Harry Styles Says “Watermelon Sugar” Is About “The Female Orgasm”

“It’s also about the female orgasm, but that’s not relevant.”

-Harry Styles talking about Watermelon Sugar in Nashville, Tennessee

(Nashville is where the song was written back in 2017, right after he sang Girl Crush on the BBC in August. Also, Nashville was the first show he sang Girl Crush on tour in September because it’s the heart of country music in the US. )

Anyone “surprised” that he would say this is surprising me right now. The WS music video was overtly clear and rather heavy-handed with what he wanted you to “think” the song is about. I’m talking SUPER heavy-handed with the innuendos, like it was derived from the mind of a teenage boy who still giggles every time he hears the word vagina……or from a closeted man desperately trying to convince the world he enjoys eating pu$$y.

That’s why I’ve always said this song was to make us think Harry was obsessed with “pu$$Y” (said at 4:18 in the video below) and I made many snarky comments when it was first released as a single (some people may remember) but ultimately came to love it because it’s such a groove. Then I made this video where I acknowledged it was supposed to be about oral sex, but I just didn’t buy the female obsession from him.

It’s bullshit, and I believe that will bear out more and more over time. He is playing a role right now with Olivia (who attends many of his concerts btw and who was there in the audience when he said this. Surely we couldn’t expect him to say it was about “the male orgasm” in front of her.)

Olivia Wilde in Nashville, October 1, 2021

He says it in the video below around 2:13.

Unlike most people, I’m not upset about him saying this, as I get that he is pretending to be addicted to pu$$y because he has a female audience to enrapture. A lot of those girls will lose their zeal for him once they discover he likes dick! *gasp*

Harry’s rather obvious shtick has always been to remain super “woke” as well as “unlabeled” so as not to alienate any member of his audience, and to also create an allure that keeps people guessing. In some respects I do believe he wants to create a place for anyone from any walk of life to feel safe at his concerts, but some of his tactics are rather…transparent. I’ll leave it at that.

As far as his refusing to label himself as bi or pan, but also still trying to walk the line between straight and gay, jumping back and forth to either side whenever it’s convenient, I find it deceitful, and he has been doing it for years. Hence only dating female models publicly, and doing that obnoxiously conspicuous and calculated exchange of clothes with them to catch headlines.

Here is an excerpt from my old post on Cherry:

Hmm…unfortunately Harry tends to play this little superficial game with all of his public girlfriends, or as I like to call them, beards. So if he does it for everyone, how on earth can it be special?

The infamous paper airplane necklace.
The shirt.
Again, shirt.
Hats. Sigh.
Shirt and coat. Bored yet?

So this WS antic in Nashville is not anything new from him. But what I’m personally upset about is that he would never openly admit to his love of men or male orgasms like this, so it makes his doing it about females very cheap and lame. For all he does to try to be “open” about his relationship with Zayn, at the end of the day he can still be quite full of shit when it comes to wanting a “lady-loving” image out there. Which is what I said yesterday in this post: The Rise Of Eleanor Calder vs Gigi Hadid. But I will always give him credit for trying in 2019. He really did try. 💔

But unfortunately it’s not fair to say “just deal with the things he does” because he’s secretly bi or pan or “oh he doesn’t want to be labeled” and we’re supposed to believe that is somehow empowering or courageous of him. No, actually one could argue (not necessarily me) that it is quite cowardly and calculated, because it makes him more marketable, and that is a strategic PR ploy. He wants to play to both sides, and that is why he is often labeled a “queerbaiter” by many angry folks.

The message he sent in his 2019 Rolling Stone article, writen by Rob Sheffield was “oh I’m not holding these flags up because they are a reflection of me, they are just for other people to feel heard and seen, blah blah, I’m full of shit.”

I don’t agree that he is a queerbaiter, though, and I’ll go to my grave on that. I think he is a very confused lad, who has been in a fucked up secret relationship with another confused dude since he was a teenager, and I believe it has often caused him to question his gender and his sexuality, and try to walk the line between masculinity and femininity so confusedly. (That’s my personal interpretation, it doesn’t have to be yours.)

So why can’t the gay parts be fake and calculated and not the female-loving parts? Because this.

Also, no one is saying “don’t like females” when we criticize Zayn and Harry’s PR games. It’s the fact that they choose to elevate their often phony relationships with these females over their attraction to men and over their relationship with each other that bothers me. Being closeted and not announcing to the world that you like men is one thing, but when you are actively going out of your way to sell a lie because it serves your ego and lends you the ideal image for your career, then that is reprehensible, and they both are guilty of it.

Side Note:

Remember, the only time Harry has ever looked convincingly attracted to a female was Zayn in drag. And there is a reason for that.

This is why I haven’t really been covering his concerts with zeal and squealing about what color his fingernails are and how many times he kisses his hearts. I’ve really tried to care for you all, and came back for him singing TBSL because I was not here for the discrimination of that song, but I think it’s clear I’m in a really bad headspace with both Zayn and Harry right now lol.


None of the stuff Harry theoretically-maybe-possibly does for zArRy of late matters to me right now because he is still simultaneously lying and forcing us to watch the lie every night at his concerts while he desecrates his entire discography by having her there dancing like a lunatic for headlines.

We can’t give him credit for being “open” (ever since Holivia started) if we are going to turn around and criticize Zayn for bullshitting with Gigi while doing impotent shit to be connected with Harry. We have to treat them the same or it’s not fair. In my eyes, Harry took a huge step back with Holivia this year, and it shows with him going out of his way to say this about Watermelon Sugar almost two years after it was released in front of her. It almost seems like Harry is trying to erase the things he did in 2019, and overshadow the Zayn elements in his music of late, and that’s the part that really hurts. But I suppose we can’t really blame him. Still, it sucks.

