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  1. Holy crap lol. Wow I had no idea. Why do ex-bandmates always shade each other??? Despite all the history they…

  2. Silvia Regina on Home

    This meme was made in my country!!!!kkkkkkkk Brazilian’s fans of Harry and 1D hate Holivia! 🤣

  3. Robin on Home

    Jesy left Little Mix last year and a few weeks ago she released her debut single called Boyz with Nicki…

  4. I heard about this very very vaguely but I have no idea what happened. Do you mind explaining?

  5. I’ll be including most major Zarry events/moments in the years of 2013-2018 love 🙂

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  1. Hi AD as you might already know that Zayn did a cover of “You” by Troy Sivan. But there is more it’s not a cover. Cause on SoundCloud Zayn and other peoples name are written in writers credit. though on Spotify Zayn or any of their is not written in writers credit. The original song was released just 2 weeks ago. So I was wondering what if it’s actually written by Zayn (and others) and recorded but then sold to Troy and other writers who are credited on Spotify. Like LBYLM. (As to me the lyrics screams Zayn and its already clear that the song was supposed to be sung by Z first but some things didn’t work out as it should) Marshmello and some other is also featured in the song (which is supposed to be a cover) why did so many artists came together to make a song COVER. If you look into the lyrics you might feel that it can be written by Zayn . So why is he doing this is he like claiming the song without actually claiming it? But why? Some are saying the song is leaked but I don’t believe that how are this people getting the songs if that’s the case. I believe he himself is releasing the songs or atleast giving permission to release it (cause LBYLM and YM)

  2. Hello,

    I stabled across a reaction channel named video squad. The YouTuber hated Zayn current style of music and ppl recommended 1D Zayn…etc.

    Then he was listing to HS1 and immediatly said that (From the dinning tabke) its about Zayn??!!!!

    Like 🥲💔 how did he figure it out while I am a 1D for a year now and believed all stupid ships.

    Just wanted to vent her.😓💔😆

  3. Z covered « You » by Troye Sivan… delivery is full of longing and (seemingly) regret. Such a puzzling thing that he keeps referencing missing a specific someone when the love of his life/mom extraordinaire is right beside him 🤔
    I don’t get him.

      1. A.D. I looked as well and the only thing I could find was Mash Up of Troy’s song Youth and Zayn’s sHe that someone put together in 2016. Not sure if that’s the right one but it was all I could find.

  4. I had to say it because if I don’t, I might explode. It’s a shame that those who consider themselves “fans” of Harry chase him around Venice, surround the hotel, rent a gondola and keep screaming “Larry is real”. What are they thinking? Can they for a moment respect that H is working and that he must be ashamed of this situation? They have had to shoot some scenes several times because they did not let them work.
    At least it looks like filming is over. H deserves a good vacation and a little privacy.

    1. God what weirdos. Like they think saying “Larry is real” will make it so.

      I listen to an anti-Larry podcast (and Tumblr) and she says in normal fandoms the older people in the fandom help others navigate and if there is bad behavior the fandom polices itself, but that didn’t happen with One Direction and the older people in the fandom were Larry conspiracy theorists and bad behavior wasn’t discouraged. She thinks it can’t be fixed.

      I think One Direction should say we’re going to get together by the end of the year, but for every Larry bad behavior we’ll add a week onto the time line, so it is in the larries’ hands and let the rest of the fandom come after them because when the reunion gets pushed back to 2050 only the Larries will be to blame.

    2. YES! That has really bothered me since DWD was filmed and even more so with this film. Harry is just so sweet despite ALL of that to send donuts, coffee and other goodies to the fans out there. I was baffled by how the fans knew about where he was staying in Venice before he even arrived. They can be relentless.

    1. I don’t know why y’all believed that. Zayn went WAY out of his way to say he wasn’t settling down anytime soon. I still think he might have been in Italy with Harry…..especially after the little Zarry clues (NIL nail, bandana) and Zayn being MIA. Also I noticed he was carrying that brown shoulder bag that I haven’t seen him with since 1D days…….not that it means anything, but it’s what I want my Zarry mind to believe.

