Zayn’s New Song – Yellow Tape (Transcript & Analysis)



Thieve time with a rat pack (steal time…rat pack is a reference to a 20th century group of mucisians who starred in the original Ocean’s 11, which is about a heist and casino robberies. So it’s about stealing time like they were stealing in the movie. Rat pack can also be used as a double entendre for the group, as well as a literal pack that he’s using to steal things, which he follows up a few lines later)


Samurai gonna jack that (Japanese warrior…gonna steal/take that, which continues the metaphor about robbing and thieving)

got the goods on me like a backpack
(got something of value i.e. from the jacking/robbery…metaphorically carrying it like a backpack)


pioneer hybrid force like you’re inside a Prius (a pioneer is an innovator or the first to do something. Hybrid force could mean he’s multifaceted…hybrid could also be a dragon ball z reference. Prius is an extended metaphor from the hybrid force, so it’s a car engine analogy too)


come with a deal like an in-flight meal (a metaphor referencing airplane food)


can’t take my shine cause I implied real (possibly saying he can’t be bested or devalued or copied because he’s real)


no replies set my face ideal (no one can refute him, so no one has a reply to what he’s saying…the second half is possibly referring to his facial expression)


feeling like i’m spaced on an MJ deal (reference to Michael Jordan and Space Jam the movie)


me i got the jam on my own work real me (extended metaphor and rhyming scheme where he is concluding the space jam reference from the previous line)


i’m trying to work til my own fate sealed (trying to work at his life until he knows his ultimate fate is secure, like striving to enter heaven probably)


got a big mouth i’m like kado (possibly a dragon ball Z reference)


Green team coming through like KO or bruce lee (“green team” is possibly a reference to a DC Comics comic about a group of young rich boys’ adventures, and he’s referencing a knock-out with the “KO” and bruce lee is a famous martial artist and actor from the past.)


drop kick him to the face move bookey (drop kick him to the face is an extended reference to bruce lee…bookey is possibly English slang that means something bad or awful)


saving the rupees one time for the Sufis (rupees is an eastern currency and Sufis are an Islamic mysticism group)


who bops tunes like blue cheese i’m here (bop tunes is just a reference to music…blue cheese is a reference to weed)


I’m here for the brew, me; pass the tree gonna grow like group me (brew and tree are references to weed and smoking)


find my own kind of root till it suits me (may still be referencing weed like finding his own strand that he likes)


like we live in the movies


nowadays bitches are bougie (bitches=women or people in general and bougie= high maintenance or having expensive tastes or being materialistic. It’s the ghetto and misinterpreted version of bourgeoisie bastardized by the youth lol)


ice queen could have fooled me (I don’t know who this is referencing but ice queen tends to be a pejorative and carries a negative connotation, but it could be also extending from the previous line where he said bitches are bougie and be referring to ice like diamonds)


I scream but it feels like they’re roofied (meaning he’s screaming or saying something but the people he’s saying it too behave like they’re drugged by roofies, meaning too weak to move, confused, disoriented etc basically not paying attention or grasping what he’s screaming about)


No brain, gonna freeze on a hill like fujis (an extended reference to the roofied people where he concludes they have no brain and this will be to their detriment. They’re gonna freeze on a hill like fujis which is the highest mountain in Japan where the temperatures are freezing.)


[Music] sings: “I don’t believe in (something-something) on social mediaIdk I HATE when he mumbles. Enunciate boy! He was doing great for the full first 2 minutes and was very clear.)


