Harry Fired Charlotte Anne Clark

It looks like Harry has a thing for firing his keyboardists. Charlotte Anne Clark, the pretty girl with the wheat colored hair is regrettably the latest on the chopping block.

Here are the updated shows for Harry’s upcoming tour, sans Ms. Clark:

Oh, Charlotte, we hardly knew ye.

Turns out she’s actually a super talented solo artist who released her own music in 2020 while Harry’s band was on a hiatus due to covid.

Recently Shama-lama-ding-dong answered a question on her IG stories about whether she would be joining Harry’s band again for Love On Tour. Here is her answer:

And there we have it. Old Charlemagne was let go for reasons she doesn’t understand. What that means is 1) Harry and his team were either vague about why she was fired in the first place, 2) She knows why and doesn’t agree with the reason she was fired which is why she still doesn’t understand why they did it, 3) She is being silenced through an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and is legally unable to state why she was let go. Sad times.

I really don’t know how I feel about this. Sherman Oaks seems like a nice enough girl and is pretty talented. I can’t see her doing something terribly objectionable where she needed to be fired, or not being good enough for the standard of the band, because again she’s really talented. Therefore, we’re left to speculate. And I believe she may’ve been let go because she began pursuing her own music career during the hiatus.

That still seems like an odd move on Harry’s part, though, because he’s known for letting smaller or upcoming artists from different genres tour with him to get more exposure. But I suppose maybe old Charlemagne here was considered a conflict of interest? Since she was a solo artist, maybe he didn’t want her involved with the behind the scenes of his unreleased music and private operations. That’s understandable, I suppose. I dunno. Don’t ask me. Whatever.

What a shame. She’s so pretty and pure-looking. I guess if women aren’t twice Harry’s age then he finds no true use for them. Hahahahahahahaa…see what I did there? No? Not funny? Alright.

Earlier I mentioned Harry had a thing for firing his keyboardists, because if you remember following his first tour, his lovely keyboardist Clare Uchima also disappeared without explanation.

However, we don’t actually know if Clare was fired by Harry or if she left of her own volition to pursue her solo career, which is very possible. She still follows him and Zayn, and Niall as well. Harry also follows her. I would imagine if there was any bad blood between them they would’ve unfollowed each other eventually.

What I always loved about Clare, apart from her talent and beauty, was that she followed Zayn in December 2017 out of the blue, and I always suspected it was because she had met him or Harry had been talking about him. She did not follow any other 1D member, despite the fact that Harry was still theoretically “friends” with them. To date, she still follows Harry and Zayn, and eventually followed Niall too, but that was long after she followed Zayn in 2017. Sigh.

Now this is as of today:

I suppose there is nothing else to do here but wish the best for Charlotte Ann Clark on her journey through music, and see what becomes of this new Harry who even his own fans aren’t really digging at the moment. I will always love him, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit things seem to be weird lately.

Lmfao some of these are so dramatic, please.

Should Britney Spears’ Conservatorship End?

Conservatorships are legally binding arrangements intended to help incapacitated persons who can no longer care for themselves or their financial affairs. It is intended to protect these vulnerable persons from exploitation and abuse. However, in the case of Britney Spears, she alleges that her 13-year-old conservatorship has been used as a vehicle to do the very things it was established to protect her from (exploitation and abuse) by none of than her own father: James Parnell Spears.

PAGE ONE: What Led To The Conservatorship

PAGE TWO: Britney’s Cries For Help

Like many, I first discovered that Britney was in a conservatorship when the infamous hashtag #freebritney trended on Twitter a few months ago. Before then, I had been completely unaware Britney was placed in a conservatorship of both her person and her estate since her public unraveling back in 2007.

Following the birth of two children and a divorce from her husband of two years (Kevin Federline) Britney reportedly experienced a bout with alcohol and substance abuse (and likely postpartum depression.)

While being relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi, her parenting choices were often brought under scrutiny and harshly criticized, most notably in 2006 when she was caught driving with one of her infant sons on her lap.

Naturally, this rather bizarre behavior was concerning for many onlookers, seeing a child put in imminent danger by it’s own mother in public. My personal instinct is to then wonder at the things taking place behind closed doors if she was behaving this recklessly in public.

I believe her excuse was that she was trying to protect the child while being hounded by paparazzi, but the paps denied this claim. It’s also just poor logic, seeing as how the child is in far more danger on her lap in front of that steering wheel, held haphazardly with one arm in a moving vehicle, rather than safely in a car seat while paps take pictures from a distance. She also reportedly justified the moment by saying it’s what her father used to do with her all the time.

Following her public unraveling, in which she shaved her head and subsequently attacked a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella, Britney temporarily lost custody of her children to ex-husband Federline and was only granted visitation.

Around January 2008, Britney officially lost full custody of her two children, and even had her visitation suspended after refusing to return the children to Kevin, as well as skipping out on a court-ordered drug/alcohol test. After a standoff with police in her Beverly Hills home, she was taken out of the house on a stretcher and 5150’ed (meaning she was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility and thought to be a danger to herself and others.)


The court in Los Angeles issued the ruling after Spears was arrested and stretchered away from her home by ambulance earlier today after refusing to hand her children over to Federline.

A four-hour standoff at the troubled singer’s Beverly Hills mansion began at 7pm on Thursday (0300 GMT) when she refused to hand her sons, two-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden James, over to the children’s father.

Police officers arrived at Spears’ home at around 8pm. She finally turned over the children at around 10.50pm, according to the Los Angeles police department.

As a result of Britney’s very public mental health crisis and her life falling to shambles, her father James Spears (aka Jamie Spears) stepped in and was granted a conservatorship of both her person and her estate. Here’s what that looks like, according to The Associated Press:

With a fortune of more than $50 million comes secrecy, and the court closely guards the inner workings of Spears’ conservatorship. Some aspects have been revealed in documents. The conservatorship has the power to restrict her visitors. It arranges and oversees visits with her sons, ages 14 and 15; father Kevin Federline has full custody. It has the power to take out restraining orders in her name, which it has used more than once to keep away interlopers deemed shady. It has the power to make her medical decisions and her business deals. She said at Wednesday’s hearing that she has been compelled to take drugs against her will, has been kept from having an intrauterine device for birth control removed and has been required to undertake performances when she didn’t want to. Legally, Spears can get married, but the conservatorship must approve it as with other major life decisions. Spears said Wednesday that she wants to get married and have another child, but has been denied the chance to do either.

Her father has largely been in charge through the years, and the stereotypical image of a parent preying on a famous child’s fortune fuels the enmity against James Spears and the conservatorship, though his every move is scrutinized by the court. From 2008 until 2019, he had power over her life choices, and he and attorney Andrew Wallet controlled her money. Now, he has financial control only, and must share that role with the Bessemer Trust, an estate-management firm. Jodi Montgomery, a court-appointed professional, now acts as conservator over her personal matters.

Apart from the multitude of obvious ways a conservatorship robs the conservatee of their agency (in addition to the emotional consequences and loss of autonomy from being a child celebrity) I find it particularly troubling that Britney is not even allowed to appoint her own legal counsel to look into the matter of the conservatorship on her behalf. Nor can they defend her if untoward things are occurring among the conservators.