  5. Hey AD, love your work! I saw this theory that SOML is actually about harry’s life. The song references never having a partner who you love enough to treat them right. It mentioned that the whole song is in 3rd person (her/she) and once it gets to the bridge it switches to 1st person and zayn sings the bridge, “but baby running after you is like chasing the clouds” and as we all know, zayn is a hard person to keep in contact with. harry also sings quite a bit of the song and he sings the last line “the story of my life” which kinda indicates its about his life. I would love to hear your input on this theory! thanks!

    1. If what you’re saying is true – him dropping “life” at the end of the song after Z left on tour and on concerts (BBC radio ! performance comes to mind) – it would explain a lot…

      1. OK, so all I managed to find on the subject is that Jamie Scott wrote the song and all the boys joined in after hearing the first draft from him (this came frim Niall). I also found only 1 interview with H with Hits Radio and there was nothing I could pick up. If you have a link, it would be nice to check, otherwise for me – this would be wishful thinking and hear-say…

  6. Harry today though with the Zarry references still. .ugh.. He has his you ain’t sh.. unless you’re a fisherman hat attached to his bag.. He wore an Apollo Eleven shirt (Zayns 11 and stair reference in yellow metal) and then it appears like he has the NIL face painted on his nails on the way to the shoot.. and a yellow Bode shirt( which is nothing new)

      1. I found a few …it appears that way to me..at first i thought it was chipped mails but they look fteshly painted

        1. I found the photos posted on several accounts, some clearer than others, but it does seem to be exactly as it appears – a NIL paint. But I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t an edit that was copied. The bandana, however, can’t be a coincidence. So would someone please explain what Harry is doing if the NIL is real? Support of Zayn and if so, what is he supporting? Or is he indicating they are still involved? And where did Zayn go? I thought with Yellow Metal there would be lots of new content from him.

          1. I wasn’t sure if they weren’t an edit either but it does appear genuine..what did it for me though was the Apollo Eleven shirt..if you listen to YM Zayn talks about the number 11 and the stairway..to me this is Harry’s clear response. I’ll fly us there..lets skip falling down the stairs anymore??? And then of course the bandana..even today as he was leaving it is tucked in his pocket..Then there’s the fishing cap..too many things to not be about Zayn..as far as where Z is or what they are doing who the hell knows..lol..it’s unfortunately a curse in the Zarry world..we are left to wonder and don’t ever really know until after things happen with them..It could be just his way of saying he will always have Zs back or it could be much more..

          2. That’s what I want to know too, is it just Harry openly showing support for Zayn or is he trying to say they are still involved and trying to make things work?! Like I wish we could know for certain cause here we are just grasping at straws and hoping things are looking up for them!
            As for Zayn, he was starting to become more open before the incident so not sure what he is planning now but something tells me he is going to come out with something big/major soon cause he has been mia for a while now(since the attack). Hope he is doing okay though! I am starting to wonder if he is planing something special for the end of the month since it is pride month. Or he could have something planned for bisexuality day or national coming out day in October like Harry did.

  7. AD! Did you see Harry’s post? He said leave me the fuck alone. Im here to work. Do you know how embarrassing it is to alologize to my coworkers. He’s pissed!

    1. Where was this posted? He had doughnuts and bottled water delivered to the fans in England, then they got mad at him because he didn’t wave to them.

    2. This is a meme fake post that was made when he was on the set of DTD too. It’s not real dear. Harry would never behave like that lol

      1. I was thinking, that might be what he thinking but he’s much smoother and softer than that. Example, he literally can not NOT wave bc it’s rude. How can u not love him

    1. Oooh well , the new Kylie Jenner I guess 🤢😂

      What’s her deal really like is she competing with someone 🤷,

      Can she not do anything without putting her daughter in people’s mouths every single time 🤪🙆

      I am of mixed race and my mum and I didn’t have THE TALK about being so or made a big deal out of it🤨😐

      She is saying that as if she ‘full blown out ‘white’😒 (sorry about using the term ‘white’ , I hate using them whilst talking) like Bitch STOP.
      Hope Khai won’t be raise like the Kardashians and I find it real weird that Zayn family has never met her 🧐😳

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