Hurt, killed (?) Still looking for the zeus me. (reference to the most powerful Greek god)


Hades tried but he never did faze me (Greek god of the dead and of the underworld. So maybe like zayn had a close call with death or a metaphorical hell at some point? Ugh, damn Zayn.)


mark this twice or put in statement


don’t need time but i’m needing the patience (he’s not out of time but he is out of patience)


Animations; living real life on occasion (meaning he’s often not in reality? Could be a reference to being high a lot or being in video games etc)


going through space like i’m phasing (definitely a reference to being high when he says going through space. And then urban dictionary defines phasing as the period of time between highs where you’re not sober but you’re not high either.)


is it wrong to assume you’re amazing when you know you belong in a place and stood on stage; heart racing;

(I think he is referring to himself here. Like he knows how good he could be. And he knows he belongs onstage performing his music. So, it’s clear this is a shortcoming of his that he still sadly struggles with, which really sucks. Zayn DO VIRTUAL CONCERTS AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COVID BULLSHIT. YOU CAN EVEN PRE RECORD THEM. THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE LIVE. JUST FUCKING PERFORM ALREADY YOU’RE GONNA KILL IT AND, YES, I’M YELLING)


Never felt wrong, ain’t up for debating (sounds like he’s saying being onstage never felt wrong? And he’s not going to argue about it?)


not adjacent cause i’m killing these dickheads like i’m Jason (“not adjacent” probably means there is no one in his lane or no one who can stand next to him or compare to him. He’s killing them, as in shitting on them or outdoing them, but he extends the killing metaphor into a Jason Voorhees allusion; the masked killer.)


Thrilling these people like I’m jacko (referencing Thriller an album and song by Michael Jackson, who was sometimes referred to as “Wacko Jacko”)


Killing (something?) when i’m back home on a plateau (not sure what this is referring to since I can’t understand that word)


lucked out like lotto (reference to winning the lottery; winning money; could be referencing the luck of his 1D days, and now he’s saying he’s on a plateau as far as his growth as an artist?)


got body to the punch like carto (this might be a reference to “punching” in vaping)


I need a motto (like a catch phrase or a mantra)

[Music] once a year drop gifts like the grotto (this is likely referring to visiting his family for the holidays and leaving gifts. Grotto is a reference to santa’s grotto in like department stores or wherever where kids go in and meet santa and get a gift etc)

Knock on the door and they’re not home (referring to his family still? Possibly?)

I put the ball in the putt hole (a golf reference. Like he’s on point. Sort of like saying bullseye in a dart-throwing game) (**perverted laugh** putt hole sounds like butt hole hehe)

On the green and I’m subtle (still referencing golfing. The green is the golf course) (second reference to the color green in his second release of songs titled “yellow”)

Mind on a hustle, skin full of Kush (skin= weed rolling papers and Kush=weed)

While I float in a bubble (being high?)

Cousins, might have double a dozen (like 2 dozen)

Some of them young, still cute as a button (ok, Marcel)

Telling you now MF (*gasp* language, sir!)

I did this myself. Coming from nothing, putting my foot in the door. (he’s self-made and got where he was by taking a chance and getting his foot securely in the door of the music industry)

We can do more, if they don’t believe it, just leave them ashore (or a shard? like a piece of something) (might be referencing his family and how they were capable of more and how he is an example of that with what he achieved? And if they don’t believe they can do more then just leave them where they are… Not too sure on this one)


living abroad (living out of his home country)


loving my broad (yuck, lame. He wants us to believe he is loving his woman in this line **snickers behind my hand**) (or he could be saying he is loving his “broad” as in a play on words as in he’s loving being abroad)


intonation still broad (could be referring to his singing or speaking ability. Singing could refer to his broad range, broad speaking could refer to his intellect and his depth)

in another nation cause I’m bored (he’s bored of his home country so that’s why he lives abroad)


And my back getting broad (could be because he’s working out and bulking up, something people have been referencing lately. He looks healthier and more solid physically. Mentally is another story, though, based on some his recent lyrics)


me i’m on a spaceship cause i need space to make the next shift (he’s away from people and everything because he needs a clear head to plan his next step in life)


me i’m on some next shit. Built different. (he’s the shit basically and is always ahead of the game. Lol, shut up, zayn)

Linguistics intrinsic in my being (he is a natural born poet or writer or lyricist)

words glowing like they’re neon; scene (aw shit, words glowing like they’re neon. As in… Neon Red? Amirite? Anybody? Show of hands, who thought of this too?

