Is There Any Hope For Zarry?

Yes, I’m going there. I’m asking the question I get asked a million times, and which none of us truly have the capability of answering. But I wonder what your thoughts or predictions are anyway.

I have a theory about how 2019 affected Zarry’s relationship and damaged them beyond repair. I’m not saying I know anything about where they stand now, but they are clearly in a bad and phony place together. That much is obvious. I also suspect we won’t know why things took a turn for the worst for many years to come. For now, we’re stuck in the middle of it. I’m very tired of it all, as are most of you. I’m also bored.

Ultimately I just want to know where you think Zarry stand now. Is there any hope for them? I don’t think this should become a post were we talk about how much we hate Holivia and Zigi since there is enough of that going on around here lol. Please let’s just try to focus on the Zarry relationship if we can. Can you see them ever being together? I’m going to be honest with you, I can’t. I believe the sanctity of their bond and any future potential relationship has been grossly desecrated. And I don’t think they are in contact or working things out behind the scenes. Personally, I feel they are done. But as always, I have no fucking clue where they stand and could be dead wrong about this.

I also believe these days that Zarry hate us (their minute group of supporters) and they like to insult our intelligence with all their fakery and inexplicable wishy washy behavior. Well, that’s ok because most days a lot of us hate them too. Lastly, if you do think Zarry are in fact over, what are some ways we can covert this passionate community into something useful going forward? Should we all just become Larries?? Hahahaahahahahaha

What? Too soon? Oh ok.

Here are some of Zarry’s greatest hits to jog your memory in case any of you have forgotten how good things used to be:

Was this post just a vehicle for me to have content for today and plug my old posts?

Yes…yes it was.

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187 thoughts on “Is There Any Hope For Zarry?

  1. Read passing question about a possible screening of DWD with a response confirming it and indicating it was just OK.

    1. Could we just forget about DWD at this point? I’m conflicted because I want to support Harry for his role but I do not want to support the film because of Olivia.

      Just give us My Policeman already!

      1. I feel it is so sad that because of the Olivia connection to Harry there has been a negative attitude about DWD. I don’t get it, sorry. The story line is so interesting and are we now not supporting his movie because of his choice in women? Whether they are PR or not, are we not proud of his accomplishments? The negative comments are upsetting…. IMO….tpwk

        1. Harry chose to directly involve himself with this woman outside of work, this is her film, and they will be onscreen together. If someone who is a fan of him doesn’t want to watch for those reason’s it’s their prerogative not to put money into Harry’s or Olivia’s pocket for their bullshit. This is not comparable to supporting Harry in his own concerts that have nothing to do with her and her baggage which has been bringing Harry down in the press for the past few months and which betrayed a good man. Also, this is a stan-free zone. We don’t blindly support anyone here. TPWK seemed to be an afterthought when it came to Jason, so we don’t need to be lectured with that virtue-signaling acronym. And you couldn’t pay me to watch DWD after that disgusting PR stunt and the truth being unveiled about how dirty Olivia did Jason.

          1. People choosing not to watch DWD after everything that unraveled behind this movie is a perfectly reasonable reaction, and people shouldn’t be made to feel bad or “unkind” for making that decision with their own money and time. Harry should learn not to shit where he eats.

    2. I think that’s why the release date was pushed back. If it was a good film that was going to live up to the hype it wouldn’t have been pushed back. If more mediocre or poor reviews come in it might not even go to the theaters and go only to a streaming network.

      I love Harry and want to support him but this whole thing between H and O was fishy from the minute he got this time. I hope his acting is on point and people see his abilities, but I also think his integrity is going to hurt him as an actor moving forward.

      For the PR, I think his and her camp thought the media would fall in love with the cutsiness of the relationship. They were counting on that to boost the film, H and O. They didn’t count on the public questioning the relationship as much as we are. They were also blindsided by J coming out and smashing it in his own career. J’s success is keeping O’s split in the forefront. And she is looking like the loser.

      1. Agree!! Well said! I think she should start a PR with another costar from the movie she is currently filming and release BUA so they hype for DWD start increasing once this mess is left behind!

