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  1. Rang on Home

    I saw his posts w Gigi and Bella bc they were wearing his new jewelry line but it’s still odd…

  2. FineLine on Home

    And Bella…

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8 hours ago

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the work and effort you put into your videos and the website as well. Definitely a roller coaster for me. Just halfway done with the videos and then I’ll begin with the posts and congrats for 35k subscribers for your channel.

20 hours ago

What is going on with him? He is looking so thin. This is not good.

1 day ago

This is so off-topic rn but I’ve always wondered, why did zayn get engaged to perrie? He was on tour all the time, hence they didn’t spend much time together. So why wasn’t it “enough” for him to be just in a relationship with her. There were no signs that anyone knew about zarry so it’s not like he had to mislead people.
Maybe this was just zayn being zayn. Crazy how early on he showed narcissitic behavior.

1 day ago

hey dunno if this has already been discussed or mentioned but at the brit 2021 there is a clip about 15 secs where Harry is having his photo taken with his award and in the back you can hear someone say zayn and some even say you can hear someone say ‘…. babe’ so I just wanted to know what everyone else thought

Silvia Regina
Silvia Regina
1 day ago

Hot topic in midia today:Harry Styles using “pink money”.
Basically,they are saying that he’s hetero and fake some behaviors just to take money from his LGBTQ fans.
Nobody was saying nothing about this lately but it’s just what he gained with his fake pr relationship….

1 day ago

Harris Reed liked Zayn’s latest instagram post.

1 day ago

I saw that someone ”leaked” the tracklist for HS3 and idk, guys, it sounds like Larry bs to me. These are the songs I saw

  1. Overture
  2. He (Sounds like someone’s attempt to make it looks real because there was a song called she in FL)
  3. Lucid dream ft. Lizzo
  4. iPhone (Something Larries would do)
  5. But daddy I love him ft. Taylor Swift (Ummmm, WHAT?!)
  6. Mango (Attempt to make more fruit songs?)
  7. Seggs ft. Olivia Wilde (DOUBLE WHAT?!)
  8. Fisherman love story (Adore you like vibe)
  9. Lights down (No comments)
  10. Honey
  11. Stan reprise ft. Emi fricking nem (THIS IS TOO MUCH!!)
  12. Treat me! With kindness
  13. Goodbye

If this is real, I’ll jump out the window because Lizzo, Taylor, Olivia and FRICKING EMINEM!

2 days ago

TMZ just confirmed the spoiler that Harry will be in the Eternals. His characters name is “Aroz” . Don’t want to spoil it any further. Am sure you’ll hear the rest!

2 days ago

I see the Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced a tour for next year, tickets on sale just now. I know people obviously enjoy their music but do people really know what this creep did? He disgusts me. Also, supporting them are A$AP Rocky, Anderson.Paak and the Free Nationals, that lovely band that worked with Harry, and also King Princess. Can’t believe that horrible man is still walking the streets never mind doing tours

2 days ago

Hi it’s me again, I heard the clip sooo many times and now I think he didn’t say “Louis” so yea, sorry. I think it’s because when you read what he’ll say you’ll hear it, you know. So maybe that’s why.

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