C’mon I know you did! Ok, I’ll stop. Also, don’t shut up, Zayn. Tell me more about my eyes **bats eyelashes** **sighs peacefully**)

Read Neon Red:


in the matrix on some fake shit (reference to the movie the matrix in which the protagonist Neo enters and exits reality and a simulation or a dream-like state——I DON’T KNOW DON’T ASK ME I WAS A CHILD WHEN THE MOVIE CAME OUT AND I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND IT TO THIS DAY BECAUSE I’M TOO STUPID)


I’m just neo; ain’t afraid of small print (basically he’s like neo and not afraid to see the bad stuff. Idk if “small print” is a matrix reference too, but small print in real life is typically what marketers don’t want you to read in commercials or on products because it will reveal an awful truth. Like, “this cold medicine may cause cancer or sudden death” and this ties into the blue pill/red pill scenario from that movie) (or it can be referring to the stuff that is beneath the surface of what ordinary people see)


Always looking through the keyhole (this is a metaphor, like, always searching for more, or searching to see the things we are not supposed to see or are censored from, like beyond a closed door through a keyhole)


i will admit this about you, no disrespect to neo what a fucked-up generation (possibly referring to the hopelessness of our generation, which I often lament myself)


got me wrong I see it blatant (he sees it clearly and you’re mistaken if you think he doesn’t)


Ain’t another with the kid inside the pen (I’m not sure. Maybe referring to kids being in jail a lot in this generation?? I really don’t know with this one.)


bar call (I think this is just preparing an upcoming rhyme)


read between the lines like you’re scanned bar codes (reference to bar codes like the ones with all the little black lines on products that you’re purchasing. Still referring to picking up on things that are not obvious to others, things that are beneath the surface and implied.)


Run out all the miles on this Martian-less globe. i’m just ET on my bt. I’m just trying to phone home off of this planet. (BT means a bad trip, as in a bad high where you’re freaking out. There are also references to space and wanting to leave this planet essentially. ET mean extra-terrestrial, not of the terrene or the earth, but it also refers to the famous Martian ET from the movie when zayn says “tryna phone home”. That’s a line from the movie. Basically, he’s trying to leave this place and go back where he belongs, metaphorically speaking. It’s just another way of saying he doesn’t fit in here and feels alienated. This is a running theme with zayn: his obsession with space, calling himself an alien, and saying he’s from space. Me too, zayn. Me too.)


wish they could man it. My mission can’t man it. Doing them damage cause I am outstanding. (more bragging. Sigh, zayn, sigh.)

don’t be a g and get better than (?) you ain’t a g man,  you is a fanny (fanny means p*ssy in the UK, which I’ve always found funny because in America it just means butt, so it probably shocks the British people a lot when we say it.)

you couldn’t manage


this weight on your shoulders


cause i am a savage (ok, sir)


Leaving a trap (?) i’m stealing the pattern


i’m owing the pattern


put this into motion like rings on a Saturn (like the rings around the planet Saturn. Nice.)


Standing here batting like Brian Laura (a famous cricket player)

Getting lost like laura croft (the tomb raider; a video game reference)

Feeling top-heavy (extended metaphor to the weight on his shoulders)

Sayonara, saying nada (?) (sayonara is goodbye in Japanese that has been borrowed in English and saying nada means saying nothing)


feeling like super zane cause i’m going harder (this could be a reference to superman, but also a play on words for Super Saiyan which is a reference to a transformation from dragon ball z)


harder let it fade like we in the barber (reference to a haircut style)


going yorkshire like a martyr (martyr is someone who dies for a cause or because of their beliefs)


Paint a pic cause i’m still an artist


Fuck kanye beat him farting (sir, please)


call leo cause we departing (reference to Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Departed) (incredible movie btw)


Like a lion cause I put the heart in (reference to being lionhearted and probably his accomplishments in music)

no case, and it’s free ain’t charging

top tier because we set the margin (he set the bar for people to aspire to. Zayn, sir, let me give you a little piece of this humble pie over here.)


