Harry Styles Wears Peace Ring For DTD’s Anniversary

I’m intrigued, to say the least. You’ll remember on Tuesday September 7th that Harry’s peace ring that he’s been wearing since 2013 (and which inexplicably disappeared some time late last year or early this year) made a big return during his Denver, Colorado show. Read about that here:

Read about Harry’s very first Love On Tour show in Las Vegas here:

Well, as of his latest Love On Tour show in San Antonio, Texas on September 9th, the ring seems to have disappeared again. Which perhaps leads us to one conclusion: Harry only intended to wear the ring for that specific day? And therefore was making some sort of statement? Idek anymore. My head hurts from all this Zarry whiplash.

Harry Performing In Denver, Colorado On 9/7/2021 with the peace ring.
Harry Performing In San Antonio, Texas On 9/9/2021 sans the peace ring.

As always, fans wasted no time in constructing theories that deliberated why Harry would’ve returned the iconic and dearly missed ring for only one show. (And why the flip hasn’t he done the same with the rose ring because it’s been 84 years!!! I hate you Harry sm 😭😭😭😭😭😭 pleathe bring her back pleathe!!!)

I would love to know your thoughts and theories as well, but my favorite so far is that he wore the peace ring for the anniversary of Zayn’s Dusk Till Dawn on September 7th, which we all know was a deeply passionate song written about their relationship in 2017.

Wow we’ve have come such a long way from 2017, even though I didn’t know any of you then haha! Still, the impact of this song continues to resonate today. It is Zayn’s magnum opus in my opinion, and was made so by the impeccably delivered vocals, the heart-wrenching and carefully crafted lyrics, the allegorical storyline, and the fact that it was an almost a line-for-line response to Harry’s From The Dining Table released earlier that year.

Read my take on both songs here:

Many people even speculate that Zayn might’ve been in attendance at the Denver show (like he was at the June 2018 MSG show) based on the sudden return of the ring as well as some of Harry’s onstage behavior.

At the end of the day, we still have no solid clue as to what the peace ring means to Harry or where it even came from to begin with in 2013, but we would certainly love to find out!

Ugh, I’m sad.

What’s that? Did somebody say merch? Hah! I’m glad you asked! New merch is live now!


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1 month ago

Sooooo with that ring making an appearance (I mean, he had to take it with him and all, I’m just happy it still exists to begin with) and him kissing his tattoo I thought – OK, if Zayn posts smth *now*, I’m gonna die. Then I thought – yeah right, dream on. And then he posted a selfie. Consider me dead lol

ps. is it just me or are they both thriving in the absence of their respective G’s and O’s?? 😉

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