A conservatee is well and truly trapped, because they are deemed mentally incapacitated, and therefore have no say in how they should be treated or how their life should be ran. They are also not considered good judges of character when deciding who should be in control of their lives. That’s why this situation is so legally perplexing: Britney is essentially the only one who can prove she is being abused, yet she has also been deemed mentally inept, and is therefore not a credible enough witness to help substantiate these allegations in the eyes of the court.

Thankfully for Britney, she was recently granted the right to choose her own legal counsel, something she has fought for since Day One of her conservatorship back in 2008, when she attempted to hire a lawyer but he was not allowed to represent her in court. Her conservatorship attorney since then (Samuel D. Ingham III) was court-appointed. However, he recently resigned, opening a window for Britney to request new representation of her own choosing.

Britney’s former court appointed attorney: Samuel D. Ingham III,

However, I can also see the other side of this dilemma. Despite having much sympathy for her and hoping she ultimately receives justice, I am still capable of understanding why Britney wasn’t allowed to choose her own legal counsel for so long. Enter: Sam Lutfi, her supposed ex-manager who allegedly sent her further down the path of destruction after they met in 2007 and he tried to take control of her life.

His influence over Britney proved detrimental to her health and her career, as he allegedly forced her to take drugs to remain under his control, as well as severed her communication with her family to ensure she could not be saved. As a result of his relentless efforts to maintain influence over Britney even after her father stepped into the picture, in 2009 her family requested and were granted a restraining order to keep Sam out of contact with themselves as well as the star. The restraining order was renewed in 2019.


In April, Spears posted an Instagram video in which she spoke to fans after being admitted to a mental health facility and accused Lutfi of fabricating emails from her.

‘Don’t believe everything you read and hear,’ she wrote in the caption. ‘These fake emails everywhere were crafted by Sam Lutfi years ago… I did not write them. He was pretending to be me and communicating with my team with a fake email address. My situation is unique, but I promise I’m doing what’s best at this moment.’”

PAGE TWO: Britney’s Cries For Help

Is There Any Hope For Zarry?

Yes, I’m going there. I’m asking the question I get asked a million times, and which none of us truly have the capability of answering. But I wonder what your thoughts or predictions are anyway.

I have a theory about how 2019 affected Zarry’s relationship and damaged them beyond repair. I’m not saying I know anything about where they stand now, but they are clearly in a bad and phony place together. That much is obvious. I also suspect we won’t know why things took a turn for the worst for many years to come. For now, we’re stuck in the middle of it. I’m very tired of it all, as are most of you. I’m also bored.

Ultimately I just want to know where you think Zarry stand now. Is there any hope for them? I don’t think this should become a post were we talk about how much we hate Holivia and Zigi since there is enough of that going on around here lol. Please let’s just try to focus on the Zarry relationship if we can. Can you see them ever being together? I’m going to be honest with you, I can’t. I believe the sanctity of their bond and any future potential relationship has been grossly desecrated. And I don’t think they are in contact or working things out behind the scenes. Personally, I feel they are done. But as always, I have no fucking clue where they stand and could be dead wrong about this.

I also believe these days that Zarry hate us (their minute group of supporters) and they like to insult our intelligence with all their fakery and inexplicable wishy washy behavior. Well, that’s ok because most days a lot of us hate them too. Lastly, if you do think Zarry are in fact over, what are some ways we can covert this passionate community into something useful going forward? Should we all just become Larries?? Hahahaahahahahaha

What? Too soon? Oh ok.

Here are some of Zarry’s greatest hits to jog your memory in case any of you have forgotten how good things used to be:

Was this post just a vehicle for me to have content for today and plug my old posts?

Yes…yes it was.

Jason Spills The Truth About Harry + Olivia

We all know the saying, “Hurt people hurt people.” And I believe this is what motivated Harry to go forward into this inexcusable and disgusting situation, even if he wasn’t entirely sure of Olivia’s betrayal of Jason. How tragic. As for Olivia, well, it turns out she’s just as manipulative and pathetic as we all suspected her to be. Harry, you idiot.

Read more of my thoughts on Olivia Wilde here:

Jason Sudeikis has finally broken his silence on the Holivia situation, and things aren’t looking good for the “homewrecking” couple that sent everyone hurling (🤢🤮) with their recent try-hard yacht show.

Jason has now confirmed he and Olivia did in fact split in November 2020, immediately once Harry started filming for Don’t Worry Darling. And remember, long before filming begins there are months worth of meetings, rehearsals, table reads, fittings, etc. This matters because it shows the timelines of the two relationships are murky at best, and converge at worst, meaning she cheated on him with Harry.

Regardless of whether she cheated or not, this new information does in fact prove she ditched her finance of 7 years and the father of her 2 small children for a singer who is 10 years younger than her, wears dresses and penis necklaces, and who hasn’t been in a stable relationship for longer than a few months at a time. How laughable and mid-life crisis of her.

Here’s what Jason had to say about the situation when speaking to GQ for their August 2021 issue. In this excerpt he is implying that he is still unsure of exactly why and when things ended with Olivia (meaning she was likely cheating on him with Harry; even if it was just emotionally) and he still doesn’t understand why things ended the way they did. Poor guy.

“He and Wilde, he said, no longer share the house. They split up, according to Sudeikis, “in November 2020.” The end of their relationship was chronicled in a painful, public way in the tabloids after photos of Wilde holding hands with Harry Styles surfaced in January, setting off a flurry of conflicting timelines and explanations. Sudeikis said that even he didn’t have total clarity about the end of the relationship just yet.

(This means when the handhold pictures came out, he was still unsure about why he and Olivia actually ended. Remember the pictures of her clinging to him and holding him in November and December? Pure manipulation. Trying to confuse him. That’s so fucked up. God she’s desperate.)

“I’ll have a better understanding of why in a year,” he said, “and an even better one in two, and an even greater one in five, and it’ll go from being, you know, a book of my life to becoming a chapter to a paragraph to a line to a word to a doodle.”

Right now he was just trying to figure out what he was supposed to take away, about himself, from what had happened. “That’s an experience that you either learn from or make excuses about,” he said. “You take some responsibility for it, hold yourself accountable for what you do, but then also endeavor to learn something beyond the obvious from it.”

My heart breaks for him so badly. He seems like a good man and a dutiful father, and he’s left wondering why this happened to him out of the blue, having no choice but to question his own self-worth and reevaluate everything that took place, all by himself because this desperate succubus blindsided him and didn’t communicate with him.

Don’t worry darling Jason, Olivia will deeply regret the day she ran off with Harry Styles. She has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. That young man is deeply damaged and carrying a level of emotional baggage she couldn’t even begin to fathom. And the sad thing is he doesn’t even want her for her. She’s deluded and having a good time feeling desired by someone young and super successful, but in truth she’s nothing more than an expendable tool and a distraction from the baggage he admitted he can’t unpack or get rid of. Wow these people are so fucked up. All the way around. (And that’s coming from someone who’s also fucked up myself.)