And if you want to say oh we have to support the bullshit because they’re “closeted” then you go right ahead and do you. Support them all you want! I do not support lies, and in my opinion there is nothing noble (or deserving of sympathy) in either of them living a lie anymore. It is a lie by omission of a critical truth.

Anyway, did someone say Merch? No? Ok well here’s a link anyway:


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15 days ago

When Beyonce sang about this (W) Urban Dictionary said it was about the male orgasm. When H was ambiguous to WS meaning, I took it to mean male and female because of what Beyonce sang and because H was being open. I don’t buy his explanation 2 years later.

16 days ago

The thing I noticed is while just skimming my phone, I have seen 2 articles about Harry’s statement. Saying it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s like it’s so important that they drill that he is talking about a “female” and in no way a male. The fact that out of all the things they could report about in entertainment but that one statement needs a full article is just more of the media working to keep any doubts about his sexuality null and void like they have been doing for years. If he’s ok with that, then so be it.😔

16 days ago

To add to my last post……. think about it.
Zayn never gave Harry pap walks or any kind of public affection post 1D. He hasn’t come out and openly praised H or his music on social media. He’s even went so far as doing the opposite, saying they never talked and shaming the same Grammys Harry was nominated and performed.
In Harrys eyes, Olivia is everything Zayn wasn’t. He is likely caught up in it and basking in her affection because he has been lacking it so much from Zayn who can’t even communicate clearly!
I just think H has in rose colored glasses rn. He isn’t realizing that Olivia is quite obviously taking advantage of him and his fame. I think it is why he has been acting so out of character. He’s still messed up in the head from Zayn and it’s caused him to be swept up in Olivia without a care in the world.
He has lost his careful manner and woke behavior. In a way, H reminds me of someone rebelling and just doing all the things they shouldn’t or couldn’t before.
Like Disney child stars who almost always have a rebellious period, Harry is rebelling in his own way rn. That’s my take.

16 days ago

You hit the nail on the head! I will always love Harry and Zayn. they just upset me.
I haven’t been happy with Harrys actions for a while now. I EXPECT Zayn to do the BS he does (still doesn’t make it ok). But not H.
Harry was so close to being fully himself without caring about media perception. every step he takes in the opposite direction gives me heartache.
Often when ppl rebound from a serious relationship they let themselves believe they’re in love with the rebound. it’s always fast-paced too like Holivia. But sooner or later they realize they copy and pasted their feelings for their previous lover and that it was all in their head.
I’m hoping Harry has this realization soon bc Some days I truly think Harry believes he is in love with her and isn’t as repulsed by her as many feel. He’s simply hurting still and likely is trying to numb that pain or distract from it. He’s not thinking clearly.
That’s my assumption. I could be wrong 🤷‍♀️
Just hoping he realizes the risk he takes with these actions bc if I didn’t believe in Zarry, I could understand why ppl may feel misled by him or that he queer-baits.

18 days ago

So frustrating but I just like to believe for my own sanity that Harry mentioned the meaning of WS as a deliberate wind up to that audience member called Roger whom he apologised to afterwards. There was evidence of the cheeky Harry we know and love right there. But would he still have said it had “Roger” not been there? It was risky of him to say it especially as I was thinking how good it was a few weeks back when he was asking his team to remove offensive placards and supposedly getting annoyed with the audience constant refs to baby cats etc.Then he goes and confirms it. Harryyyyy!!!! (wags finger)

Beulah De jager
Beulah De jager
18 days ago

I think H does this still to protect z and now he has to protect Khai too if any of their prior relationship leaked there will be consequences not just for them for her too. I do not condone their behaviour because so much people are involved in this and it is trully sad that they dont realize, whatever the world might think of them as a couple, it does not matter because God is not going to ask anyones opinion about you, your going to be judged for your own choices.
Beyonce mentioned in her song drunk in love about drinking watermelon it is semen

Angela Stathis
Angela Stathis
18 days ago

What I’m about to say maybe will piss off some people but THAT’S not my intention… It’s my personal opinion about something that I read in this post..

I can understand the frustration that most of zarries have right now up to a point… Harry is “going” backwards, say things that its bs and most of us we can see through it.. His nannafriend (girlfriend is not applied to her) is always there and got attention and she is pathetic (at least).. I’m pissed off with those too, believe me..

What I can’t understand is why there are a lot of people saying that they will stop supporting or listen to his music… I’m not saying that we “have to” but, let’s see what’s the next album sounds like and then ok, if somebody doesn’t like it,  don’t listen to it and don’t support him… But saying that you won’t support his music cause of what he is doing in his personal life seems too harsh to me…

Neithe alben
Neithe alben
18 days ago

“female orgasm” yea.. sure sweety we believe you :). I just couldn’t concentrate whatever he said because I was so.. invested in what he wore and dayum… I have never seen a man who looks so good in a vest before.

18 days ago

I found this edit on Pinterest a few months ago & remembered I saved it. Here’s what I feel about Holivia now. Here’s to your new life Harry you womanizer you.

18 days ago

Nice ,post.

If I am not mistaken, before you said the MV is more friendly than sexual or He is among kindred spirits ?? (i rephrase that.)

If U remember pls elaborate on that 😅

18 days ago

I agree with you 1000%!!! It didn’t surprise me that he said it, but it did cause me to roll my eyes and shake my head. Why not just say “human orgasm”?! The “female” thing just sounds like he’s trying way too hard. It’s not a cute look from someone who said they’re “not ever going back” If H likes women as well as men, fine by me. But, regressing to this stuff is beneath him. Ugh… anyhow, he did look AMAZINGLY HOT in the vest!

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