  2. I personally think Zarry is not over at all, I think the more people find out about their secrets the more they cover up because Zayn likes to stay private. Should we believe that he is always locked up in the house the whole time he he doesn’t have a life and he only comes out when he is walking around with Gigi and Kai? What makes me believe Zarry is still together is because they both like theatricals the day they both stop acting, giving us clues, yes I will definitely believe they are over. The connections in every project they get involved in is just absurd. The fact that it’s one after the other it’s just ridiculous. We all know about the watermelon, policemen, the music videos and the music itself. But what are the odds that Zayn comic portraying a villain (evil) and a superhero(good) comes out and Harry is Starfox in a marvel movie. Their most romantic place is Italy and Harry decides to go there and be public with Olivia. I think the boys are playing us and the only way is to catch them red handed which I believe they are too smart to let that happen the truth is they don’t want anyone in their relationship they will reveal what they choose and when they want to.

    1. I honestly feel the same , anytime I think they are not together they drop hints , I just feel like they both are busy with their own stuff but still in contact. Like I feel like they are together without gigi and Olivia knowing and that zigi and holivia is just PR . And I am pretty sure harry and zayn’s parents and siblings know about it ,cuz Gemma really supports zayn a lot so I still have hope

  3. I just feel that more is below the surface than we think.Zayn is restless he has made choices they effect both of them.I also think there is more than 1reason over the yrs they have stayed a secret depending on time and circumstances. I feel perhaps Harry is with Olivia & also being a particular way in media his he needs to be perceived a certain way. I feel things may have fallen different for Zarry if his tour had gone ahead he would be toward the end of his tour he has to wait so ticket sales at this stage being his album came out over a year 1/2 ago yes it is still going strong but he has not started tour he needs to “keep speculation down” whilst in limbo.

    I do feel that they stopped contact after baby news one thing to be in relationship with a man whatever da hell their defunctional relationship is. Its another when a child is involved. Harry at end of Golden MV stopped he is waiting ball in Zayn court.

    But then in Zayn album he says can we save love and also in vibez you’re right where your meant to be but dont keep me waiting. I think Zayn doesnt know how to get out of the mess he created to get Harry back. I think things slowly unravelling time tells no lies.

  4. I just had to come here and tell you about my lovely experience yesterday when I opened my door to a Zayn lookalike! Think of him in “Dusk Till Dawn” era. Shaved white hair, slight beard. live in the Uk and this guy worked for the water company fixing our pipes. I swear I nearly fainted! I have never seen someone who looked so much like someone famous. You know how some lookalikes just don’t..even those who try to build a career on it. He had the same style.., same smile, but he tried to fool me by covering his tattoos. He was kind of shy too as we spoke. So like Zayn in his demeanour. Wow. I was all shaky for the rest of the day ha ha. There can’t be another Zayn, It must have been him ha ha. Isn’t it the 1D anniversary today??

    1. The one that came out yesterday is a version from 2018. InZayn keeps putting all these videos out using old stuff. I’m confused about just who this person is. All of the links to Zayn’s music are all listed in the description and it looks accurate. Is it a random fan or what? Anyway Annamayles, you can call up the original version on YT and it’s one of a bunch of covers and early Icarus Falls songs from early 2018. The version of Last Request from 2021 is separate and that’s the one he did right after Harry’s Golden video came out.

  5. Saw someone on twitter doing a comparison between H .. ‘o and the Gaga/Cooper pr relationship which reaped rich rewards all round. Events/staging is very similar. But there is very big difference in chemistry between “couples” i.e. believable and none .. let you get which is which. Plus H … ‘o is not logical for the film i.e. DWD is not a love story it’s supposedly a psychological thriller with H’s character is married to Flo’s character who is the central character. Wondering if the lead star had too much self respect to play pretend to promo a movie?

    1. Florence Pugh is in a relationship with Zach Braff and looks way too respectable to be in a BS, PR relationship.

  6. I feel sometimes fear of loosing a loved one works better than a love confession to help you understand a person’s worth.
    I think that is what Harry has realized. I feel Harry started being open after Zayn went away from him. Though both were physically away from each other. I feel mentally Zayn went away more with all the ZiGi thing. So Harry kind of experienced loosing Zayn more.
    I hope Holivia makes Zayn realize that he doesn’t have forever to say what is in his heart. It seems like an ultimatum from Harry’s side which am kind of glad for cause I think Zayn definitely needs a big push and I hope this does it for him.
    I mean only two things can happen, Zayn can think he has absolutely no chance and move on (like maybe getting married), giving Harry also a complete closure, allowing him to move on, or Zayn can actually take a chance with his and Harry’s relationship.

    1. Maybe holivia “engagement” rumours will nudge him in the right direction 🤔

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