I am so beyond disappointed with Harry, and I have criticized him quite a lot in the last post when I suspected this was the case with Jason all along (like all of you did too.) I’m glad we were proven right. But I still have a soft spot in my heart for Harry because we know what he has been through with Zayn, and we saw the way he exposed himself with Fine Line, and we saw the way Zayn got Gigi pregnant immediately afterwards in what I deem to be a cowardly move.

I believe this overwhelming rejection, in addition to the baby, has resulted in Harry losing sight of himself, his self-worth, and his values. He doesn’t even care about his image right now and is allowing Olivia and her gross mid-life crisis bullshit to trample all over it, which is horrifying. She is NOT worth it. Not one bit. And he doesn’t even look ok, as much as he tried to be convincing with her in Italy. He looks dead inside, and those moments when he is unguarded and not trying to interact with her for the cameras demonstrated that the most. We all wanted Harry to move on and he did, it just sucks that this manipulative leech was there to gather him up.

Despite me being disgusted with his choice of partner and disappointed with him stepping out of his character and forcing PDA for the paps, I don’t blame him for what happened to Jason. I believe he was also lied to about the Jason situation by Olivia. Something about her reeked of desperation and underhandedness to me, and now we have it confirmed. And I think in pursuing Harry, she did everything she could to convince him she was single. He only knows what she tells him, and if she told him she and Jason were separated, then of course he’s going to take her at her word.

This is essentially what happened with Harry, Jason, and Olivia in my book. So fucking gross. Except Jason wasn’t also working on the same movie with them like this guy’s wife was.

Meaning, it’s the equivalent of how one can’t necessarily blame the other woman in a cheating scandal, because she was likely lied to by the man as well. I believe that is the case with Harry. He is the other woman. We know Harry’s heart. We know he’s a good guy. And I believe his own heartache and wanting to “move on” kept him from asking the pertinent questions and being more cautious about trusting her in the beginning.

I hope he gets away from that mid-life crisis fast. He doesn’t need her stink on him. It’s better to be alone and miserable than to be a part of wrecking another home (with children) out of heartbreak. He and Olivia’s relationship is not built on anything wholesome. Much like Zigi, it is built on self-serving lies, whoring for PR, and involves a mentally tormented and closeted man. Both relationships are also being driven by shameless clout-chasing women in the pubic eye. Pathetic. Bye.

Get your shit together, Harold. You’re better than this.

Newsflash: We still don’t know if she cheated on Jason with Harry. That is still speculation and Jason did not confirm or deny that. Like I mentioned in the post above, at the very least we know she cheated on him emotionally, and Harry has nothing to do with that. What my issue has always been with Holivia was the fakery on Harry’s part, and her leaving her fiancé of 7 years (and the father of her children) for an employee who is also 10 years younger and who has never been in a stable relationship. I think it was reckless for her kids, which is something I said in my Q&A video over a month before the truth came out. And that’s because I sensed desperation in her, sort of like a mid-life crisis.

Turns out Olivia Wilde was actually married before to a filmmaker by the name of Tao Ruspoli, from 2003-2011, who she also left. This adds a whole new layer of ick for me and continues to validate the bad feelings I have about her intentions for Harry. God I hope he smartens up and gets the fuck away from this mess.

Gigi’s Idiotic Request For Khai (Rant)

“We want her to live as normal a life as possible without having to worry about a public image that she didn’t ask for.”


I tried to avoid this clownery, I really did. But people keep talking about it, and I needed quick and easy content for today, so here we are.

THIS IS PRIVILEGE AT PLAY. Bare-faced and moronic. I’m just appalled that someone could be so entitled as to ask the entire world to blur her baby’s face in photographs just because she wants to take her outside to “sEe nEw yOrK”??? Are you fucking kidding me? Please tell me she’s kidding??

If you don’t want your baby to be seen, don’t bring her outside in public, and if you absolutely must bring her outside, don’t walk down the street with her, and if you must walk down the street with her, then keep her covered up. It’s that simple. Personal responsibility. Those are all things YOU can do to fix this false dilemma you’ve created for yourself. Don’t pawn it off on the entire world to deal with YOUR problem as if the general public is obliged to help you with YOUR parenting.

Stop thinking the world owes you special treatment just because you’re a “mama.” Stop trying to act like a superwoman who is the first person to ever have a baby and who needs to revolutionize what it means to have a famous baby in New York. Also stop trying to act virtuous, it’s incredibly cringe and transparent. Also, stop trying to use your baby to gain sympathy by creating a false dilemma around her where you must “cover her uber expensive stroller in public” to protect her from the world. Just fucking stop. This is batshit crazy at this point. What laughable, first-world, elitist problems that no one on this planet with real problems gives a fuck about. (Sort of like Zayn whining about how unfair the Grammys are.)

It’s no one else’s fault that you choose to stifle and smother your baby in public, while also being dumb enough to expose her day in and day out to MILLIONS of followers online. Khai is exposed to far more creeps, pedos, haters, and deranged fans (who stan babies) on your Instagram account than she would ever be on a walk down the street in New York; even if she was photographed by a pap or two.

It’s not like they’re going to jam their camera down into the stroller to get a good angle. It’ll be no different than what she has already experienced on those stupid staged pap walks with her uber famous daddy and mommy needing to be out pushing her around together. The only difference is that people will see her face. Why is that a bad thing? Especially when they have seen her crib, her room, her clothes, her entire body, and the back of her head 8,000 times. Whether her face is showing or not people still know who she is, because YOU have intimately acquainted the world with exactly how she has looked through every stage of her development thus far. Oh, and did you happen to forget you’ve already exposed her freaking face?? People can’t unsee it now.

Whether paps are present or not, other passersby will see her and still know she’s your baby, fool. She can never not be famous. That ship sailed when you went on Jimmy Fallon to talk about her before she was even born. That is not something that was necessary in the least, and it was not something a mom preoccupied with protecting her child’s identity would have done.

Also, moms concerned with protecting their child from the public don’t go to Vogue and ask to be made into a cover star just because they had a baby (something billions of other women have done since the dawn of time.) I suspect you couldn’t resist that level of exposure because you needed the praise to feel validated as a mom, and so you prioritized your desperation for relevance over your daughter’s need for “privacy.” And you continue to draw attention to her and clue the world in about her existence by talking about her on the biggest platforms known to mankind.

Side Note: Not surprising at all that this came after Harry’s historic, record-breaking Vogue Cover that went hella viral in December 2020.

No one on this planet has a right to demand that the entire world look away from them when they go out in public, especially not famous people. Gigi and Zayn chose fame. And she openly lusts after attention like a two-bit—

History has proven she is a textbook social climber and an opportunist who positioned herself to become as famous as possible at every turn. Everything she does is for press and attention. How dare she try to pretend otherwise now?? Together she and Zayn have exploited their relationship in the press and major publications and for multiple brand deals for years. Too bad so sad, you now get what you asked for.

