Harry & David Holding Hands

Oddly, I was under the impression that My Policeman had wrapped filming a while ago. But it looks like they haven’t wrapped just yet! Good for us!

Harry was spotted arriving in Venice, Italy on June 14, 2021, and boy, he didn’t disappoint. He looked stunning as always, providing us with a bunch of effortless thirst-traps (which were basically just candid stills of him merely existing.)

Then today (June 15, 2021) came the real juicy stuff. Harry is filming with David again, but alone this time and in a romantic setting. Venice, Italy. (*heart sputters*) I don’t think any of us were prepared for this!

Harry looks positively delectable! Gosh he is impossibly gorgeous…

David looks so elegant and regal. What a King fit for Prince Harry!

They were even holding hands on the boat!!


You’re not prepared for this part!

Ugh, I can’t take it. If we get a kiss between them today on the streets I will screammmmm!!

He’s being such a gentleman and an angel with David. I bet they fall in love. (**sighs softly** RIP Zarry and Holivia)

Would love to know what you’re thinking about all this. Especially the handhold and the video of them walking arm-in-arm. I’m so soft right now, I can’t deal with this.

No, not like this…I’m not ready yet.

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85 thoughts on “Harry & David Holding Hands

  1. Love how visible and open so much of the filming has been. Built a familiarity with the characters and an anticipation for the film in a very easy natural way. In the main these visible scenes have been “happy” … feel as though the unseen scenes will impact more strongly for the contrast. Excited for the surprises waiting in the darkness …

  2. It’s so awww 🥰 but seriously when MP comes out bye bye me I lived a good life and when they ask my cause of death…my river of tears did it 😭😭… and I’m not being over dramatic I swear… ok probably but most likely not

  3. In IG that they have posted a video and a sort of testimony from a fan that some girls “attacked” the van where Harry was in break the window and having him hurt…. i have saved the post but I don’t know how to upload it here…. hope Harry is OK…

    1. It’s false dear. don’t believe it. It was a rumour which started in 2017 and has now re surfaced.

    2. Not sure if this is new. There was exactly the same story a few years ago. As far as I remember, when he was on tour in Mexico.

  4. Okay but what if harry and david start to date in real life? I wish I had never discovered this zarry shit. Its killing meeeeee

  5. This tiny bit of intimacy is killing me already. Nobody is going to survive watching this in a movie theatre (not with all the girls screaming at the screen anyways haha.. How is he even able to act with all those fans around? How does he do the switching between waving Harry and actor Harry? HOW? And how is he such a gentle flirty angel helping David out of the boat? In other words: how tf does Harry Styles even exist?? aaaaa…..

    1. I don’t know how he exists.

      I like watching reaction videos on YouTube and I was watching one to the video for “Lights Up” and when it came to the rave/orgy scenes the reactor was speculating that they could have been using some drugs or alcohol because it’s not unusual for such scenes in music videos and he was making the comment during one of the scenes where Harry is laying back into the crowd of people with his eyes closed, then he pops his eyes open smiles and moves the camera , so he wasn’t partying, he was working and the reactor was stunned at how he went in and out of character.

  6. Hey AD I don’t know if this is real or not but people are saying that when Harry arrived in Venice that his nail polish looked like the red nobody is listening face. Just wondering what people’s take on this is. Loving the posts btw Xx

    1. NIL painted fingernail on arrival. blue bandana peakin out of pocket on departure. two totally unrelated completely random coincidences. no clues to be found here it’s all photoshopped. i repeat no clues to be found here

      1. I really hope it’s his way of showing Z that he’s got H’s love and support. Z must be feeling so alone among the fake friends…

        1. im sure thats exactly what h is doing and that h stands behind him no matter what decision. more interesting is that h is showing this very publicly

        1. i actually thought you joking until i did a little search – those crazy wild folks think its about l. ah no bandana always been h&z i think z started h wearing them. z has bandana tattoo

          1. You i got attacked by larries😥 after i said that Zayn gave Harry the first bandana ever!! They say that he first wore a BLUe one during some project

            Lk can’t they not do their research first b4 attacking ppl🤦‍♀️

    2. Actually it is true. I thought that the zarries were blowing things out of proportion for nothing. But when I check the officially released photos, Harry had a NIL nail art on one finger. Many were saying that the nail polish had chipped away but given the way the nail looked, it was impossible for the polish to chip that way. It was a nail art for sure.

  7. I feel physically jealous seeing Harry close to anyone else than Zayn:) No matter if it’s a man or a woman. The same goes for Zayn. Because Harry and Zayn are a perfect match in my opinion. However, as probably all of us Zarries, I love Harry with all my heart and I want him to be happy. With all his fullness he deserves it cause he’s such an exceptional human being. I’m dying impatiently for his next album just to know what’s in his thoughts right now. This man (I mean Harry) is just perfect 🙂

    1. I can help but think Harry took this film to maybe show Zayn that two men could be together without the world falling apart. I think Harry is still very much in love with Zayn. The colors Harry wears is mostly yellow and with the movie all you could see mostly was the women co-star was wearing yellow and green. Harry has been seen with some color that him and Zayn shared. He is wearing the gold cross again with the banana chair with it. If he were into Olivia wouldn’t that be weird?

      1. Yes absolutely! There are so many similarities in the book. And also parts of the novel that can be linked back to things they have said in interviews or done on stage or sang in their music !
        Yes , yellow features very prominently in the book. The first time they describe a yellow item in detail was Marion’s swimming cap which is yellow with white daises (same as the shirt Harry was wearing in WS) , then describe yellow dress of Patrick’s assistant and he refers to her as being “ Golden” in the sunlight .
        Also JALBOYH when Tom asks Patrick to share him.
        Lights Up ( when Patrick decides that’s he never wants to go back into the dark)
        Marion reference to Tom looking lovingly at a picture of an Indian boy ( Z is Pakistani )
        The Statue of Icarus in the museum ( Z’s Icarus Falls)
        A part that made me laugh was Patrick’s fetish for Fingers. 😂😂😂We’ve seen Harry nonchalantly putting his fingers in Zayn’s mouth and Zayn seemingly enjoying it!!! It was funny that it came up quite often in the book. Zayn’s song Fingers and Harry wearing a T-shirt which looked like the cover of Z’s single for Fingers … there is soooo many details that are easy to pick up as Dark Zarry

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