Zayn’s sunflower tattoos in that song.

  5. I recently came across a Zayn’s cover of I wanna know by joe. It’s of around feb 2018. In that cover he is clearly seen singing to “he”.maybe at that time Zarry was together.

  6. Zayn cousin daniel just released a 24 minutes rap of Zayn and he’s calling out everyone. Even the president and saying he’s living in pretense.

  7. I just saw some clip that Bella put up and than deleted of the baby’s foot 🙄 while they are singing. It says Zayn is there singing too but of course u can’t see him and honestly it doesn’t sound like him. Are my ears lying or that’s him? I don’t have Instagram or Twitter but is it really easy to accidentally post things? Bc these ppl are constantly having “slips”. Am I wrong to Thk that these are planned slips and they wanna seem to be private but put it out long enough for the fans to spread the PR?

    1. It is not that easy to accidentally post something on instagram. You’d have to select the video recorded, then it asks if you want to put a filter over it, then if you’d like to caption it or tag someone on the post. So posts are a multistep process that leave little room for “accidents”

    2. I didn’t see the original clip that Bella posted, but watched it on another site that said it was Bella, Gigi, and Zayn singing. It didn’t sound anything like Zayn. There were lots of comments and the general consensus was that it wasn’t Zayn but was Anwar, the brother. Personally, I don’t believe the Hadid’s post anything accidentally.

  8. Out of topic I guess, why are many people starting to react to Zarry🤷 , not that I am not glad😐 but curious 🧐
    I mean some of them are Larries 🤢🤮, first they say Zarry is not real🙄 now they are reacting to Videos and I’m like 😲

    1. I’ve noticed larries commenting on Zarry stuff with their Larry nonsense. They’re a cult, they have to try to get everyone thinking like them. I don’t go on Larry stuff and try to argue, if I liked to fight I would still be married.

    2. That is strange. I wonder why now? I know larries tend to obsess over Zarry videos and stay in the comments because they’re insecure. If they’re reacting to Zarry videos now, that just shows a whole new level of desperation and feeling threatened on their part. Sigh

      1. The Larries go on Zarry stuff and leave comments about Zayn saying they never talked. Zayn also said Larry wasn’t real in his book and said he didn’t have any friends in the band in another interview. Maybe I pay too much attention to it, but it seems like the never talked Harry one is the only one that gets repeated.

  9. I just want to thank you for the new comment section! The like button is a must for me ! You work so hard on evererything ! I witnessed your learning from your YT Channel , to your IG account and now to your website. Your talents are only growing. I am a big fan. Thanks for this space without the negativity and narrow-mindedness of Twitter stan.

    1. Awww this is so sweet of you! Thank youuuuu! It’s always lovely to talk to other Zarries who have been here for a while. You’re always so nice to me so I want to let you know how much I appreciate you doll! 🙂

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