They had a baby together, so the child becomes fair game to the same public scrutiny, especially if you constantly flaunt her online 24/7. She will not have a normal life. You demolished her ability to “consent to being famous” when you decided to have her in the first place. And you have already stolen her consent to participate in your bullshit, socially exploitative lifestyle the second you posted her online to your MILLIONS of fans, instead of keeping her private and sharing her images amongst close friends and family like a mother who was truly concerned for her child’s privacy would.

“We want her to live as normal a life as possible without having to worry about a public image that she didn’t ask for.”


This bish is tweaking. I’m starting to think she’s on something, genuinely. There is something wrong with this woman.

YOU ruined all hopes of Khai having a normal life the second you posted her online to millions of celeb-obsessed-sickos (and plan to continue doing so as she grows up.) If Khai was out-of-sight/out-of-mind no one would be talking about her or thinking about her, but that’s precisely what Gigi’s TRUE dilemma is.

Khai is her only hope for relevance apart from Zayn, so she can’t actually do what it would take to truly protect Khai from the public, because it would require hiding her from her Instagram account altogether, and why on earth would people click on her IG if Khai and Zayn aren’t being posted about??? She’s trying to have the best of both worlds (like someone else we know) trying to pretend to be a supermommy sensitive to her daughter’s needs, while also exploiting her for clout. That is undeniably exactly what’s happening. She deserves no sympathy for her absurd, attention-seeking ploy.

If you want an example of how a parent should behave if they want to protect their child from the public and not build unnecessary hype around her by dangling her faceless body before millions everyday like a psychotic person, then look no farther than her theoretical father: Zayn Malik. The way he handles himself online and the way he has handled the baby shows that either:

1) It’s not really his baby and so he’s not concerned with her and therefore doesn’t post about her, or 2) He genuinely doesn’t want to expose her to his millions of followers because he knows doing so would be irreparably damaging, and would also be subjecting her to something she cannot consent to.

You choose for yourself what his motives may be for not posting her. (I have a third option for why he doesn’t post about her, but it’s too controversial to talk about hahaha) The point is, regardless of whatever his motive may be for not posting Khai to his millions of followers, he manages to walk the walk about keeping Khai away from the public eye, while Gigi is all talk.

Excerpt from my old post because I’m too tired to articulate it again:

“Even with someone as innocent as a baby, she too is being used as a pawn in this twisted game. For Zayn she is a coverup for the aspects of his life he doesn’t want the public to know about. She is also an achievement for his family to feel satisfied he is on the right path and following the dictates of convention. For Gigi, she is perpetual leverage used on IG to gain media attention and praise. We have seen her utilize that leverage nonstop since before the baby was born.

Imagine holding your super fragile few-weeks-old baby like this and not supporting her neck, just so you can take a fucking mirror selfie. But hey, priorities!

If she actually cared a modicum about protecting her child from the media, she would not post her at all. But gasp, that would require the sacrifice of not being praised continually in the comments and in articles for what an amazing supermom she is!

No one is saying she can’t take as many pictures of her child as she wants, but she needs to drop the bullshit act of hiding her face to “protect her” when she is still willfully exposing her nonstop (without her consent) to the very people she claims to be protecting her from, all for the sake of attention and likes. Someone needs to call out the bullshit.

“We’re so pRiVaTe we’re not gonna show her face to protect her from the fans and the media and help her live a nOrMaL liFe. But I’m still just gonna post her like 5000 times to the media and fans in the first few months of her life.”

This is all such a crock of horseshit, This “request” is basically her saying “I want to exploit my baby for clicks and views and attention but I don’t want anyone else to.” That’s all this is, the nonsensical drivel of a narcissist.

Funny how she can compose an entirely useless essay about her baby’s face, but can’t speak out to condemn a public figure who physically and verbally assaulted her manz and baby daddy, calling him a homophobic slur. Nor has she called out her dingy sister for hanging with him publicly afterwards. Gigi’s priorities are fucked.

The entitlement on this chick is appalling?? “Edit all your pictures exactly the way I want you to simply because I want it and you should give me what I want or else you’re a bad person.” Sorry, you don’t get to take such liberties, Jelena. Paparazzi are not going to adhere to this request (maybe all except the ones you personally call to record you walk 100 feet outside your door to grab grilled cheese. Sigh.)

If you don’t want Khai to ever be seen, buy her a mask or a paper bag. I promise that the first time that child is taken out uncovered, it’s fair game. Paparazzi are heartless vultures who stalk, harass, and exploit celebrity’s lives day in and day out in pursuit of the almighty dollar. They do not care about you questioning their integrity. Getting exclusive photos and videos of celebs and anyone surrounding them is their bread and butter. They will not hesitate for a second to photograph Khai’s face and sell it to the highest bidder. It is inevitable and it will happen.

The worst part about all this is that Khai is innocent and helpless, but she has such a moron for a mom that a bounty has just been placed on this poor girl’s head after Gigi’s post. Cloaking her in enigma and making her “mysterious” will only serve to drive more attention her way. Even a baboon could figure that out. Why do all this instead of just treating her like a normal celebrity kid, showing her face, and moving on with your lives following which the public would move on too. You are not the first celebrity to have a baby!! Get over yourself. No one is going to care about the situation after Khai’s face is seen. They’ll all move on to some degree and take occasional pics of her that no one will give a shit about except the crazy Zigi stans.

But Gigi knows this and she dreads the day no one will care about her and Khai. She knows Khai is her meal ticket, and hiding her face is the best way to keep them both relevant while Gigi gets praise for false nobility. She also enjoys that she can hold the baby over Harry’s head. That’s exactly why she posted this hours after Harry’s pap pics with Olivia stormed the internet. SHE CANNOT STAND TO SEE HARRY TRENDING. She is an insecure creep because she is aware of Harry’s history with Zayn.

It’s the exact same thing she did after the Grammys. She posted Khai’s face very intentionally to try to get people talking about her again.

Then of course used the situation to gain sympathy by pretending it was a mistake. Win-win, for her.

This is why I have been so disgusted with Zayn for so long. It’s not just that he refuses to be with Harry without the drama of females being involved, it’s the fact that he gave this raging narcissist the honor of having his child. And now she is wielding that leverage over the entire world and will never stop. Worst of all, she’s doing all she can to taunt Harry with it. These attacks are directed at him. And if you can’t see what she’s doing, then I don’t know what to say for you without insulting you.

Lastly, part of me wonders if Gigi is seeking to hide Khai’s face so desperately because there is something she doesn’t want the public to see or figure out. I think you all know what I’m talking about.

This shit show can’t get any worse from either side.

Rant over.

Staged Holivia Yacht Trip

Guys, I’m dead.

Is Harry ok? Like REALLY is he ok?

Two days ago, someone commented this on my Holivia post:

It hurts to see Harry resorting to this. It really does. This does not have the desired effect they may’ve hope for. They look super wooden, cringey, try-hard, and transparent. My heart aches for him so badly.


This man is gone. He’s simply dead inside. “I’m just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.”

This is sad for me in a lot of ways. Mainly because it screams STAGED, it screams FUCK YOU, to certain people (including their critics in the media and the fandoms, including ours) but worst of all, it was so utterly predictable a next move that it was foretold 2 days before it happened.