cue the booze we ain’t here to lose


ain’t in the box but i got the move (sounds like a reference to some game?)


tuned into your tv got the news yeah


yeah yeah we got the news

you have got to lose


what i got to lose? (rhetorical question. he’s got nothing to lose, essentially)


prescribe me like i’m Doctor Who (pharmaceutical and tv show reference)


i’m a shock to you’s

Tbh I don’t get any Zarry notes in these last 2 songs, therefore I won’t be spending my time transcribing and analyzing the last two songs. It took hours to do the first one and there is no real reward for doing it. As you might’ve guessed, my main interest is Zarry, not Zayn and Harry’s individual relationships and undertakings, like Zayn rapping about fatherhood and how great he is at everything. It’s far too time consuming and there is nothing relevant in these last two songs imo as far as Zarry is concerned and as far as my interest goes. Just more of him bragging and referencing being a dad blah blah no one cares. Bye.


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Suz Anna
Suz Anna
5 days ago

Could Yellow Tape be some sort of “damage control” after Yellow Metal was released? After YM was leaked, suddenly everything seemed to go bad between Zayn and the Hadids…If he wants to remain the heterosexual to the outside world then he needs the support of the Hadids…(He has very consciously chosen to have a child with a woman, so there will always be birthday pictures, pap walks and “happy” family photographs)

But he will continue his real love-life behind closed doors with Harry.;-)

Jasmine Hanson
Jasmine Hanson
5 days ago

It saddens me to see Zayn like this , i have always explained my frustration when it came to Zayn not aknowledging harry. I’m done being angry at him he should do what ever makes him and his bRoAD happy. I hope Khai doesn’t take after her mother when she grows up, harry should realise what Zayn is becoming and move on with david(i ship them soo hard since they acted in mp) and stop this nonsense with olivia.

5 days ago

I know Im definitely alone w this opinion but bc of that I felt need to express it. I really don’t understand why ppl are calling out Z. I personally feel that most rappers if u asked them believe that they r the best. Maybe bc it’s super competitive but I’ve never known rappers to come off anything but arrogant. It’s like every lyric, every rhyme, everything is a battle to be the best against the rest. I’ve watched rap battles, it’s amazing. But they sound like dicks tbh. Putting other rappers to shame while making themselves look good. I thk Z is just playing that battlers game. I dont necessarily like hearing Z talk like this bc it’s out there imo but it doesn’t bother me much. It’s just different. I don’t see a lot of the lyrics about H. I thk it’s about the other shit he internally wrestles with. Mostly, his family, and living situation. Of course I cld be waaaay off but I get no love for G/Hadids. Even that broad part looks like it was just to use that word multiple times and it feel very matter of fact, Idk. As wrong as it sds, I listened so deeply bc I’m a Zarry, hoping for more clues etc. Am I missing something? I don’t see why ppl r bothered. Was it the title? Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

5 days ago

😂 I’m so sorry I wanted to put a link to the page but got part of the page instead 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️! The video ought to be shorter. Says it’s 3 mins. It would be in keeping with the other lyrics about being a plan since the beginning and of his God like levels of mentality he was talking about. How Angel Number 47 Aligns us With Source
Angel number 47 may also be viewed as an expression of Master Number 11. When seeking the deeper meaning of a multi-digit angel number, you reduce that number to its lowest root number by adding the individual digits together.

In the case of angel number 47 you end up with Master Number 11, the number of great spiritual power and inspiration.

Angel number 47 is often indicative of a new and inspiring spiritually based career or calling that is in alignment with Source Energy and can help bring healing to all of humanity.

It will require hard work and diligent application, but you can trust your guardian angels and the Ascended Masters to be there, supporting you along the way.

5 days ago

It’s so fucking funny that the original links are back.

5 days ago

Unfortunately I think he has lost his grip on reality, I have never seen anyone look at another person the way he looked at that boy but times have changed. Why post it when Harry starts touring?? Starting to wonder if H dodged a bullet or lost the love of his life 😉