S.H.E. Harry’s Cosmetic Line

Harry’s is coming for the cosmetic and fragrance world!

I’ve just heard exclusively that Alessandro Michelle (creative director of Gucci) is shocked and feels betrayed that Harry has been playing him all along, and stealing corporate intelligence to outdo him with his own line.

Alessandro has since ordered that all remaining inventory of his fragrance collab with Harry be tossed out. Look, I don’t make the rules. I just deliver the news. This is a sad end to a once iconic friendship.

DISCLAIMER: This is a joke…

Who else is here for beauty influencer Harry?! If this is real and he actually does this, it would crack so many heads and end so many careers!! Harry is quite literally trying to take over the world right now. He needs to have several seats.

It all began when this fan posted a tweet on May 28th about Harry’s new company being registered in the UK, reportedly called Pleased As Holdings Limited (whatever the hell that means.) Apparently his longtime assistant Emma Spring is the co-director of this company as well.

Then a few days later on May 30th, Mike Adam (radio DJ and huge proponent of all the 1D boys solo careers over the years) tweeted out his own half-baked version of the news, claiming a trademark had been filed for Harry’s cosmetic line, which is speculated to be called “Styles, Harry Edwards.” This is what birthed all the rumors that the company would therefore naturally be called S.H.E.

Yup, that’s about it. Very little fact, very much rumor and speculation. Unfortunately for everyone involved, there seems to be no real, reliable source for this information, apart from the screenshot of the registry for Pleased As Holdings Limited. However, the speculation that it would be a cosmetics company may be warranted, as it is found within this registry towards the bottom.

However, the speculation that it will be called Styles, Harry Edward is easily debunked, since it seems to be derived from the manner in which his name is written at the top of the registry. Oh my lord, don’t people know that a lot of business documents list the last name first? Hahaha oh boy—I hate getting excited for nothing (as far as the name S.H.E. is concerned, but I am still excited if Harry is launching a cosmetics line!)

So that’s pretty much the end of this story, which was all generated by the rabid Twitter rumor mill. Take from it what you will, and remember nothing is confirmed yet, least of all that it will be called S.H.E.

But hey, at least we still have this:

Some of these replies are killing me:

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