It also demonstrates an old dog using old tricks. This is such a sorry replica of the Hendall Yacht Trip that it makes me actually feel bad for them.

Ughhhh fuck, I’m sad. I’m super sad. I don’t think Harry is ok. He’s out of pocket and acting seriously out of character. And I just find it weird that people knew kissing pics would be released before they were ever even staged. I’m just sad for him.

Harry & Olivia’s Boring Italian Getaway

WARNING: Rant ahead. I will sound like a petty hater in this post, but idc. Don’t read it if you’re that sensitive or think that famous people shouldn’t be criticized for the bullshit they put out to the world—setting examples and all. Also, I’m done tip-toeing around the subject of Holivia just because I adore Harry. I’m ready to say all the things ya’ll are thinking, which some are afraid to voice.

Now we love these two guys (Zayn & Harry) and have loved them for years, so we’re naturally going to be hyper-critical of anyone they attach themselves to and ultimately think that no one is worthy. At least that’s the case for me. That’s just how it goes when you truly love someone, you don’t turn a blind eye to the questionable things that take place around them and say “oh well, as long as they’re happy, I won’t say anything.” That doesn’t make you a true fan or a good person that makes you spineless. And I’m not talking about just believing bullshit conspiracy theories, or rumors from tabloids, or making up “wrong-doings” to have something to discredit them for or being fake woke. I mean calling out factual shit, always within reason.

And no I will not just shut up and stay out of it because they’re celebs and they flaunt these relationships publicly (cough and it gives me content cough.) I’ve never been one to just shut up and accept anything the media tells me of their “dating lives” because it’s so easy to spot holes. And boy are there a lot of big holes in the Happy Holivia Coupling. Buckle up!

Zzzzzzzzzzz— oh shit, I’m sorry, I fell asleep before I even started talking about this snoozefest.

Harry and Olivia are pulling out all the stunts in Italy these past two days, as she apparently jetted over to meet him after he wrapped filming for My Policeman, where he was spotted cruising down a Venetian canal and holding hands with the lovely David Dawson.

This is supposed to be romantic and idyllic, but something about them makes my eyeball twitch.

I suppose I’ll never believe anyone is truly worthy of dating Harry Styles (We should lock him away in a vault with a chastity belt! What? Too far?) He always seems to pick people that I simply can’t stomach to see him with. Yup, you guessed it: I’m gonna be blunt and spill all my true feelings about Holivia that I’ve been holding back. And I really don’t care that people like Holivia or hope that it works out. I sure don’t feel that way.

Yeah, I said it. Fight me.
I do wish the absolute best for them as individuals though. And for the sake of her kids, I hope Olivia reconciles with and marries their father so that they can grow up in a stable home (the one they had before the separation) and have a good example set by their parents.

Alright, I’ll just say it because I know we’re all thinking it: Something about Holivia feels opportunistic and inappropriate. It’s almost too convenient a PR stunt for their upcoming movie for it to be true. And Olivia has a lot to do with why I feel that way. This isn’t the first time she’s been linked romantically with a male co-star (hence Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insinuating that she’s a slut or something, just that she is quite familiar with the PR game (as is Harry.) But with her being the filmmaker of this upcoming film Harry was cast in, it raises questions of authenticity.

No, it doesn’t bother me just because she got with Harry after ending a 7-year engagement to the father of her children and reportedly blindsiding him with the news of the separation.

And, no, it’s not because she was seen weirdly hugging him and clinging to him after the split in a manner I can only describe as manipulative.


And, no, it’s not even because she’s 10 years Harry’s senior.

I think my consternation about them hooking up comprises a few different facts, really.

1) She was his boss. It seems grossly inappropriate that they started sleeping together following (and likely during) a professional relationship of this dynamic.

It is distastefully similar to filmmaker Rupert Sanders cheating on his wife Liberty Ross of 11 years with Kristen Stewart in 2012, who was 19 years his junior and also dating her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson at the time.

Imagine being this wack.

What’s really fucked up and low about this, is that Liberty Ross wasn’t even out-of-sight/out-of-mind at the time it happened. She literally had a role in the very movie this took place on! Look at her poor little filmography:

Liberty Ross as Queen Eleanor:

Imagine downgrading from her to Kristen Stewart? Thankfully she divorced his sorry as the following year.

Holivia gives me the same vibes unfortunately. Both situations involved: a massive age gap, an on-set affair that damaged a long-term relationship WITH 2 KIDS! Plus the filmmaker (director/boss) stooping so low as to sleep with a subordinate.

I mean these relationships had to violate every sexual harassment law on the books that forbid relationships between bosses and subordinates, right? Amirite? (I get that those laws probably don’t apply to Hollywood, but it doesn’t make it any less inappropriate.)

Quid Pro Quo, Clarice, Quid Pro Quo.

2) Number Two for why Holivia rubs me the wrong way: She appears in his historical, groundbreaking Vogue article (why was that honor even given to her after such a short period of time?) in what amounts to nothing but an uber transparent movie plug for DWD (like…why? Just why? It was his moment, not hers. Getting the PR started early I see. Planting the seed, so to speak.)

While speaking of Harry’s Dunkirk role she goes: “Blew me away—the openness and commitment”—it’s just like girl shut all the way up. He had all of five lines in that film and I doubt any of them moved you profoundly. Spare us that generic praise, please. We all know you didn’t want him in your movie for his impeccable acting ability. Like any other filmmaker, you wanted someone who would fulfill your blockbuster fantasies and knew that hiring one of the biggest popstars on the planet would singlehandedly see this accomplished. (No offense to Harry’s natural-born acting talent, but c’monnn.)

“In turn, Style loved Wilde’s directorial debut”—yeah, sure you did, Harry. (Can you hear my eyes rolling? I think they may’ve gotten stuck.) All this nonsense shoehorned into his Vogue article manages to somehow be worse than the contrived slipper anecdote about Camille planted in his 2019 Rolling Stone article. (Be more conspicuous, PR teams, I dare you.)

Me seeing Olivia in his article before they started dating:

3) She inserted herself into his controversy with Candice (again, why? Just why?)

“You’re pathetic.” No Olivia, sweetie, YOU’RE pathetic. You’re the one who allegedly left your fiancé of 7 years and the father of your two children to date an employee 10 years your junior, who likes to wear dresses and penis necklaces. Smells a lot like a mid-life crisis to me.

Call me old-fashioned but I’d reckon it’s abundantly clear: That there feller likes men! Prefers them even!

It’s all in the optics, I tell ya, and after this, Harry dating women for PR just seems laughable.

My friend (and you know who you are!) sent this to me and said it would be Olivia and Harry next. Eye-

I never knew Elton John married a woman under false pretenses and broke her heart before he came out as first bi-sexual and then openly gay. Wow…

4) Harry seems to be performing with Olivia in public, starting with the hand-hold gimmick at Jeff’s wedding, which was hella out of character for him. Makes me question what he’s trying to prove suddenly?

5) Harry doesn’t seem super into her, although he’s still keeping up a concerted (albeit half-hearted) charade with her for some reason.

I swear I’m not just trying to bash any relationship he ends up in apart from Zayn. (Ok, maybe that’s exactly what I’m doing, but with good reason!) The issues that make this situation feel off for me are genuinely concerning, and not just the result of me grasping at straws to discredit her. When I see her I just feel…idk how to explain it.

I’m getting strong succubus vibes.

Again, the Jason drama and the fact that she has 2 kids unnerves me…urghhh! I just don’t like her potentially using Harry as a rebound or a new prospect to boost her career because of his global fame and success. History has demonstrated that Harry is rather easy to take advantage of, and people in Hollywood can sniff out emotional vulnerability like vicious bloodhounds on the hunt.

Something about this reeks—least of all the fact that she allegedly dipped on her man of 7 years once she set her sights on Harry in the fall of 2020. And remember long before they started filming there were auditions, costume fittings, table readings, etc. Meaning the line between when she left Jason and started up with Harry is muddier than people think (they went public holding hands in Jan 2021 so clearly they’d been “together” for a while) and this lends credence to the rumors about her blindsiding Jason and breaking his heart being true.

There was already a power imbalance established because Harry was seeking to please her in order to do well in his role. Same with how he admitted he was intimidated by Christopher Nolan and wanted to do well for him. That power imbalance exists naturally when someone is older and wiser than you, then add in the fact that she was his boss and it leaves me nauseous.

I don’t care how much Harry likes her and I don’t care how he likes to say “to each their own” when it comes to age gaps, and I don’t care that he likes to date older partners. He can do whatever he wants and we can’t stop him, but it doesn’t mean we have to shut up about it. We know Harry has a track record of problematic relationships (dating Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she was 32) and well also “homewrecking” (although he was technically with Zayn first and things just got muddy and complicated when Perrie came along.)

Therefore, despite reading loads of Alain de Botton, Harry is apparently not the best judge of what constitutes an appropriate or healthy romantic relationship, seeing as how he has barely been in a serious relationship for longer than a few months at a time, and they have all been heavily PR driven. But that’s celeb culture for you.

I think this array of super model PR dates over the years only serves to prove his feelings for Zayn run deep and are impervious to female interruption.

Sure, I don’t know him and I’m not allowed to have a say in his love life. Of course, duh, we all know this. And I love him very much (obviously) but if this scenario with Jason is true in the least, then I am very disappointed in him. Not to mention he could do soooooo much better than another man’s sloppy seconds. I just can’t stand to see Olivia’s preening face looking like the cat who ate the canary; knowing how vulnerable and damaged he is. There’s such an obnoxious “Look, mom, I’ve landed a pop-star!” aura about her that doesn’t sit right with me in that CCTV footage. Much like Gigi Hadid exploiting the closeted and mentally tormented Zayn for clout. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be an asshole because God knows I know Harry deserves better than what he experienced with Zayn for so many years, and I would love to see him happy and moved on with someone else (sincerely!) but this Holivia mess ain’t it. It also feels inauthentic to me in a lot of ways, and his body language with her is deader than a doornail. His body language with David is 10x more REAL and I would be supportive of them falling in love!

Both taken candidly. I mean….

Not to mention Olivia is legitimately bringing Harry a ton of bad press with her trashy baby daddy drama and damaging his image. (An almost spotless image he worked hard to cultivate for many years.) He is being accused of homewrecking because of how the Jason situation went down, and the fact that it’s reported that Jason was blindsided by the separation and by her sudden relationship with Harry. I thought it was just Larries claiming this stuff, but it looks like many major and minor publications are going with that narrative as well.

I’m not trying to say Olivia is solely to blame here, because Harry is equally at fault for their relationship if it did have nefarious beginnings that betrayed Jason, but Harry can only obtain so much knowledge about Olivia and Jason’s relationship. He sort of has to rely on her to tell him the truth about where they all stand, and I believe he is generally too trusting with people. She could have told him anything to bring him onboard for a relationship with her (and I’m sure that’s exactly what she did.)

He was one hell of a catch/rebound to prove to herself and her family that she “still has it” following her failed relationship. Also, most women would be incapable of passing on the opportunity to date Harry Styles, so there’s that. And if the way she clung to Jason (more than once) after their “break-up” is any indication of what happened, then there’s no wonder why the man was confused about when things actually ended between them. She’s sending out all sorts of mixed signals to Jason, even after the break-up was official.

Now I’m sure most of you will say I’m being too harsh and unfair towards Olivia, but to be perfectly honest, I just don’t care. And I’m also not looking forward to all the fake, spoon-fed BS we’ll be forced to consume in the media surrounding the promotion of Harry’s next album (if we’re still interested in supporting it) which will be all about her. How dumb and predictable. I thought Harry was making progress, but he seems to be resorting to the same old gimmicky PR tactics with the same old basic females, and this time with a dash of homewrecking to sweeten the deal! Get real, Harold.

In brighter news, Jason is reportedly now dating his co-star Keeley Hazell from the set of Ted Lasso, so we don’t have to worry about him being lonely and miserable.

Doesn’t she look delightful?
Well at least she’s stunning! Good for them! Her Instagram.
Why is she so damn happy? She’s literally swinging her purse in glee. Can she calm down lol?

Despite them mostly being photographed in the same positions as Holivia, they somehow manage to look more believable. (Yeah I said it.)

Surprisingly, they first met on the set of Horrible Bosses 2 back in 2014, and kept things platonic ever since. She’s seated next to him in the red bikini at 3:25 in the clip below:

Their new gig Ted Lasso is described by IMBD as a show that: “Follows U.S. American football coach Ted Lasso who heads to the U.K. to manage a struggling London football team in the top flight of English football.” What’s funny is that years before this ever became a show, Jason did a skit as this character:

Jason undoubtedly delivers loads of belly laughs to the set of Ted Lasso, since he has always been one of the standout members of my favorite SNL cast. (I love a man who can make me laugh uncontrollably.)

Some of my favorite skits of his are:

I adoreeeeeee this man so much! The way he dances in the background of all the What Up With That skits, please-

Alright that’s it. Rant over. Have a nice day.

Does Alessandro Michele Know?

Harry and Gucci (one of the world’s predominant Italian fashion houses) are apparently a match made in Heaven. Like many other celebs, Harry has done wonders for their marketing campaigns (arguably the most impactful celeb partnership they’ve had based on social media numbers alone) such as bringing them a more youthful consumer base, getting them millions of likes on Instagram, and making their clothes look wearable.

However, I can’t confidently say they’ve done much for him in return, apart from fattening his bank account! I don’t necessarily feel they’ve elevated his fashion game a whole lot. Evolved may be a better word, by virtue of customizing some interesting pieces for his special events, which he has showcased alongside the eccentric (often outlandish) stylings of Harris Reed.

Lol Harry got this look from Harris and was probably like: “Uh….I don’t think you understood the assignment…I’m not in the opera, mate.”
I actually despise this look so much, wow. What is he gonna wear next? A parachute?

I’ve been vocal about them pressuring Harry to become increasingly more eccentric in his dress as the years go on, which has often gotten Harry insulted publicly (I remember Harris Reed admitting Harry told him to tone it down when he wanted him to wear a cape one time) and sometimes I just feel his experimentation with these more elaborate costumes isn’t always extending from his personal taste (SOMETIMES.) But I do support his dressing how he likes (wear a parachute all you want, love) and I love that he is supporting his designer friends and making their dreams come true at the same time. He’s such a sweetheart.

Good lord. Yah, he’s not compensating for anything at all. Yikes. If I see Harry in this next I swear to God…

Imo, some of Harry’s most questionable looks have been custom Gucci. That’s not to say that he doesn’t look stunning 99% of the time, or that Gucci haven’t given him some immaculate looks, like this one from the Lights Up video:

But there are a few times they fell short of the mark and did Harry no favors in my book. Although Harry Lambert may also be a fault for this. Literally going so over the top that it takes away from his natural, effortless beauty and physical form.

I feel like this would’ve looked better if it was a bit more fitted, but what the hell do I know? I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention. I’m so broke I can’t even spell Gucchy.

However, Harry can make most things look phenomenal. I believe he elevates a lot of boring retro pieces to another level and makes them passable. Such as his Gucci Brit Awards looks!

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 11: Harry Styles wins the Mastercard British Single award for Watermelon Sugar during The BRIT Awards 2021 at The O2 Arena on May 11, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by JMEnternational/JMEnternational for BRIT Awards/Getty Images)

In any case, this is not a Gucci critique post. Let’s move on. And let me be clear, I respect Harry’s fashion choices and applaud his risk-taking. I just hope he’s not being pressured by his designer friends or the public to constantly push the boundaries with his style. I hope it comes from an authentic place within himself and not because he’s trying to please others.

Harry’s love affair with Gucci began sooner than some may think. Most notably he began wearing some of the collection’s riskier looks in 2015. (I love these, btw!!) Unfortunately he got a lot of flack about the white floral suit, but he still stands by his decision to wear it, and I stand with him on that.

Right away people realized he seemed to be captivated by the style of Alessandro Michele, the mastermind and new openly gay creative director of Gucci (since January 2015, although he had reportedly been with them since 2002.)

This is where people begin to see the connection loud and clear. Then they began to espy that some of Harry’s quirky tattoos may have inspired the images in Alessandro’s early “Blind For Love” campaign. Alessandro was credited with ushering in a new era of rebirth and revolution for Gucci, transforming the sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic of the brand into one that was highly embellished (maximalist) and fit for younger generations.

Before everyone accuses Harry of sleeping with this guy (**eyeroll**) just because he is openly gay and they are close friends, let me remind you Alessandro is in a long-term relationship with his partner, Giovanni Attili.

Ok, wait, why do they look alike?

Also, Harry is not the first celeb to become Alessandro’s pet. There are many others, especially Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto.

Met Gala 2018
Oh no, not Jared Leto looking like them too! What if harry grows his beard and hair out like this? Please no, wait.
We’re doomed. This will be Harry too in 3 years. Mark my words.

Jared Leto is probably dying inside like: “You young, handsome, charismatic bitch, how dare you replace me with your flawless skin and flourishing music career!” I’m getting HEAVY Winona Ryder (Beth) vs Natalie Portman (Nina) in the Black Swan vibes 🤣🤣 bahahahaha

I digress. I apologize.


Golden (By Harry Styles)

Zayn’s “Golden” is about departure, reassurance, and enduring love. Harry’s “Golden” is about reconciliation, need, and hope. With centerpiece songs like “Intermission: Flower” and lyrics in Zayn’s “Golden” about his love for Harry only growing, it’s clear they had unfinished business to attend to, and Harry was encouraged to pursue their relationship after the band.

Yellow-Metal = Gold. It’s simple really. There is only one plausible reason Zayn chose to refer to himself (not just his rap title but also himself) as Yellow Metal. He was 1000% adopting his role in the Green & Gold unit, but also more specifically, he was adopting Harry’s latest term of endearment for him: Golden.

In Zayn’s “Golden” from 2016, he refers to their love (in vague terms) as being golden. However, in Harry’s “Golden” (his 2019 response to Zayn’s) he tells his lover that THEY are golden. Hence his excessive use of the color yellow (gold) during the promo of Fine Line:

Hence Harry saying “yellow” twice in his Beauty Paper Magazines interview:

Zayn = Gold This is something we’ve always known and have always called him. LITERALLY Green & Gold. Now all of a sudden we have Zayn calling himself Yellow Metal, straight up. You know, everyone (including some Larries and other non-Zarries) conceded that From The Dining Table could be about Zayn because the lyrics were so spot-on and obvious. So this time, Harry made it beyond clear for us all, yet people are choosing to ignore it.

Once we understand that Harry’s “Golden” is by far the most direct and undeniable Zarry proof there is, gifted to us straight from the horse’s mouth in 2019, only then can we truly appreciate what this song means, and how courageous an offering it was on Harry’s part.

Vulnerability reigns here, first and foremost, as Harry admitted in his Beats 1 interview with Zayn Lowe. (22:30)

He said as soon as he wrote it, he instinctively knew it was Track One. He even said it’s the perfect PCH song (Pacific Coast Highway is a highly scenic stretch of road in California) and that when he cruises down the PCH, he listens to this song.

She actually made an appearance in Chapter 37 of This Thing Upon Me when he was writing “Sweet Creature” in the car! 🙂

Harry is so sentimental. Him doing this is such a heartfelt sentiment when you think of how inextricably this song is tied to Zayn. It’s almost like he’s imaging them together in this beautiful tranquility. He wanted and needed “Golden” to be first up on the tracklist, and this is a far greater indication of who the album is about than an admittedly unrelated voice-note admittedly tagged onto the end of a finished song in post-production.

For me, the placement of this track informs the listener precisely who and what this album will address. It’s about Harry’s quest to find himself, and in the process hopefully regain Paradise Lost. Paradise = the man he loves without limit. His world. His absolute muse.

“Flanked by fields of sunflowers, hand in hand we walk. As the gentle sound of nature surrounds us while we talk. The sunflowers give the scenery a warm and golden hue….a garden winds around the house and daisies poke through grass… Imagine someone loving you that much. You can’t. You simply can’t.

Side Note: Gigi likes to call Zayn her “muze” and I find that laughable. In what way is he her muse? From what we’ve seen, she doesn’t truly understand that notion, nor does she execute it in any convincing way, which Harry has done since he was at least 18. For her it’s just another wannabe-cutesy thing to comment on social media to have people fawn over their relationship. There is no meaningful substance to that claim.

She is a poser when it comes to pretending to be obsessed with Zayn (trying to mimic Harry’s passion) and nothing bears that out more than the way Harry has truly sacrificed and capitulated for this man for nearly 10 years (including watching him be with other people in public, and resorting to his art to express how he feels about him. That is bona fide unconditional love. A notion Gigi clearly struggles with, since her support of Zayn is selective at best, and her relationship with him is a glorified transaction—an exchange of questionable currencies.)


“You” – Zayn Leaked Song

Whelp, looks we have another leaked Zayn song. You know, I could get used to this lol. I love new music, especially from Zayn! I can’t get enough of his voice (and I suppose it goes without saying that I prefer his version to Troye’s, although I adore Troye so much!)

Apparently down below we have a demo Zayn made with Ellie Goulding for the song “You” recently released by Troye Sivan. Once more we are faced with the same questions: Did Zayn write this song? Why did he pass on releasing it? Who is leaking this stuff? Should we thank them?

Sure it’s a leak so it should be frowned upon, but also, it’s not necessarily taking money out of Zayn’s pocket since he doesn’t plan on releasing it. It’s basically just a nice bonus track for his fans to have between his albums. On some levels I think Zayn may even be releasing some of this stuff himself. And ultimately it’s interesting to see how much material passes through other artists hands before being released by your favorite musicians.

I would love to hear some of Harry’s old demos too! I can imagine he must receive tons of stuff every month, and leaves it piling up somewhere since he’s so selective and doesn’t worth with other teams. Producers are probably dying to work with him or have his voice for their songs.

C’mon Harold. Be a good person and leak some of your old demos! Stop being so selfish all the time!

As always, thank you to the people who brought this information over and dropped it in the Discussion Post! You all rock! 🙂

Troye’s Official Release:

Zayn’s Demo: (Listen On 2x Speed)

Zayn’s Demo Sample On Regular Speed:


All I see is, is you, is you
Oh, you

How could you ever leave me without a chance to try?
How can I be sorry if I don’t know the crime?
I should be mad, ’cause you never told me why
Still, I can’t seem to say goodbye

Ooh, yeah
When I try to fall back, I fall back to you (yeah)

When I talk to my friends, I talk about you (yeah)
When the Hennessy’s strong, all I see is you, is you, is you, oh you (ooh)
Yeah, ooh (yeah)
No, I haven’t moved on, but trust me, I’ve tried (yeah)
If I give you a call, don’t hang up the line (yeah)
When the Hennessy’s strong, all I see is you, is you, is you, oh you

I’m good at overthinking
But I haven’t even got this far
All I know is that my mind is
In the back seat of your Corvette car
You got me at my baddest (baddest)
And you got me ’round your fingertip
Should be fed up with your bullshit
But everything about you, no, I can’t resist

How could you ever leave me without a chance to try?
How can I be sorry if I don’t know the crime?
I should be mad that you never told me why
Still, I can’t seem to say goodbye

When I try to fall back, I fall back to you (yeah)
When I talk to my friends, I talk about you (yeah)
When the jealousy’s strong, all I see is you, is you, is you, oh you (ooh)
Yeah, ooh (yeah)
No, I haven’t moved on, but trust me, I’ve tried (yeah)
If I give you a call, don’t hang up the line (yeah)
When the jealousy’s strong, all I see is you, is you, is you, oh you

Is you, oh, you
Is you, is you, oh, you

I see your face in every stranger, everywhere I go (everywhere I go)
I hear your voice in conversations, every word you spoke (every word you spoke)
Nearly blocked you on my phone about a thousand times
Yeah, I know I should say goodbye

Yeah, I know I should say goodbye

Ooh, yeah
When I try to fall back, I fall back to you (yeah)
When I talk to my friends, I talk about you (yeah)
When the Hennessy’s strong, all I see is you, is you, is you, oh you (ooh)
Yeah, ooh (yeah)
No, I haven’t moved on, but trust me, I’ve tried (yeah)
If I give you a call, don’t hang up the line (yeah)
When the Hennessy’s strong, all I see is you, is you, is you, oh you

Harry & David Holding Hands

Oddly, I was under the impression that My Policeman had wrapped filming a while ago. But it looks like they haven’t wrapped just yet! Good for us!

Harry was spotted arriving in Venice, Italy on June 14, 2021, and boy, he didn’t disappoint. He looked stunning as always, providing us with a bunch of effortless thirst-traps (which were basically just candid stills of him merely existing.)

Then today (June 15, 2021) came the real juicy stuff. Harry is filming with David again, but alone this time and in a romantic setting. Venice, Italy. (*heart sputters*) I don’t think any of us were prepared for this!

Harry looks positively delectable! Gosh he is impossibly gorgeous…

David looks so elegant and regal. What a King fit for Prince Harry!

They were even holding hands on the boat!!


You’re not prepared for this part!

Ugh, I can’t take it. If we get a kiss between them today on the streets I will screammmmm!!

He’s being such a gentleman and an angel with David. I bet they fall in love. (**sighs softly** RIP Zarry and Holivia)

Would love to know what you’re thinking about all this. Especially the handhold and the video of them walking arm-in-arm. I’m so soft right now, I can’t deal with this.

No, not like this…I’m not ready yet.

Bella Hadid’s Friend Attacked Zayn

I know we’ve delved into this at length over on YouTube, and discovered that the guy who attacked Zayn in the early morning hours of 6/4/2021 was none other than Daniel Chetrit, Bella Hadid’s DJ bestie.

Something reeks about this situation, but I can’t quite put my finger on it yet (not that I particularly want to.)

I’m bringing all this up again because there are a lot of conflicting theories revolving around this incident, from people saying it was a setup by the Hadids, to them saying this guy has blackmail on Zayn and was trying to get money out of him in the video, to them saying this guy caught Zayn with another man at the bar and that’s why he acted the way he did. Some people even believe Bella is currently mocking Zayn and the situation on IG with some of her recent posts. Pretty wild stuff, right? I just want to know what you all think at this point.

I don’t personally lean towards any theory in particular at this time. All I know is this POS DJ is Bella’s friend and he attacked Zayn very publicly. Where was the discretion? Where was the maturity or resolving things behind closed doors like adults? How did it get to the point where they were about to brawl on the streets, and Zayn took his shirt off? This dude seemed enraged, and he disrespected Zayn in front of his peers; even threatening him physically. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? I simply cannot fathom what would’ve driven him to do this, other than him being drunk or there being some sort of trouble between Zayn and the Hadids behind the scenes. This guy did not do this out of the blue, there had to be a reason.

Lately I noticed everyone kept talking about this night and the theories surrounding it on the Discussion Post, so as usual I thought I would make a separate post for it so that all the latest theories and ongoing dialogue can be contained in one place. Sorry it took me so long to make a post about this, but I’ve had some things going on behind the scenes that required my attention the past few days, including this morning.

There’s no denying that this is the same him. He’s been caught red-handed, and he even set his social media accounts to private once his identity was discovered.

I’m still so shocked that it turned out to be Bella’s friend. I thought it was just a drunken stranger (which would have somewhat made sense) but this new information makes the alteration seem incredibly suspicious, and not something to be dismissed or looked past at all. .

More undeniable evidence of it being Daniel Chetrit.

Please, feel free to sound off on what you think took place this night, and what you think it means for Zayn and the Hadids going forward. We saw his damage control appearance with Gigi in the car days later, but that doesn’t mean things are magically all good again. And we know Bella is still hanging with Daniel after the altercation, so in my book that shows where her loyalties lie.